My First Date

The Purple Guardian

Once having done with Frau, forcing Teito into a date was a 'piece of cake' and those were exactly Mikage Celestine's thoughts, before he began his futile attempts to persuade his best friend into the date. Mikage knew being Teito's best friend was a real advantage, though he never thought of it that way. He can make the brunette do anything. But the theories were proving wrong, because Teito Klein wouldn't budge from his position at all! Mikage sighed mentally. That's why they say theories are just theories until you decide to try them out.

"C'mon Teito, it's just one date," Mikage whined. "You don't have to be so upright."

"That's the important thing. This one date of yours' is my first date!" Teito snapped. "I've never gone out with a girl and he's a freaking guy!"

"Does it matter if he's a guy?!" Teito turned around to find Mikage staring at the ground with hard eyes. "Are you saying his feelings mean nothing to you just because he's a guy?

Teito was taken aback by the sudden change in personality of his friend. Mikage's usual cheerful features were clad in a foreign frown as the blonde teen advanced towards him. He could literally feel the heat from the blazing amber eyes. "Is it the matter, Teito?"

The petite brunette felt the urge to shout out an 'Of course, not!' But he couldn't even find the courage to stutter that simple speech, because it would have sounded as if he were vouching for the relationship. That sudden thought stained his cheeks, a faint pink, and afraid to reveal that unhealthy blush to his friend, he turned his head to the side. Not like Mikage couldn't see it but it was at least expected of him to put up a tough front.

Mikage sighed, the frown leaving his face just as fast as it had treaded into. Then it hit him. Teito was just new to this whole thing, no wonder he'd be nervous. More than an 'I can't go out with a guy' it was a simple 'what am I supposed to do if he is joking with me?' thing. And, here he was thinking he knew just everything about his best friend. How come he was so slow in understanding him this time?

"You know Teito, Frau senpai looked so determined when he confessed in front of the class and the way he took all those blows without a single protest, it just made me smile to think, that guy is capable of taking so much just for your sake." Mikage collapsed into the couch, resting his chin on his propped hand.

Teito couldn't help but spare his friend a glance, who in turn grinned back, "And I really want a kid who would call me uncle." For which he received a cushion hit square on his face. On removing the said cushion, he found himself starring at a furiously blushing brunette.

"What the hell are you implying?! It's not like I love him or anything!"

A sly smile made its way onto Mikage's lips. "See, you didn't deny that you like him. And it really doesn't take long for this 'like' to take the form of 'love'. So Frau senpai might have a chance after all."

"Mikage, you creep!" But the half-hearted punch was never able to reach its destination, a.k.a Mikage's face, due to the intervention of a certain blonde who caught it midway.

"Hakuren!" Mikage gasped on seeing his cousin.

Totally lugged with his oversize bag in the right hand and Teito's hand securely held in the left, Hakuren Oak beamed at his younger kin. Letting go of the brunette's hand, the teen allowed himself the liberty to sigh as he set his luggage down.

"How come you two are always fighting every time I drop in here?"

"What a pleasant surprise, Haku!" Mikage almost tripped his poor cousin with his sudden embrace.

"I said you to stop calling me that, big head!" Hakuren laughed, patting Mikage's head. "Anyways, I too am glad to meet you again. It's really been a long time, since I saw you last." And then his violet orbs landed on a certain brunette fidgeting with the straps of his bag. "Long time no see Teito, won't you hug me?"

"Ah!" Emerald locked themselves with the warm and welcoming violets. Hakuren was beaming, extending his free arm to the brunette. Teito gave a small smile before allowing himself to be hugged. "I see you've grown taller." He could feel Hakuren smiling atop his head.

"And you have grown older, onii-san."

The three teens found themselves in the living room, once having settled with a cup of coffee each.

"Now tell me, what's the matter this time?" Hakuren asked, sipping from his beautiful porcelain cup; the light blue cup sported beautiful ruby red roses entangling each other in a mesh of thorny vines and a golden line running across the top. If it hadn't been for his faded jeans and purple sweat shirt, Hakuren could have certainly snatched the role of a rich noble in the ancient period. With his gleaming sunny locks cascading down his left shoulder, held together by a silver clasp, almond shaped violets and perfect stature, Hakuen Oak was an example of ancient beauty.

Teito's face flushed a shade of pink on the mention of the previous topic. Mikage on the other hand brightened up, flashing a grin at his cousin he began, "Teito's got a new admirer!"

And the impact of the words almost caused the older blonde to choke on his coffee. After giving a few not-so-gentle blows to his chest, the teen heaved a sigh of relief as the hot liquid resumed its journey in the oesophagus other than passing into the wind pipe.

"Quit joking, Mikage!" Hakuren glared at the amber eyed one. "You almost killed me there."

"N-no! I'm telling the truth! Why don't you ask Teito yourself?" This caused the violet orbs to settle on the petite brunette, who shuddered under the sharp gaze.

"Umm…" A tiny drop of sweat made its way to his cheek as Teito desperately tried to look up. "I-I'm sorry!" Teito managed to stutter, his head still bowed low for two reasons; his red face and Hakuren's answer.

The young Oak's expression softened considerably as he let out a soft chuckle. "It's not something to apologize for, chibi-kun."

"So, who's this lucky princess?" Hakuren asked, setting his cup down.

"You mean who's the, 'lucky prince'," Mikage corrected with a childish grin adoring his features.

"Eh?" Violets slightly widened on the possibly wrong correction.

"It's the basket ball team's captain, Frau!"

Hakuren gasped and Teito's face gained a few extra shards of red on the mention of the name. Mikage lightly punched his cousin's shoulder to bring the preoccupied blonde back to reality. "Hellow, Haku are you there?"

"Y-you mean the guy who has the all time record of being the fastest biker in District 7?!" Seeing his cousin nodding in agreement, Hakuren allowed himself to stare at the brunette for a sec before his lips stretched into a big smile, and eyes lit up in appreciation.

"But there is this one problem." Mikage sighed, passing a hand through his sandy hair. Taking the silence of the purple eyed one as a cue to continue he said, "Teito refuses to even go on just one date with him."

"But why?!"

"Because I won't go out with a guy!" The emerald eyed brunette was going to stomp upstairs but immediately stopped in his tracks upon hearing the 'supposed' black mail.

"You know, I sort of remember a time when I helped you escape the Arithmetic class; you had to take care of Labrador senpai because he had a cold and you promised to return back the favor…."Hakuren trailed off, letting the brunette digest the facts.

Teito gulped. "W-well?"

Hakuren stooped down to stare Teito in the eyes, that Cheshire grin never leaving his face. "I want that favor to be returned, now."

Mikage smiled at the memory. If it hadn't been for his 'great' cousin, God only knows how he would have convinced Teito into this thing, without breaking his bones. At times like this he was so thankful to the Kami-sama for giving him such good friends. One who was like a big bro and the other one, who quite well suited to be a little sister. They were his little family when he was away from his home.

The blonde mulled over these thoughts in his mind, oblivious of the violets watching him with a smirk. "That idiot…"

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