Alex Rider: Mission 2- A bullet in the Windshield

The Trail and tribulation

Sabrina sat in the back of the van Scorpia had placed her in. The inside was white and silent. Enough to drive someone insane. The van stayed flat which worried Sabrina. There were no jostles or jumps the drive was smooth. They had been driving for what seemed hours,her bottom really hurt. She got up and walked about trying to stretch her legs. As she stood she wobbled. She had been sitting still for too long. She thought of Alex all alone on her lawn. Would anybody see him? What if he had concussion? Thoughts buzzed through her head. Truthfully she didn't know what to do,she was here and Alex was there. Scorpia seemed more interested in Alex than her,she was obviously just the bargaining chip. Like usual. She leant against the wall and slid down drawing her legs up tucking them into her chest. She placed her head on her knees and tried not to cry.

A few hours later and the van stopped 's heart jumped into her mouth. The doors opened and she looked up the bright light hurting her eyes. She decided not to move,they needed her so they wouldn't kill her. One came in and picked her up. Sabrina fought him. He lifted her down and placed her feet on the solid ground. She felt rather dizzy. Another took her hands and tied a piece of rope around them. Sabrina showed her unhappiness by thrashing wildly. Eventually they got a grip of her and walked her into the building. She let her feet drag on the floor. She could feel the skin ripping underneath the concrete but she didn't care. She came face to face with a tall man. He was one of the people who are attractive but knew. That put Sabrina right off him. He was skinny but hair pushed to the side. Gelled childishly like a school boy. He smiled.

"Miss Pleasure?" he asked.

He looked at the girl before him. She was even more beautiful in person. She had long thick curly hair resting on her hips. She was dressed in pajama. He looked down and saw her tanned feet sticking out of the bottom of her were bloody and starting to bruise. Sabrina noticed him staring

"I'm sorry" she remarked sarcastically.

"If I knew I was going to be captured I would have packed a suitcase."

The man looked at her. Without hesitating he raised his arm and struck Sabrina across the face. She looked left seeing stars. She blinked and looking at the man with fury.

"I'm Mr Point" the man said.

"Get used to living here,you'll be here until your boyfriend makes an appearance."

One pulled her over to the cornor and opened the door to a small bare cell. He pushed her inside. Sabrina turned around and watched him lock the door. He looked at her,Sabrina stared back the red mark becoming visible on her left cheek. She sat on the bed provided. Like home she thought. She bared it out of Alex to come last time. It only took 15 years,she could wait.

Alex's eyes opened slowly. The light was shinning through but he was still blind. He sat up slowly to avoid the dizziness and looked around. This place was a mess. He stood up and went into the Pleasure's house. Mostly everything was smashed or overturned. Going upstairs to her parents room, the closet she had been hiding in was still open. He picked up Sabrina's white phone from the floor. Amazingly the screen not cracked. He hit the button and it lit up. Showing the photo of them taken last year at Sabrina's birthday. His heart panged. He was going to get her back. Leaving her house he returned home. Jack came out of her room yawning. She saw a sweaty and angry Alex standing in the kitchen a white phone clasped to his chest. She looked at him raising her eyebrows.

"Explain" she said.

Alex collapsed into his chair and started to tell Jack everything he knew. He paused and ducked right on cue for Jack to turn and swing for him for being stupid. She sat down at the table and handed him a bowl of cereal.

"So what's happening?" she asked.

"I'm going to go to Mi6 and get help,we'll break Sabrina out."

Jack chewed her cereal thoughtfully.

"Fine,but your not going yourself."

Alex smiled and nodded crossing his fingers under the table.

Retuning upstairs Alex had a shower and changed into fresh clothes. He placed Sabrina's phone on the dresser and smiled fondly. He took his coat and went downstairs. He bid Jack goodbye and left the house,the door closing with a bang. He put his phone to his ear.

"Blunt" he heard. He giggled he had missed that voice.

"Sir,it's Rider. I need your help."

He heard the long sigh and then


"Sabrina has been captured by Scorpia. I need a team to help me rescue her." Alex said.

Mr Blunt sighed deeply.

"You know they want you Rider,by acting the hero and swinging in there is only going to get you in trouble." Mr Blunt replied.

"This isn't some muck we're taking about Mr Blunt! This is Sabrina,my Sabrina and she could get really hurt."

"Fine Rider,we will send a team out for a few hours today,If they can't find Miss Pleasure then that's that. They will get bored of her eventually" Mr Blunt Remarked.

"Then they'll kill her" Alex said softly.

Mr Blunt looked at Mrs Jones and sighed deeply. He clicked the button and terminated the call.

Alex looked at his watch. It was ten to eleven. If they didn't find Sabrina he would go himself. He turned and waked back into the house. Jack came to the living room door.

"Well?" She asked.

"It's all good,they're going to search for her" Alex lied.

Jack smiled and turned around walking back into the kitchen. Alex bounded up the stairs and went into his room. He pulled the gun out of it's holster on his dresser to tossed it onto his bed. Followed by some ammo. He put a small knife there too. He sat down on his bed and put his phone where he could see it.

Sabrina sat in her cell. Her skin was rubbed raw from the coarse rope around her wrists. It was quiet. She looked around. There was a few men working on computers but nobody was paroling. She looked down at the ropes around her wrists. She tried to pull them out. Her skin screamed in pain. She looked around for a sharp object. She saw one of the bars on the cell had a point. She fell off the bed landing on her stomach. She army crawled along the floor until she came to the sharp point. She rubbed her wrists up and down. She lip her lip as blood poured down her arm. Finally the rope came away. She stood up. Pulling one of the kirbeys from her head she inserted it into the lock. Twisting it left and right until the door creaked open. She slipped out. She swallowed nervously. There was a door across the other side. She needed to get away. Running low she passed the table then men were sitting at. She could here them typing on their computers. She stood up and bolted for the door. They heard her. She heard the shouts from behind her. She ran to the door and pushed it open the bright light hurting her eyes. She ran out and found herself in a car park. The place was full of them. She ran towards the open gate. She went unnoticed until an alarm started to flash and scream. She could hear the men behind her shouting at people to stop her. She turned to looked and ran straight into someone. She looked up and saw Mr Point looking down at her. The men caught her and grabbed her. Sabrina gasped in pain as they twisted her arms behind her back.

"Condition of her wrists?" Mr Point asked.

"Bruised and bleeding sir!" One barked.

Mr Point smiled.

"Our escape artist is proving difficult give her metal cuffs."

One kicked her in the back of her leg. She wobbled and fell to her knees. As they put the cuffs around her wrists. She felt the metal bite into her already sore skin. Mr Point nodded to one who pulled her hair forcing her head back. She closed her eyes trying to keep her tears in. Mr Point stroked her face with his finger. She winched slightly when he touched her cheek. He raised his arm and slapped her again. She fell to the side but the grip on her hair kept her upright. Her face burned. Mr Point looked at the beautiful girl before him. He was going to wreak that pretty face of hers. He punched her square in the face. Her nose and mouth gushed with blood. Sabrina screamed and blood ran out of her mouth and onto to her pink top. Mr Point walked away. The men pulled her to her feet and dragged her back inside. Her eyes relaxed when they went back inside. Mr Point was standing inside and moved against the men. She wanted nowhere near the man. They dragged her forward stopping in front of him. He smiled and took his phone out of his pocket. He put it to his ear listening to the dial tone. Sabrina then heard Alex's voice.

"Hello" Alex said.

"Alex" purred Mr Point.

Alex's blood ran cold. This wasn't MI6

"Who are you?" Alex demanded.

"I'm Mr Point" He replied.

"Where's Sabrina?" Alex said.

"Alex-" Sabrina shouted. One of the men slapped his hand across her mouth

"Quiet" He barked.

Mr Point sighed "Well she's here,she's okay for now."

"I'll do whatever you want,let me speak to her first."

Mr Point rolled his eyes and walked over to Sabrnia and pulled out a knife.

"You talk when you told to".

Sabrnia nodded and the men let go. Mr Point took a hold of her and slipped the knife against her throat.

"Alex" he said.

"What?" He replied.

"You're going to talk to Sabrina then you are going to meet us at North Street at Seven tonight. She will die if you don't corporate. If you bring anybody else,she will die."

"Fine" she Alex.

Mr Point put the phone on Sabrina's ear.

"Talk" he said.

"Alex?" Sabrnia said.

"Sab,are you okay?" Alex said.

"Mostly" she said. She shifted uncomfortably

"I'll get you back Sab,you're going to be okay. I love you" Alex said.

"I love you t-" Sabrnia started as Mr Point pulled the phone away. He pressed his finger against her lips.

"Alex you understand?" Mr Point asked.

"You're sick" Alex said.

Mr Point smiled and ended the call. He turned to Sabrina and kneed her in the stomach. She fell to the floor. Her breathing harsh. She rolled on her stomach and closed her eyes.

Alex looked at the clock. It was almost time to go. He got dressed and went down the stairs. He looked around the door. Jack was watching the television but she was almost asleep. He opened the front door and slipped out. He ran to North Street and saw what looked like Scorpia. He tucked his gun where he could reach and walked out. He saw Mr Point standing there. The man was cocky. He had his hands in his pockets and was casually chewing gum. Alex stopped before him.

"Wheres Sabrnia?" Alex demanded.

Mr Point rolled his eyes

"Such a romeo Mr Rider,she's fine"

"I want to see her,or this goes no further" Alex said.
Mr Point nodded and Two men brought out Sabrnia. She was a mess. Her eyes were half closed. Her face was bruised and beaten. Her clothes covered in her own blood. Her arms were behind her. Alex could only imagine and she had a piece of tape across her mouth to keep her quiet. Not that she looked like she was in any state to speak. Alex turned to Mr Point. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at Mr Point. Every single gun was the trained on Alex.

"She's not okay" Alex shouted.

Mr Point smiled.

"You've no chance Rider,surrender now and you'll live" he said.

Alex sighed and nodded putting his hands up. He dropped the gun. Two men came over and grabbed Alex's arms,twisting them up behind his back. Mr Point opened his mouth to speak then Alex flipped himself over. He fell to the floor and grabbed his gun spraying bullets everywhere. He fought his way through the crowd and turned looking at Sabrnia who looked back. Her eyes were empty. He needed to save her as soon as he could. He turned and ran towards home.

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