Alex Rider: Mission 2- A bullet in the Windshield

Is this really the end?

Tom stood in MI6 looking in the mirror. He had been dressed head to toe in Black. The only identification that he had was a green badge that read MI6 on his left shoulder. Mr Blunt had insisted that Tom should have a gun. Mrs Jones had disagreed most vigorously,but Mr Blunt had won and Tom had been given a assault Rifle. Tom felt proud. His parents seemed to be unhappy and could care less about Tom so this brought a few feeling to his life and made him feel so much better about himself. He had been bundled into the back of an MI6 van and they were on their way to save Alex.

Alex sat in the cell he had been left in. The cold air attacked his naked chest and shivered slightly. He had lost track of time. Mr Point had threw him in here and left him to die. He looked down at his stomach. The red cut started to scab over but was discolored and painful. The deathly silence was driving Alex insane. He could hear nothing but the ceiling kept shedding dust. Moments later and the door was thrown open. He stood up to see who it was. Mr Point unluckily. Two of his thugs pulled Alex out and along the corridor and up the stairs. The sunlight blinding Alex. When they reached the top Mr Point slid his hand underneath Alex's neck and took out a handgun. Alex struggled against his grip. He heard the click and felt the cool barrel against his right temple. He stopped struggling. Mr Point dragged him into the middle of the room. MI6 were here.

"Let the boy go" he heard a voice shout.

Alex was a mess. He was shirtless and had a large S carved into his stomach. He was beaten black and blue. His eye was swollen shut and his lips had been chapped and ripped. He was being gripped tightly. He didn't lok afraid just done. He had reached the point were he didn't care if he lived or died.

"Why? He is valuable. We'd prefer him dead." Mr Point said.

Alex struggled and tried to pull himself free.

"What do you want?" One asked.

"I have what I want. The boy"

In a moment of pure stupidity. Tom lunged forward and pulled out his gun. Mr Point's grip tightened and the Scorpia agents pointed their guns at him. The red lazers indicating their target area.

Pointing it at Mr Point he said.

"If I pull this,we all die."

"So let Alex go,and no blood will be split."

Mr point laughed and looked to his thugs who joined him.

"Such a brave man,what's your name?"

Tom tore of his mask and fired a single shot from his gun.

"Tom Harris" he said.

MI6 quickly started firing at the Scorpia retaliation. Tom's shot hadn't be fired to kill. It was all part of their plan. They knew that Scorpia would rather die than let Alex go,and they wouldn't trade either,so by letting Tom do that distracted them,and MI6 made their move.
Mr Point was left standing there. He had let Alex go. Alex had made his way back over to MI6 and Tom. Whilst they were giving Alex their greetings. Mr Point made a run for it. Banging the door behind him as he left.

MI6 went to chase him when Alex spoke.

"Leave him,he won't be coming back again soon,or ever"

Helping the injured spy out of the warehouse and into daylight. There was an ambulance waiting and Alex was taken to St Marcus Hospital. Where Jack and the Pleasure's were waiting.

Alex recovered fine. He was told that the scar would remain there forever unless he had a skin transplant but Alex refused. He wanted to get back to life as soon as possible and that meant school. He just wanted one term away from danger. Was that too much to ask for?

Mr Point sat in his office. He picked up the white smartphone that sat in front of him. He dialed the number and it rang.

"Hello?" A gruff voice said.

"Mission B failed. I need to talk with you,you're my final resort."

"I want him dead"

"We haven't been able to-"

"Come to my office June 19th and we will discuss"

"I will indeed sir"

"That boy will die"

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