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Kidnapped by An Angel

Chapter 2

Connell POV

" Hurrry up guys how long does it takes you guys to dress up " I shouted at my brothers. Am Connell Francisco Pietro top Mafia Don of the underworld. My parents died in a clash with other mafia. We wish we could fight but we could not we were too little to fight at all. My brother Daniel lead me and my little bro to safety. We would not let that pass we promised to avenge my parents death. And we did here we are as Most powerful Mafias. " Dude let's move " my little bro called me from my thoughts " We are taking four cars with us each of you both as one and the last one is with the guards we are only getting three girls to make the maids complete since you guys killed the other ones through sex🙄" He said and rolled his eyes. We walked out of the house and into our cars

In the auction

Angela POV

Where the hell am I. I rembered me being kidnapped even tho I didn't see the face I saw a lady "Hi please where am I and how did I get here" I asked her" you got kidnapped and you are gonna get sold to a Mafia he will be your master so have your bath get dressed I will come do your make- up" She said to me "No no no no-no" I shouted and I received a slap immediately. " Do as I say now " she shouted and left me crying. I stood up had my bath dressed up, I didn't like the dress at all it was tight and kind of transparent. She came to do my makeup after 10 minutes I was done. I was lead to the back of stage I saw girls of my age crying sticking to each other I notice a girl crying I went to her and hugged her saying" Don't cry am Angela and you" " Am Mirabel" Mirabel replied me in tears after 20 minutes of hugging she stopped crying then she came" Hi everyone am Linda so listen carefully you all are about to get sold to Mafia so don't runaway or you die don't steal from them or you die and be submissive to them or you die got it" She said harshly. We all nodded our heads like lizards. They started calling girls name one by one. It got to my turn I got scared very scared. I walked up to stage like a tortoise " Hello everyone this is Clifford Angela she is 16 years old 5'0 feet tall and good as a slave who wants her" the MC announced to the crowd people kept on mentioning different types of amount of money I was surprised people was this rich. " 2.3millon dollars " a scary looking guy said I don't want to be sold to him he smiled like a demon I don't want him all of a sudden I looked up and my eyes met a pair of green emerald eyes. I looked at an handsome Greek god how cute wait what am about to get sold to a tattooed looking scary guy and am admiring a cute guy gosh what is wrong with me. I looked down again looking up I met the same eyes I looked up begging him with my eyes and thoughts to buy me he smirked at me "Going once going twice....................

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