My First Date

On the Lover's Road

The branches were clawing at the closed glass window, making an audible swish. The golden rays penetrating through the thick glass plate bathed the room in a bright yellow color. Mikage Celestine sat in his couch, looking quite anxious to add. He was shaking his legs way too hard for anyone to not notice how horribly nervous he was for someone not being the one to actually go out the present morning. He glanced at his companion, the brunette in question was too quiet and not breaking any of the (remaining) furniture. All this time he was staring at the ceiling with his lips drawn into a thin line and slightly flushed cheeks. God knows what is going on inside his head. Maybe something to do with Frau-senpai. This being said what is Frau senpai going to do anyways? Mikage wondered. After all it's Teito. What if he fails...?

A soft, melodious chime broke through his train of thoughts and the blonde teen found himself staring at the front door with a blank face before reality seeped into him and lit his face. I just have to believe in him. Mikage jogged the small distance and flashed his cousin (who emerged from the kitchen on the sound of the doorbell) and the startled brunette a grin before opening the door.

Teito Klein shivered slightly as Mikage announced the most awaited guest of the morning, Frau! Gulping hard he spared a look at his date and gasped, much to his irritation. He had expected the stupid captain would wear something outlandish as he usually does. But the tall blonde was clad in a hooded blue riding jacket and a black shirt peeking out from his half-opened zip. Faded blue jeans and sneakers covered his lower half. His hair was a typical mesh and was almost sparkling like gold but the most alluring part were his icicle pools that seemed to regard him with the same sense of awe.

Frau was literally love struck twice. God, no wonder Teito was in the 'Top ten hunks list' of the school,though he'd have preferred the word 'beautiful' to describe the boy in front of his eyes. Only if the condition asked for him to kiss and not the other way round, he doubted he'd have been able to stop himself even at the cost of being in coma. Those gorgeous emerald eyes, incredibly smooth skin and red

"Frau-senpai's already drooling~" Mikage sing-songed, snapping the captain back to the present. He immediately gave a bright smile to everyone and said a sheepish, 'what's up guys?' much to the cousins' amusement.

Teito immediately turned his face to the (now suddenly more interesting) small night lamp on the nearby table, but miserably failed to hide the blush. How can that dumb pervert look so good? No, he's not handsome. He just looks better than other guys, that's it. The emerald eyed brunette was trying so hard to make himself believe that his date was just looking different that he didn't notice his best friend creep behind him.

"Frau- senpai's looking a hottie, isn't he, Teito? Mikage whispered into his ears.

"Whoa!" With his the startled teen fell from the couch and landed on the wooden floor with a soft thud.

"What was that about, Mikage?!" The brunette glared at the blonde sitting on his spot, smiling mischievously.

"Something's wrong, Teito?" Hakuren asked rushing over to the spot with Frau behind.

"Ah-n-No! I-I'm fine! I just fell down from the couch," Teito stuttered from down, rubbing his back slightly.

"Isn't it obvious? Here," Frau extended his right hand for Teito to grasp.

The brunette stared at the offered help for a sec before allowing heat to crawl to his cheeks. "I can get up by myself," he said pushing the blonde's hand away. To this he got three different reactions from the spectators. Hakuren sighed, Mikage was pouting and Frau was grinning as if it was only normal for Teito to behave in that way.

"We'll see you guys later then," Frau waved back at the cousins as he and a terribly blushing Teito stepped off the porch.

"Enjoy your date!" Hakuren called from behind, waving his hands.

"All the best, Frau-senpai!" Mikage shouted at the top of his lungs, much to Teito's embarrassment and Hakuren's bewilderment. The blonde captain however whipped his head around and flashed the lad a confident smile before closing the ivy covered iron gate behind them.

On stepping outside, Frau allowed himself another deep breath of the sweet spring air before letting his azure orbs to feast upon the startled look of his companion. Teito's anxious gaze was fixed on Frau's so-called vehicle, a gleaming black motorbike with two helmets hanging from one of its handles.

"What's this?" he asked pointing at the bike with a trembling finger, his face already pale at the thought of riding it.

"It's my bike, shortie. I hope you didn't plan to go to the 'surprise place' in some fancy horse-drawn carriage. Too bad, I'm not that rich," Frau informed before throwing the other helmet at the brunette after putting one on.

Teito glared at the older teen. "Uncle Kruez doesn't allow me to ride on bikes!"

"But now you do." Before he could protest, Teito was hauled over the back seat and soon Frau joined him. The vehicle gave a small whimper as its owner gave it a kick-start and then caught on speed on the almost deserted street, causing the poor brunette to desperately search for something to catch. As if sensing his predicament, Frau allowed one of his hands off the handle to stealthily grip Teito's and guide the thin hand around his waist. "You know you'll fall if you sit like that." He could feel the brunette's face rapidly heat up.

"I-I." But then even his other hand was forced into the similar situation. Poor Teito could only stare at the clothed back with his head slightly bowed in shame.

The older blonde's lips twitched at that. His visor obscuring the little grin that graced his thin lips, Frau turned the vehicle at a corner.

Hakuren Oak had just turned back when a scratching noise caught his attention. Turning back he found his cousin stealthily making his way through the yard to the couple, occasionally hiding behind a tree to avoid being spotted (adding to the comical effect). After making sure his idol had started the bike, Mikage wasted no time in jumping into Hakuren's car (for which the owner resolved to sue the blonde later) and hit the road, leaving his kin to sigh and shake his head at his crazy action.

The two were already riding for half an hour, when Frau heard the first traces of a waited conversation escaping from the brunette's mouth. His lips trembled a little, before Frau heard a small whisper behind him. "Can I ask you something?"

Raising a perfectly arched sandy eyebrow at that,the blonde turned his head back for a second to sneak a peek at the teen who still had his head bowed low and said a "Yes," with a shrug.

"Umm….earlier that day at school, why did you confess to me in front of everyone?" Normally confessions were supposed to be kept a secret. So what was he planning to do? Making fun of me? Then is he still joking with me? The thoughts had been plaguing him for a while now and he wanted the answer directly from the culprit himself. In his mind Teito was still hoping for the blonde to give him a 'yes', so that he could beat the crap out of him and then completely forget that such a ruckus ever happened. But then again, the brunette grudgingly admitted to himself with a faint colouring that somewhere in the farthest corner of his heart he wanted to hear a soft 'no'.

Frau's shoulders considerably loosened at the question. He had been waiting for Teito to ask something like this. Time to confess the confession earlier, he thought with a sigh.

The strong wind was slapping on the helmets muffling any other sound with its vigour. And it remained like this for some time; both of them were silent. The green-eyed brunette raised his head, wondering if the dumb pervert heard his question at all. And he was about to repeat himself once more when he was silenced by a strong whisper-

"I wanted to be rejected by you in front of the class."

At this Teito couldn't help staring at his date's back with wide emerald eyes. He had planned to be rejected from the first?!


The blonde gave out a small chuckle. Teito was so easy to surprise. "I wanted the whole class to witness that I valued you the most. And then I was sure if I got rejected by you in front of everyone, no girl would hit on me. Because I can't bear to love anyone else." Frau looked over his shoulder to flash his companion a warm smile.

Oblivious to Frau, Teito's heart caught on a faster pace.

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