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Smoke and a Secret Admirer


Draco and Harry are....acquainted but still have their "beef". Harry gets hit hard with a personal matter that impacts his mental choices. Harry goes to sort through his thoughts but runs into Draco. Can Draco help Harry settle his personal problem or does he leave him hanging?

Mattias Laufeyson
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The Decision

This hadn't happened in years. Harry got into a fight with Ron and Hermione and on top of that, he and Ginny broke up. He was so mad he could almost cry, but he couldn't. He had to keep it together, he couldn't break down, not here, not now, not in front of Hermione and Ron.

He turned away from Hermione and Ron and ran out of the Gryffindor Common room. He could feel the tears begin to build up. He wanted to go somewhere where he could let out his tears and anger.
Think Harry, think. Where can you go that you'll be alone? Where can you go that no one will bother you?
The lake! Yes, of course! Hardly anyone went to the lake. It was almost always just Harry. He liked to think of it as his safe space.
Harry climbed out of the portrait hole and ran for the lake. When he finally got there, he sat down on the hard ground and put his face in his hands. After a few minutes, a soft chuckle and the smell of cigarette smoke reveal to Harry that he isn't alone.
"Did your girlfriend get too clingy? Or did your fans become too much for you to handle?" Draco took a long drag from his cigarette and exhaled it, creating a smoke ring.
Harry rolled his eyes and gave Draco a glare. "Ginny and I broke up thank you very much. And as for the "fans", I'm just avoiding them as much as possible. And why are you here, Malfoy?"
Draco took a long drag from his cigarette and rolled his eyes before responding.
"That part should be obvious by now. I needed to have a smoke. I can't very well do that in the common room, now can I?"
"No, I suppose not."
The two boys slipped into silence, looking out at the lake. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence but it wasn't exactly comfortable either. Harry wanted the conversation with Draco to continue.
"May I?" Harry asked, motioning to the cigarette box in Draco's hand.
Draco raised his eyebrow but held out the box and offered it's contents to Harry. Harry reached out and took one but sighed when he realized that he didn't have his wand to light it. Draco threw Harry his own wand.
"Thanks," Harry muttered under his breath, lighting the butt end of the cigarette. He tossed Draco back his wand the took a long drag and exhaled slowly.
"Well, well, well. Will you look at that, the Golden boy of Gryffindor smokes. When did that happen?" An amused smile was plastered across Draco's face.
"Around the beginning of 4th year. But before that, I used to steal them from my Uncle Vernon. He was too dumb to realize that they were even missing anyway. They helped me think clearly and I can tell you, it really helped, with Voldemort being back, Umbridge, and....Dumbledore."
Draco nodded thoughtfully. He opened his mouth to say something but Harry cut him off with a rushed flow of words.
"I'm sorry, what was that?" Draco asked.
"I said, are the rumors true?" Harry didn't even know if Draco knew what rumors he was talking about. "Are you gay?"
Draco was appalled by this question. Sure he'd been asked it before but it was different this time. This was Potter asking him that question. Harry opened his mouth to mutter an apology but before he could say anything, Draco answered.
"Yes, I am. Why? Do you think you might be gay Potter?" Draco smirked at the last remark then took a long drag and blew out a smoke ring again.
"Who, me? No, at least I don't think so...well..uh, I've got to go..." Harry threw down his cigarette and smashed it so it wouldn't burn the grass and started to walk away. His face was bright pink, almost like Ron's when he would get embarrassed. He wasn't 100% positive that he liked guys and he hadn't told anyone yet, so why would he make an exception for Malfoy? He continued up the hill but stopped briefly when he heard his name get called out.
Harry turned around to see Draco running after him. Harry swallowed hard but before he could say anything, he felt something on his lips. No, not something...it was someone. And that someone, was Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy was kissing him. Draco's lips were soft and warm. Their tongues fought for dominance until the need for air became too much for them to bear. They separated and Draco looked at Harry, almost surprised that he had given in to the kiss.
"Not bad, Potter."
"Not so bad yourself, Malfoy"
Draco smirked, smoothed his hair, and took one last drag from his cigarette before holding it out to Harry.
"You want to finish it? It's still got a few drags left."
Harry took the cigarette.
Draco looked Harry in the eye then turned and walked away.
Harry shook his head and took a small drag from the cigarette.
"I guess I know I'm gay now," Harry said, a huge smile plastered on his face. He took one last drag before throwing the cigarette down and walking back to the castle, the smile still residing on his face.

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