My First Date

Smiles vs. glares

It's been ages since he has been to something like this!

The petite brunette couldn't help staring wide-eyed at the place he currently found himself in. Balloons, the tantalizing smell from the food stalls, the harlequin tents, the delightful shrieks, it was as if someone had turned back time and he was back being the innocent 5-year-old tugging at his uncle's long sleeve to get him a ride on the big Ferris wheel, which the silver-haired man would readily comply with that ever-so-gentle smile. It used to be so much fun and then the jolly pair would return home, each laden with a fluffy cloud of cotton candy and holding hands. Teito would happily rant off about how tiny everything looked from the top of the Ferris wheel, to which Fia Kruez would respond with a soft chuckle.

Those good old days…..

Now that he thought, it was already ten years since that accident, that horrible accident which left him homeless and forced him to spend the past years shifting from one foster parent to another. He was just so frustrated, god knows how fed up he was. Teito sighed.

"Yo, sleeping beauty!"

Instantly snapping out of his stupor, the brunette looked up at the tall blonde, locking his surprised emeralds with worried azures. Despite the teasing tone, Frau's face was masked with slight concern as he withdrew his hand to his side again. He had been waving his hand in front of the blank emerald eyes, only to find Teito staring at the ferris wheel like an alabaster statue. For a moment Frau had actually thought Teito had gone to coma and was mentally chiding himself for sporting such a silly idea.

"Are you feeling sick, Teito?" he asked with genuine concern.

"Eh? N-no! I just-sorry, I kinda spaced out a bit," Teito replied, grinning sheepishly. Frau still looked a bit unconvinced. But the remnants of worry quickly vanished when the green-eyed brunette decided to give him a reassuring smile that made the pervert return it with a smile of his own.

"So, now?"Teito asked expectantly as they walked past the huge 'ocean' of humanity. Frau grinned; he had never seen the boy this energetic, except when he was with Mikage or Hakuren. "How 'bout we start with the tea-cup ride? If you can handle that then I'll think about the roller coaster," the blonde replied with a smirk for which he received a death glare from his companion.

"What the hell do you mean?! I'm not a kid!" Teito retorted, crossing his hands over his chest, a pout adorning his facial features.

"I never ever said that, you know."

Blood continued to drain into his cheeks till they turned bright crimson red. Completely isolated of any witty retort the brunette quickly faced his side, giving Frau a chance to snicker at his expense.

"Ahahaha…dude, you're just so cute."

And the latter's comment didn't help his condition either, instead it set his cheeks on fire as the poor brunette desperately tried not to faint due to the immense blood supply to his face. Frau was laughing his guts out till an elbow was shoved into his abdomen to keep his trap shut.

"Oww…that was overkill." The blonde winced, holding his abdomen.

Now it was Teito's turn to giggle as Frau made a face at him. "Serves you right, moron."

"Anyway, let's get to the ride before I get a few bones broken," Frau stated before grasping Teito's hand and sprinting ahead.

Teito's slight coloring didn't go unnoticed by a certain blonde who had taken shelter behind a huge cherry blossom tree, a slight smirk gracing his lips. "You two seem to be having fun."

"Fraaaaaau! S-stop!"

But the vain protests were completely drowned in the strong whirlwind as the blue-green cup whirled on an even faster pace (if it was even capable of doing that, as it was already on the verge of finally getting dismantled).

Frau flashed the brunette a mocking grin from across his seat, his hands steady on the rotating stirring wheel but even he looked a bit tired. "Already? Oh, you can take more of this," he teased, "Let's go bit faster." Totally ignoring the manager protesting in the background, "My ride's gonna blow up!"

Mikage, who had been hiding behind the counter just sighed, "Frau senpai wouldn't change at all."

A breeze passed by.

"So, did you enjoy the ride?" Frau questioned as the duo made their way out of the exit. Teito was a bit dizzy from the blonde's earlier 'rampage' and was trying his best not to throw up his early lunch or better yet not to drop down altogether. He was still wobbly on his legs as he somehow managed to scramble out, grabbing the safety railings.

"Hey, Teito."



"You think? Couldn't you at least slow down a bit?! Man, my head feels like crazy."

"Crazy 'bout me?"

"As if!" Teito quickly looked away, his cheeks already stained. His companion grinned, "But you enjoyed it, didn't you?"

Teito narrowed his emeralds at the grinning teen. "Screaming for ten minutes trying to stop you from annihilating the poor cup isn't something one would call enjoyment!"

"Is it the reason?"



Ah! Umm…."

Frau had to raise his eyebrow at that. He just felt bullying the brunette was sinfully amusing. At that point it was definitely the hardest to notice the gender difference, what with the neon red cheeks and childish pout, much to Frau's personal amusement, which he reasonably decided not to voice, what of the numerous punches that'll greet him then.

"Hmph…..I never liked tea cups"; the coloring becoming a shade darker.

What startled the brunette, a hand was ruffling his dark tresses. He glanced up to find Frau smiling at him, no mischievous glint in his eyes this time. "Not all have to like all the rides but if you don't like it then I'll just try harder till I can make you like it, simple."

Teito just stared at the teen with wide emerald eyes before letting a sigh escape from his slightly stretched lips. "I'll wait till then."

"I hope you would have grown at least a cm taller by that time."

"What?! Don't joke around, you moron!"

"Well, the roller coaster's the next!" exclaimed the tall blonde and the poor brunette was again hauled to another disastrous ride, with Frau completely ignoring the icy glares thrown at his back. Again.

It wasn't long before the duo was confined in their respective seats. Teito was anxiously looking around. Unfortunately (for Teito), he sat next to the pervert, who was persistently looking back at a pair of girls seated behind them and deliberately ignoring him. Not that he'd have cared but after a whole 20 sec he felt left out. Frau was still conversing with those girls since the ride was yet to start, which would have been a matter of a few seconds as the other passengers boarded the coaster.

"Hey, are you girls high school students? I mean you look so young and beautiful."

Yeah and you're an old guy. Of course not, those girls look more like university students! Teito's fist tightened.

"Ah, Frau-kun's such a smooth talker," one of the girls giggled.

"You know we're in the university already," the girl with a braided pony tail replied.

"But who would care. There isn't a single girl in my school that looks as beautiful as you two."

"You know you shouldn't say that, Frau-kun. Your girlfriend right there looks so adorable. Certainly, you shouldn't be teasing her," the tall red-head said, waggling a finger at him.

Frau just grinned back before the huge rectangular safety belt was securely strapped above his chest. And then he slowly crept up his hand over Teito's hand, a tender smile on his lips as he gently squeezed the slender hand, causing the brunette to give him a glare in return. The blonde chuckled, adding to the dark aura emitting from his girlfriend.

"You know I said girl."

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