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Team Flash meets...


Sara Lance and Leonard Snart had a child. A daughter. They named her Raelyn Lance-Snart. After Rip Hunter makes them give her away, Oliver Queen takes custody of her. Five years later, Sara and Leonard join team Flash for a bit. When Oliver comes to visit Barry, unknowing that Sara and Leonard are there, he brings Raelyn. She recognizes her parents but they don't recognize her. What will they do?

Adventure / Other
Rylie Upton
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5 years ago

"AAAARGH" Sara screamed. Beads of sweat dripping down her forehead.

"Come on Sara almost there. Our baby girl is almost here" Leonard whispered into Sara's ear.

All of a sudden, a piercing cry slit through the med bay. A baby wrapped up in a pale pink blanket was placed onto Sara's chest.

Leonard planted a kiss on top of Sara's sweaty head and then on top of the baby girls head.

Everyone on the waverider entered the med bay to admire the newborn.

"Oh my gosh Sara she's beautiful" Kendra whiper-shouted trying not to wake the child.

"Thanks" Sara and Leonard replied at the same time.

"Wanna hold her?" Sara asked the team.

Surprisingly, Mick stepped forward. He explained that she deserves to get to know her Uncle Mickey. Mick passed her onto Ray (Uncle RayRay) then to Kendra (Aunty KK) then to Jax (Uncle Jax) then to Stein (Papa).

"What's her name?" Stein asked.

Sara and Leonard glanced at each other momentarily before looking back at the team.

"Raelyn" Leonard began.

"Laurel" Sara continued.

"Lance" Leonard continued.

"Snart" Sara ended.

"Raelyn Laurel Lance-Snart" Kendra repeated.

"Beautiful. Just like you" Stein cooed over her.

"Hey, uh, where's Rip?" Leonard asked.

"Probably in a crappy mood in his office" Mick replied in his gruff voice. Everyone chuckled at that.

"No actually I'm here" Rip spoke up from the doorway.

"Yay. Uncle Rip. Come hold your niece" Ray chuckled.

"No. No. No no no. There will be no uncles and aunts, mom's or dad's on this ship. We will be going back to 2015 and leaving Raelyn at an adoption center or with a family friend" he said angrily.

"NO. HOW COULD YOU. RAELYN ISN'T EVEN A DAY OLD AND YOU ARE MAKING US GIVE HER UP LIKE ITS NOTHING!" Leonard screeched, penetrating the other man's personal bubble.

"Yes" Rip answers simply. Not phased at all by the intimidating man.

"It's ok Len. I know someone who will be willing to help." Sara broke the argument.

Everyone stared at her for her to elaborate.

"My best friend Oliver" she elaborated.

"Ok, yeah, yeah, ok. We can leave her with Oliver Queen. It's too dangerous for a baby to time travel so when Sara and Raelyn are well rested we can go to Starling" Ray said.

Once Sara was rested, they time jumped to 2015.

Sara placed Raelyn into a car seat (with Len's help). Carried her out and into the arrow cave.

"Hello? Hello!" Her voice echoed.

A few seconds later, Laurel and Oliver walked around the corner.

"Sara?" Laurel asked. Confused at the sight of her younger sister with a nine month belly and a newborn car seat.

"Sara what happened? Are you ok?" Oliver interrogated, the anger levels rising in his voice.

"Yeah yeah yeah. Come sit. I'll explain everything" Sara said calmly.

They sat down and Sara started to explain. How on the waverider she met someone. How she found out she was pregnant. How she had her. What her name was. How Rip ordered her to give Raelyn up. Thats the reason she is here.

"So you want Team Arrow to look after a baby?" Laurel questioned.

"More specifically Oliver and you" Sara explained.

"Ok. Ok! Yes we will. I will. I'll protect her with my life" Oliver determinedly spoke up

Sara planted the car seat onto the floor and embraced her best friend and sister not caring about her belly being in the way.

"Thank you so much" she said choking back tears. From the painful goodbye to her child to the fact that she won't know who her parents are.

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