Alex Rider: Mission 2- A bullet in the Windshield

The daring rescue and capture

Alex opened his front door and went in banging it behind him. He ran upstairs avoiding Jack's glare. He opened his laptop and started typing. He opened his hacking site and plugged his phone card into the sie of his laptop. He tracked the call on his phone,the phone was silent for a few mniutes and then made a ding. An address poped up. Alex grinned and put the adress into google. He finally tracked it to a warehouse just south of North Street. Alex was going to go in there and save Sabrnia tomorrow. Closing the lid of the laptop when Jack came in. She looked at Alex,he wasn't hurt his hair was a little out of place,the boy was breathing hard,what was he up to?

"Where were you?" she asked.

"Tom's" Alex lied quickly.

Jack raised her eyebrows.

She then turned and left the room. Alex wasted no time. He grabbed his phone and dialed Tom's number.

"Hello" a voice said.

"Hey man,it's me" Alex said.

"Alex?" Asked Tom in shock.

"No time,can you cover for me,say I was at yours? I need to save Sabrnia tomorrow" Alex said in a rush.

"Let me come with and I'll cover you" Tom said.

"Fine" Alex snapped hanging up.

Jack went down the stairs and picked up the phone. She dialed the number and waited.

"Hello?"a voice said.

"Hey Tom,it's me Jack."

"Oh hey there Jack,you good?" Tom said.

"Yeah,really good,was Alex round are yours tonight?" Jack asked.

"Yes he was" Tom lied trying to keep his voice steady.

"That's okay then" Jack laughed.

"I thought he was lying to me"

Tom laughed.

"Aw,well Jack I need to go,I'll see you real soon"

"Bye Tom" Jack said.

Jack put the phone down and went into the living room,sitting down. She felt satisfied that Alex hadn't lied to her. She put the TV on and settled down.

Alex sighed with relief and went to bed and tried to sleep. Tomorrow would be a long day.

Sabrnia lay on the floor. It was cold and hard. She had remained there since they had returned the night before,she had lay in the same position for almost seven hours. She had been kicked repeatedly and left there. It was her fault that the plan to capture Alex had failed. She rolled over the metal still biting into her wrists. She couldn't move without feeling immense pain. She couldn't even speak. Her head pulsed with pain and fear. She didn't know what was going to happen. She thought of Alex. She knew he hadn't abandoned her but a little bit inside her couldn't help but feel he had. Her face was bruised and bloody. One of her eyes was so swollen she couldn't even open it. A light was on and she craned her neck to look. The only noise was the constant typing. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep but she couldn't. She moved slowly until she felt more comfy. Then she lay there. Eventually dropping over.

Alex's eyes snapped open. He rolled over looking around his quiet bedroom. The sun shone brightly through the closed curtains. He reached over and picked up his phone calling Tom.

"Hello" Came the reply.

"Hey man" said Alex getting out of bed yawning.

"So when are we going? Tom asked.

"About half an hour,it's almost half past one" Alex said looking at the clock on the wall.

"Well cool,see you then,bye" Tom said hanging up.

Alex got dressed and went down the stairs. He looked around the room. Jack was sitting on the couch still in her pajamas chewing her way through a bowel of cereal. Alex smiled and sat down next to her. Jack smelt really nice today. Alex decided to play on this.

"Jack" Alex said smiling.

Jack sighed.

"What Alex?" Jack said.

"Can I go out with Tom today?" Alex asked.

"Sure,as long as you don't get hurt" Jack replied.

"I won't" said Alex

He went into the kitchen and made himself toast. He stood chewing thoughtfully looking out the window. There was a bird making a nest,she was very busy. Three small eggs sat in the small nest. She jumped backwards and forwards collecting the odd stick here and the small branch there. The next thing a large crow swooped down and stole an egg from her nest flying away. The mother bird screamed after the crow. Alex felt tears come to his eyes. It reminded him of how Sabrina's mother and father must be feeling. He turned away and left the room waving goodbye to Jack as he left.

He made the short journey to Tom's. The boy must have been came bounding out. Tom was a short boy with neatly cropped brown hair. His eyes were a pretty shade,he had broken more hearts than Alex could name with those eyes. He smiled at Alex and stopped before him.

"So where are we going?" Tom asked.

"A warehouse near North Street" Alex replied.

Tom tried to remember the geography lesson he hadn't been listening to yesterday.

"Okay?" Alex said.

"Sure" Tom said.

Sabrnia lay on the floor. She groaned as her head spun. She tried to move but felt a shooting pain up her leg. She groaned and lay flat. She heard the squeak of shoes until a shadow fell across her. She looked up to see Mr Point. He smiled at her. Two of his men picked her up. She put weight on her left leg and cried out. She hopped around trying to break their grip on her arms. Her movement was restricted so she could move too far. They dragged her over to the lightened part of the room and shoved her in a chair in the middle. Sabrnia sat on it and instantly felt the wood hurt her backside. She tried to move but strong arms pushed her back. She wriggled about until Mr Point brought his hand across her face. He grabbed her chin and squeezed her cheeks. She felt the tape being lifted slightly from her mouth. She tried to force her tongue out to wetten the surface but to no avail.

"Alex will be here" said Mr Point.

"You're bait,he loves you and would die for you"

Walking away he left Sabrnia sitting there.

Alex and Tom reached the warehouse. Alex pulled a small black gun out of his pocket and slid off the safety. Tom looked nervously at him.

"Don't be scared Tom" Alex said walking into the warehouse.

"Does getting shot hurt?" Tom asked nervously.

"Yup,like a bitch" said Alex.

The warehouse was long and cold,but seemed empty. Alex walked through slowly. His wore trainers squeaking against the floor. Tom followed behind trying not to look afraid as he was. They entered a clearing and Alex looked through. He could hear the sound of muffled crying. He peered around the wall they were crouched behind and saw Sabrnia. She was just sitting there in the middle of the floor. A single wooden chair. Obviously that was a trap. Alex was smarter than that.

"Tom" he whispered.

Tom looked at Alex worriedly,he didn't like the sound of it already.

"You need to go free Sabrnia" Alex said.

"Why me?" Tom whispered his voice full of fear.

"They will be expecting me,you'll be a surprise" Alex replied.

"Will they hurt me?" Tom asked.

"No" Alex said.

Tom walked around the corner.

"Hopefully" Alex said.

Tom looked at him. He heard him. He narrow his eyes.

"No" he mouthed.

"Go" Alex mouthed back making a shooing gesture.

Tom walked down the long area. As he got closer he recognized Sabrnia. She was a mess. Her hair and face were covered in dried blood. Her left eye was swollen shut. She was sitting there. Her right leg at an angle,it was clearly broken and causing her a lot of distress. He smiled at her. She looked back at him. Her eyes said hello. Mostly because she couldn't. Tom reached forward and gripped the edge of the tape and pulled it to the right dropping it. Sabrnia moved her mouth and licked her dry lips. Tom walked behind her and bent down. He looked at the handcuffs. He wasn't sure how to get them off her. He came around and put his hands on her waist and pulled her up. He picked her up. She was light as a feather. He turned to walk back to Alex when he heard a voice.

"I wouldn't do that If I were you"

Tom shook with fear and looked around.

A tall man came out of the shadows. He was wearing a black suit and had gelled spiky hair.

"And you are?" He asked.

"Im-" said Tom.

"You are?" said Mr Point.

Tom sighed and said "I'm Tom"

Mr Point nodded. He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a small revolver gun. Pointing it at Tom.

"Put her down,Tom" he said slowly.

Tom gently placed Sabrnia on the ground making sure he put no pressure on her hands or broken leg. He turned back he thought of the movies he had seen and done what old school spies done and put his hands up.

"Rider!" Mr Point shouted.

"Show yourself,or we'll kill the boy and the girl."

Alex smacked his head backwards and sighed.

"I will count to three" Mr Point said.


Alex tried to think of a plan,his mind buzzing.


He sighed and thought desperately


"Okay" Alex shouted jumping out of his hiding place.

"Nice of you to join us Alex" said Mr Point lowering his gun, nodding to the men one removed a knife and walked over to Tom,gripping his arm with one hand and took a knife in the other slid it underneath Tom's neck and applied pressure.
Scarlet blood poured out. Tom didn't look good with blood pouring out of him.

"Stop!" Alex cried.

"You know the deal Rider" said Mr Point.

Alex dropped his gun and kicked it over towards Mr Point. Who smiled and nodded. Two of the thugs came over and grabbed Alex,twisting his arms behind his back. Alex did not resisteste so Tom and Sabrnia would not get dragged him over to Mr Point,forcing him to his knees. Alex looked up and met his eyes.
"There,that wasn't so hard,now was it" Mr Point said in a patronizing voice.

Alex growled.

"You have what you want,so let them go." he said.

"That is true,and I did promise Miss Pleasure" Mr Point said.

One released the pressure off Tom's neck. Another took a small key and unlocked Sabrina's wrists. She tried to bring her arms to the front and nearly cried from the agony. With Tom's help she pulled herself up and glared at Mr Point.

"Your a monster" she spat.

"Watch it girl" he remarked.

"See that Miss Pleasure and her friend leave." Mr Point announced.

Two of the thugs walked over and started to push Sabrnia and Tom in the direction that Alex and Tom had came.

"Alex,no" Sabrnia shouted.

She turned and tried to run back to Alex. Tom. Picked her up as gently as he could. He couldn't have her hurt anymore than she already was. Alex could cope.

Alex tried to look back but his positioning made it hard. Eventually Sabrina's cried were unheard.

Mr Point smiled and nodded. Two pulled Alex to his feet.

"Now we can talk" he said.

"You took my girlfriend Hostage to get to me" Alex said.

"How original" he added.

Mr Point struck Alex across the face.

"You're hear because of the amount of Scoripa's men you have killed or sent to prison. I have orders from higher to kill you,kill you slowly."

Alex looked at him. That blank expression he had been taught in training came in useful.

Mr Point looked at Alex who stared back. One of the thugs placed a pair of handcuffs around Alex's wrists Alex wasn't trusted. They pushed him over to the cornor and placed him in one of the cells.

Mr Point came over and looked at Alex.

"Tomorrow,you're going to wish you were never born Alex Rider." he said.

"So scared" Alex said rolling his eyes.

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