Alex Rider: Mission 2- A bullet in the Windshield

Salvation and recruitment

Tom carried a half conscious Sabninia down the street. She lay limp in his arms. This made her really heavy and Tom was struggling. He looked around the street beofre him. People were walking backwards and forwards completelty ingoring Tom and Sabrnia. Nobdody looked in their direction.

"Excuse me" Tom shouted to nobody in particular.

A tall women stopped. She looked at the children her annoyance showing. She was dressed officially and looked to be in a hurry. She was carrying a cup of coffee in one hand and a black handbag in the other. An enormous pair of sunglasses covered her eyes. She wore a haughty look and had small pouted lips.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Where are we?" "We can we find the nearest hospital?" Tom gushed.

The woman removed her sunglasses with difficulty and looked at the children before her. The boy was tall,he was rather handsome. He was dressed casually with warm colours. He didn't look to be sick or ill. Her eyes followed down until she noticed Sabina. The girl on the other hand looked dreadful. She was lying in the boys arms. She looked like she had been once dressed in pink jamjams that were now stained brown. Looked like from blood and dirt. Her face was dirty. Her left eye was swollen closed and she had a massive cut in her lip. She had deep red welts around her wrists. She looked like she had been tortured. Her left leg was hanging out of the boys grip,causing her to lie lopsided and off-balanced.

"North Street" The women said.

Watching the children with mild interest she felt her nosiness come upon her. She liked to know everything and was always on top of the gossip with her remembered back to what she had seen lately on the news. There had been elections in Paris. All sorts of other political business and then right at the end the abduction of a local girl. Sabina they had said her name was. This girl looked like her. Well a dirty version of her. She had been standing eating her breakfast before she had went out this morning when she had heard it on the news. She had listened half hearty. She felt sorry for the family but she didn't think she would actually come face to face with the issue.

"Sabina?" The women said pointing to Sabina in mock surprise.

Tom nodded.

"St Marcus's Hospital is just over the road. I'd get this girl there before anything else happens to her."

The women reached into her bag and brought out a bright blue purse fumbling handed Tom a crisp five pound note and then walked away. Tom stood trying to assess the situation. This women had just given him money. The thought of anybody thinking that Tom and Sabina needed Charity made his blood boil,but It come in use pushed the thought off and focused on getting Sabina to the hospital in one piece.

~Torture Scene~

Alex sat in the cell waiting. It was silent apart from the occasional drip of water. The noise was driving Alex insane. He was thirsty and needed water. He had lost track of time. He wasn't sure how long he had been here. A few hours moved around trying to release the pressure from his wrists. The sharp metal biting into his wrists. He tired to distract himself. He thought of Sabninia and how beautiful she had looked the last time he had seen her. Even in danger she still looked beautiful. He could feel the anger welling up inside of him. He could commit murder if it wasn't illegal. Mr Point came over to the door and leaned lazily against the door he looked at Alex who looked back bitterly. He looked to two of his thugs,who opened the door and came in. They grabbed a bit of Alex each and dragged him outside dumping him on the floor. They then proceed to kick him. Alex cried out with the shock of the cold floor. Anywhere they could. The head,Back,stomach. By the time they stopped Alex was on the brink of consciousness. Mr Point came over and bent down to Alex's level. Alex's eyes were gradually closing. He wanted to make the boy suffer. He nodded and one of the thugs took a hold of Alex's ankles and pulled his body out straight. Alex tired to object but the thug was too strong. Mr Point pulled the panicking teenagers shirt up. Alex was very toned but that was hard to notice over the bruising. Alex struggled against Mr Point but he couldn't move nowhere. Mr Point took a knife out of his trouser pocket. As he flipped it up. In Alex's struggle he noticed it. He looked at it with fear in his eyes. The shinny metal reflected the light. He stopped moving and tried to breathe Point stuck the knife into Alex's stomach. Alex screamed. He tried to wiggle away but found himself stuck. He felt the blood pour form his stomach. The bottom half of his body was on fire. The blood came out thick and fast. Mr Pont pulled the knife along his skin carving an S into his skin. Alex screamed. Big fat silver tears rushed down his banged his fists on the floor screaming for mercy. Eventually Mr Point was finished. He pulled the knife roughly from Alex's skin cutting deeper. Alex's head came in contact with the floor. He couldn't breathe. His body gushed with sweat. He couldn't move. Mr Point stood above him and smiled.

"Leave him" he said.

Alex allowed himself to close his eyes and become consumed by the darkness.

~End of Torture Scene~

Tom entered the hospital carefully. He made his way up to a reseptionsit. Who smiled before she started to type.

"Can I help?" she asked.

"My friend Sabina has been hurt" Tom said. Gesturing to Sabina in his arms.

The reseponsit looked down and saw a girl lying in the the young man's arms. She needed help definitely. She turned to a computer and started to type.

"What did you say her name was again? She asked.

"Sabina,Sabina Pleasure."
The report came up on the computer that Sabina was on a missing persons list. She smiled not wanting to scare Tom. She looked at the boy. Who was he? She would report him with her anyway.

"Go to the waiting room" She said.

Tom walked over to the waiting room and sat down on the couch. He tried to put Sabina down but she clung to him like a monkey. He sighed and wrapped his arms around her. For hours the pair sat there. Sabina was asleep. Tom fighting it. There was a lot of noise but still Tom was falling asleep.

"Miss Pleasure?" Tom heard.

His eyes snapped open. He stood up and came face to face with a doctor. She looked down at the clipboard.

"Miss Pleasure?" She asked frowning.

Tom looked down to the sleeping bundle in his arms.

"I can't leave her,I'm sorry I need to stay."

The doctor sighed and walked away

"Come" she yelled.

Tom followed her down a long corridor until he came to a small room. It was painted a horrible shade of green. It was tight and compact. He placed Sabina on the bed and took a seat in the chair oppiste. Sabina didn't stir. She doctor pressed a small button and started to prep Sabina. She took a plaster with a tap and stuck the needled end into the back of Sabina's hand. Tom didn't want to see any more blood for long as he lived. A team of nurses and doctors appeared next and started to asses Sabina. She had a lot more damage than Tom had thought. She had the obvious signs of a swollen eye,a cut lip and lots of bruising. It turns out she had cracked two ribs and she had broken her femur. The doctors needed to run tests. They had suspicions that Sabina had internal bleeding.
"Doctor" Tom said. Grabbing a hold of one of the doctors coats.

"Will she die?" He asked.

"Maybe" The doctor said before leaving the room closing the door behind him.

Tom slumped back in his chair,he couldn't cope if Sabina died.

A few hours later and the door burst open. Tom jumped up ready to defend Sabrnia. It was Jack and the Pleasure's.

"Tom!" Jack shouted. She hugged him tightly.

"Where's Alex?" They all asked.

"With Scorpia" Tom replied.

Jack ran her hands though her messy blonde hair.

"They have him? Jack shouted.

Tom nodded. He looked over to Sabina's parents who were holding their daughter close. At least they had their girl back. Jack didn't have Alex. He looked to Jack. She turned around to walk to the door.

"I'm going to get the police."

"No" Tom shouted. Closing the door before Jack could reach the door.

"Tom" Jack said growling.

"We need to save Alex,I'll save Alex"

Jack sighed.

"We need to get Sabina home first" She said.

The door swung open and a team of Doctors came in.

"Mrs and Mrs Pleasure" they said nodding to Sabina's parents.

"Your daughter will be fine,We need to patch up her leg. Then she can go home with crutches,pain killers and a lot of rest."
The doctors started to apply the plaster to Sabina's leg. She woke up halfway through the procedure and smiled weakly at her parents. Her left eye remained swollen shut. But the antibiotics would clear that up. They went to work. First Sabina had to remove her top. The doctors started to wrap bandages around her chest and upper stomach tightly binding her ribs. Sabina cried a lot during the procedure. Her mother had to leave the room as she couldn't bear to see her daughter in so much pain. An hour later and they were in the car heading home. Tom carefully filled Sabina in on what she missed. She started to shake and cry. Begging her father to take her to Alex. Finally they returned to the Pleasure's home. The house had been cleaned and the smashed ornaments taken away. Sabina limped in and sat down on the couch. Her father propped her foot up on a pillow and handed her,her phone. She took it and pressed the button. The picture of her and Alex appeared. She started to cry again. Tom sat next to her and wrapped his arm around her small shaking frame. He sighed and waited for her to stop. He felt his eyes slipping and then he was asleep.

Alex woke up. His back stuck to the floor. He breathed hard trying not to make sudden movements. He raised his neck and looked down to see his naked chest. His stomach unrecognizable. It was stained brown with all the blood that had been split and in jagged cuts a large S was carved into his stomach. Alex sighed. His body that he built up was now destroyed. With a lot of pain he rolled over onto his side and felt a large lump in his pocket. He smiled. His phone. He moved his hands along the floor until he found his pocket. One finger at a time he pulled out his phone. He pressed the key and the screen lit up. His battery full. He unlocked it with his nose and went into the contacts. He pressed Tom's name and call. He pressed his ear to the phone and listened hard to the ring.

"Hello" came a tired voice.

"Tom it's me" Alex replied.

"Oh my god Alex man,are you okay?"

"Not really,I'm a little beat up" Alex said chuckling a little.

He heard a rustling and then

"Hello" he regonzied as Sabina's voice.

"Hey baby" Alex said.

He heard Sabina crying then.

"I love you" she said.

"I love you too" He replied.

Tom returned back to the phone.

"We're coming to save you,can you move?" Tom said

"No,He's cut me up. I can't move" Alex said.

"What do you mean?" said Tom.

"It's easier just to look." Alex replied.

"Are you still in the same place?" Tom asked.

"Yeah I think so"

"well we'll come for you tomorrow" Tom finished.

"I'm to get Mi6 and we'll get you out of there"

Alex heard approaching footsteps and gasped.

"Gotta go" he cried.
He hit end call and took all of his strength forcing himself to sit up. Blood poured from the fresh cuts and he forced his phone deep into his pocket. He lay back just in time. Mr Point and some thugs stalked in. Alex looked up to the best of his ability.

"How are you Alex?" Mr Point purred.

Alex spat on his shinny black shoes. Dulling them slightly.

Two thugs bend down and pulled Alex to his feet.

Mr Point looked at the excuse of a boy in front of him. Alex was covered in his own blood. He had a massive ugly red cut opened of his face was black and blue. His right eye bruised shut.

"Just like your girlfriend Alex"

Alex tired to lunge towards Mr Point but they help him back.

"Careful Alex" Mr Point taunted.

"We could put another letter in your back."

Mr Point started to walk. Alex was pushed along behind him. They walked Alex through the warehouse and down a long corridor the cold air stung Alex's cuts. There was a large cupboard. Alex looked inside it was camouflaged inside was a cell. Alex felt the pressure release from his wrists and Alex's arms ached as he brought his arms around. He was pushed inside and the door slammed shut. At least It was light and seemed warm enough. He sat down on the small mattress and waited.

Tom walked up the high street alone. He watched around him to make sure he wasn't being followed. He walked looking at the buildings. Finally he saw a large grey building labeled " Royal and General bank". This was the place. He walked up the small steps and entered the bank. People walked backwards and forwards for a cover act this place was good. Tom walked along the plush red carpet until he came to the receptionist . She was young. Late twenties. She had long blonde hair that was swept up into a large bun. She was wearing a lot of makeup. She would have had been quite pretty if she wasn't so fake. Her name badge on her crisp white shirt read "Sally Price" Money Management.

"Can I help?" She asked smiling.

"I want to see Mrs Jones or Mr Blunt."

Without missing a beat the woman replied. "I'm sorry they don't work here."

"That's rubbish!" Tom shouted.

"Okay! Fine,Mrs Jones,Mr Blunt.I need you,Alex is in trouble. You know Alex. Blonde. Action hero? The one you hire."

Miss Price hit a button underneath the table calling for Mrs Jones. Security guards came over and started to remove Tom.

"He's in trouble. We need to help him." he shouted desperately trying to keep his heels in the ground.

"Stop!" He heard a firm voice command.

Tom turned around to look. He saw a tall black women standing there. She was dressed in an expensive gray suit and looked to be sucking a mint.

"Mr Harris,follow me"

Reluctantly Tom followed Mrs Jones. She lead him through a long corridor and it turned from a bank into what he thought to be MI6. He followed Mrs Jones into a small office. he sat down and pointed to a chair. Tom sat down and looked to her.

"Tell me of Alex"

"His girlfriend Sabina got into a little trouble with Scorpia. So they abducted her. Me and Alex went to save her and now he's there and she's hurt. We need to rescue him before he gets really hurt." Mrs Jones thoughtfully sucked her peppermint. She picked up a small phone and waited.

"We need you,like now. Sir" she said. hesitating at the the last word.

A few moments of silence later and a balding man entered. Mr Blunt. He worn thick grey glasses. The lenses sticking out. He was dressed in gray in fact he seemed gray. So did Mrs Jones. Maybe this job turned you that way. Tom looked at the two frowning adults before him.

Mrs Jones explained the situation to Mr Blunt who nodded gravely.

"I have an idea Mr Harris"

Tom looked to him.

"If you go in there and rescue this boy,we can get a team in there and close down their "mission"

Mrs Jones sighed. "I won't have another child hurt Alan.

"He'll be fine,there will be a team,on standby to help Tom. What do you say?"

Tom had always wanted to be a spy,he considered and thought. He wanted to rescue his best friend himself. He wanted to feel worth something. His parents were divorcing and he wanted something to take his mind of it.

"Fine,I accept" he said.

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