This is my au of transformers! None of the characters are owned by me other than: Star,Blizzard,Luna,Gramps, s+L’s mother and of course RainBullet! ^^ I Did NOT draw the cover! My bff and her dad drew it! Enjoy ^^ and thank you for reading <3

Adventure / Action
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A new world

All characters in this chapter other than Bumblebee and Ratchet are mine UwU Words in this chapter=963

Star ran as fast as she could...She was sure she had seen something!The sky was dark and she was sure that her mother or older sister would come and get her.Hopefully she wouldn’t get told off.It was warm, but a nice warm.Kind of like the heat you would get in the at night time in summer.Star is a brown haired white skinned girl with orange eyes.She was In her garden when she heard a noise and saw something fall out of the sky.She was sure of it! “Star, honey!” Star’s mother shouted.

The next day, Star was allowed to go outside for an hour while her mother made lunch. They were having a barbecue! Star’s favourite. “Hmm were should I go....” Star muttered. She stood outside of her door, until she remembered something.She should go where she thought she saw something last night! Her older sister, Luna, said that she probably saw a shooting star or a plane. But Star knew that it wasn’t. Star headed off down the road until she saw the entrance of the forest on the other side.She looked both ways and then went over to the entrance of the forest.Star was wearing a white t-shirt and a black hoodie which was tied around her waist as it was sunny today.She was also wearing denim trousers and brown boots. Star searched around for a while until she made it to a beautiful open area with soft,fresh grass and yellow buttercups.

She stayed lying there for a while until, she heard a noise. “Is anyone there!?” Star shouted as she immediately rose to her feet. Star wondered over to where she thought the noise was coming from, which probably wasn’t the smartest idea. What Star saw made her freeze to where she was stood. A black dog stood over a yellow golden retriever puppy which was cowering under the big black dogs grip. “Hey,Let it go!” Star shouted. The black dog slowly turned to look at Star. Oops.

Star instantly regretted her decision. The small blonde puppy ran as fast as it’s legs could take it. But the black dog didn’t care.Its red eyes staring into Star’s. Then the dog started running towards her. “Ahhhh!” Star screamed stuck to the spot in her worry. But then a blue haired girl jumped in front of the Black dog and there was a huge bang. “That should stop ‘Im for a bit!” The girl said. “L-Luna!? Star shouted surprised.

Star was shocked.Her sister.Her sister who never cared.Saved her! “Y-yes...” Luna mumbled. “Y-you” Star began to say, but Luna was quicker “The food will get cold…” Luna said walking towards the exit of the forest. “R-right...” Star barely said following her older sister.Her Hero. “What happened Star, you looked like you were attacked by a bear!” Star’s cousin laughed. “U-ugh” Star muttered. “She ran into a Piranha at the lake!” Luna Shouted. “W-what?” Star said confused until she saw her big sister wink at her. “Oh, was scary...!” Star lied. “A piranha” “cool!” Her cousin,Ralph, beamed. Star went to bed that night still not believing what she had witnessed. Star was so intrigued in her thinking that she didn’t even notice the knock on her door. The door opened and Star looked over. “O-oh hi Luna...” “Hey lil sis.” Luna shut the door behind her and sat on the end of the bed. “It all went a little fast huh?” Luna asked. “Yeah...”

Star wanted to know everything immediately. “Calm down Star!” Luna had answered every time.

The question Star most wanted to know the answer why. Why had Luna of all people done that? Luna sighed. “I will skip school tomorrow, it will be better if I show you.” She had said.

The next day, Star had jumped out of bed and ran to her wardrobe threw a Black jacket on and a pair of trousers and half tumbled down the stairs.Star noticed her sister sat down at the table eating a piece of toast. “Where’s mum?” Star asked her sister. “She went out...wanna piece of toast?” “Okay...”

“Where are we going?” Star asked. “You will find out” Luna replied.They walked down the road for a while until they made their stop outside of a shop. “Huh?” Star said confused. Luna knocked on the door and a teenage boy with brown hair and purple eyes stepped out. “Oh, Drew!” Luna said surprised. The teenage boy smirked and said “Here for my gramps?” “Yes.” Luna replied. They walked inside and Star was surprised when ‘Drew’ opened a door that Star never would of guessed was there! Inside was a staircase that goes down to a room with loads of supplies.Mostly inventor stuff.There were spanners and Screw Drivers.Bolts and torches.But the thing that caught Star’s eye was another door. “Ah,You are here!” An old man said. “Let me guess you want to see the bots again.” “Bots?” Star asked confused. “Oh,I have not seen you before little one” The man said. “She is my sister” Luna replied “yeah..I’m Star.” Then the man opened the door...

Inside of the door was a blinding light, “there the ground bridge is open” said the man. Luna started to walk through. “Can I go gramps?” Drew asked “okay...” the man agreed. Star was dragged along and the last thing she heard was the old man shout , “remember to say hi to Ratchet for me!” Who’s Ratchet? It seems like soon..She will find out.

Thank you for reading!!!

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