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Deeply inlove


Alexa Juares was deeply in love on shone Melendres who will be her future step brother. Her father died since she was in elementary, and her mother decided to be engage on Melendres family after 3 years. First she was so heart broken because of the decision of her mother but when she meet shone Melendres,she fall in love with this man. She know it was really wrong but she can't help herself fall in love with his future step brother. Shone make a deal with her on how they will parents broke up. They triy and tried but still they fail, until one day they parents left them on the house for a vacation until something happened between to the both of them. Does they will have a happy ending or they will need to forget about their felling for the happiness of their parents. Just keep reading, let's start. 😊 Hope you'll like it

Drama / Romance
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Deeply inlove (Chapter 1)

The beginning

Alexa Juares POV

I was reading a book when my mom knock on the door.

"Baby?can I come in?"

She asked. I let a sigh and stand up to open the door. I still mad at her because of her decision,my father died 3 years from now and she want to be engaged on that man, and I really hate to think that I will be part of a new family.

"What do you want?"

I asked her without emotion. She was really sad that time,but still it hurt a lot on my part.

"Jacob will came here together with his son tommorow morning, he want to pursue you to get your approval on our marriage,hope you'll understand-"

My blood boils because of what she said today.

"He will what?huh?mom do you think I will approve your marriage that easily?no way?!and never?!"

I know I was really rude but I can't stop myself shutting the door and lock myself up. I cried,yes I love her,but I love my father too. I don't want to replace him so fast. But my mom want to replace him. I was really really mad at her.

(The next day)

I woke up because of the noise that I heard came from the kitchen. I start to stand up to go downstairs for my breakfast but before I can open the refrigerator I saw a man standing behind those wall while staring at me. I blush and my heart start to beat so fast. He's handsome and he capture my attention so fast. He smirk and start to walk away. I was sweating so hard and my hands was really cold because of the nervousness I felt.

"Good morning baby?I want to introduce Jacob Melendres your step father and this is his son,shone Melendres"

My blood start to boil again,but still I was being possessed with this young man,standing tall and still with his affectionate eyes staring at me.


I frowned and start to walk away. I know I was rude but I hate to see her smiling ear to ear.

I closed my door and start to cry,I was madly hungry but I don't want to see their faces except for that young man.

I heard a soft knock on my door while I was sitting on my bed. I start to wipe my tears and start to open the door,but I was stunned when I looked to the person who knock at my door.

"Tsk?why are you so rude?my father want to pursue you but your rude with him, can't you just accept the fact that we will be part of your family."

He said it mockingly,but still I can't speak because of what I felt.

"You have a nice room?!"

He came in without my permission,but why does I didn't push him away. He was walking inside my bedroom and looked at my stuff.

"I like your room"

I clear my mind and asked him.

"What do you want?"

I asked him coldly. He smile and faced me.

"Let's make a deal."

He offer,my eyes got wide because of what he want.

"What kind of deal?"

I asked, he looked outside on my door and start to closed it and locked it.

"Let's work together to break with the both of them?"

He smiled ear to ear.i was fascinated because of what he want.


I curiously asked him. He stand straight and crossed his arm.

"Well I want my father re-married again with my mom,that's it?!"

I fell sorry for my mom,but still I really want to broke them too as soon as possible.

"But how?"

He smirked and looked straight into my eyes.

"Take it easy,I have my plan?!let's talk again later on but first go downstairs and eat your breakfast before you die!"

He pouted and I found it so cute. I want to play with his cheek but still I control myself.


I said it and start to open my door and start to go downstairs. I saw my mom and that Jacob hugging on the sofa, I really want to smashed them.

I rolled my eyes and start to grab some food on the kitchen. I saw him leaning on the stairway while looking at me. I looked away to avoid his gaze,until I hear a footstep going into my side.

"Looked?they are really happy to get together?!"

I almost jump because of what he did.He looked at me and frowned,I carry all my food and go upstairs.

I locked myself on my room, I don't want to see them chatting with each other so happily. It was already 12 am until I heard a soft knock on my door, I frowned because of that. And who the hell will knock on my door on the midnight?

I was frustrated to open my door,I was being shocked when I saw a man standing on my door before I can scream he touch my lips to shut my mouth.

"It's me?!don't make some noise they will wake up?!let me in first I'll tell you about the details I planned."

I Punch his arm because of what he did,he smiled and start to go inside my room. I closed the door slowly not to make some noise and locked it. He sat on my bed like he owned it. He's wearing his pajamas and white shirt while I'm wearing a big shirt with my undies,fuck?!I was really embarrassed.

"Sit here?!"

He said, I cover myself using my pillow. He faced me and look straight into my eyes.

"So first we need to do something that will broke them."

"But how?"

I asked.

"Tommorow morning they will have a dinner date at the world hotel,I hire a girl who will ruined their date and will be the witness of their breaking up?!"

I frowned. He's really something huh?!

"What if we fail?"

I asked him, he smiled and looked at me.

"Plan b, you don't need to worry, just rest tonight and act like we don't know each other and after they will go to the hotel we will go their too. I reserved-"

I was now sleepy and I can't hear what he was talking about until I fall asleep.

The next day.

Like what we plan, I take my breakfast and wash myself up for the preparation. I hear the car start up and that was my mother and Jacob going to their dinner date. I was really mad and want to destroy them,until someone knock on my door. I opened it and I was stunned because of this man. He was wearing a blue jeans paired with a white fitted shirt,with his black shoes, he's so damn hot and I can't stop myself admiring him.

"What are you wearing at?!go change your clothes?!"

He commanded. I was puzzled because of his reaction, I was wearing a black fitted long sleeve paired with a short and a high Hill.

"I was-"

He go to my room and pick a clothes for me. He get a black fitted jeans with a plain white fitted shirt too and a white rubber shoes.

"Go change yourself?!"

I can't protest because he pushed me inside the bathroom, I can't help myself but to blush and smiled widely.after I finished dressing myself I came out, he was smiling ear to ear.

"Perfect?!let's go?!"

He said, I go out together with him, I saw a black motor bike on the outside,he gave me one of his helmet and put it on my head.

"Let's go?"

He asked I nod and he arrange his self on his motor bike. I hug him for my safety,I was fucking sweating and nervous because of this situation. He start to drive of to go on world hotel.

Alexa and shone go to their reservation table and hide their selves using the menu while looking secretly at thier parent.

"Do you think that will be a successful plan?"

She asked, shone smiled while half hugging her back.

"Don't worry everything was being planned by me and that will be a successful as ever."

After a minute a girl came in and make a scene on their parents table.

"You said you loved me?!but why did you do this Jacob?I gave everything for you?!"

The girl cried, everyone caught thier attention because of the girl, shone smirk while watching the situation.

"uhm think your mistaken miss?!I don't know who you are and-"

Jacob said but the girl slammed the table.

"You don't know me after you used me?"

The girl said it agrily.

"We can talk this thing calmly miss?!we can negotiate you on the good way but not on this kind of situation.

Alexa's mom said, she smirk and really want to struggle them little by little.

"You slut?!you tried to seduce my man?!"

The girl screamed,when the security came in.

"I'm so sorry sir we will investigate about this thing?!"

Jacob nod his head and the security lead the girl outside the building. Alexa looked at shone agrily.

"Relaxed this is just the beginning?!just wait and see?!"

He was so relaxed while saying those thing while Alexa want to make a scene for her mother.

After their parents dinner date they go outside to go on a hotel, Alexa was really mad and want to get her mother when shone tried to stop her.

"Make it easy Alexa?! I prefer something for them?!"

He said it while Alexa was really frustrated because of her mother.

After they mother go inside on the hotel shone get a room for the both of them beside with thier parents room. Alexa was being stunned because of what shone did. But still she go with his plan.they get inside on their bed, Alexa was walking randomly when shone grab her hand to sit her besides him.

"Can you please calm yourself?!"

Shone said it, when she start to open her mouth someone came inside. Shone gave something to them and said something for what they will need to do.

Alexa was frowning when shone looked at her and smiled widely.

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