My First Date

On your vanishing trail

"Hey, umm…Teito."

The brunette looked up from his sandwich to stare at his date. Frau looked somewhat nervous as he fished into his jacket pocket. He lifted an eyebrow at that.

Thirty minutes ago as it was already half past 2, Frau declared that they should have a break and dragged the said brunette to a nearby restaurant. The whole time, as Teito dared to notice (actually it was hard not to, with Frau constantly fidgeting with something in his pocket) the blonde obviously had something worrying him.

"Hmm…" he replied with his eyes back to his food. He wasn't going to let the blonde off the hook that easily. That pervert didn't even spare the girl at the counter, like hell he justhad to wink at the busty blunette, not to mention the incident with those university students earlier. So, the silent treatment. Deal with it.

"What do you think of me?"

Teito instantly stopped midway in his chewing. "Heh?"

"I know you were forced to come with me. At least it will be considerate in my part to know what you think of me before…anything," the last part was almost a whisper but Teito heard it as clear as day.

"What does that mean?"

But Frau turned his face towards the dancing Sakura petals and heaved a sigh as he absent-mindedly stirred his ice tea. The sun was gradually moving towards the western sky even though its vigour hadn't diminished to the slightest. The ivory clouds stretched across the azure canvas and floated lazily along with the mild breeze. He sighed yet again. Time was flowing through his hands and he still wasn't sure what to do.

Teito puffed his cheeks. "You are a moron."

A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips when Frau heard it. He shifted his gaze at the teen, his head resting on his propped hand.

"Hey, I've got you something," Frau finally said, reaching into his pocket.

"As a bribe for doing something?" Teito gave him a sceptical look.

Frau rolled his eyes. "Am I that low in your eyes, shorty?" The 'shorty' glared at him. "Of course not, I thought of giving it to you before but…well, I had my reasons." He held out his hand, on the top rested a dainty, little white box with a sapphire ribbon on its lid.

Teito stared at the gift. "Open it, I swear it's not some prank."

He took the small box and then slowly lifted the cover. Something inside glinted a fiery silver. On holding it up to light, Teito could see it was a silver bracelet shaped like metal links and there was a tiny carved silver cross dangling at one end. Teito gasped.

"I-it's so beautiful," he at last managed to say, his eyes still fixed on the said object.

"I don't think so," Frau said and then took Teito's left hand, before sliding the bracelet through it. "Now, it's beautiful."

The brunette's cheeks turned faint crimson on the sight of their interlinked hands. Frau's pale hands felt cold against his own but it was some strange sort of coldness that filled him with warmth instead and a bubbly feeling in the pit of his stomach. Teito blushed harder when he felt the warm azures scanning him and quickly withdrew his hand.

"But I can't take keep this."

"I knew you'd say that but I just-" Teito looked up just in time to see that sad smile on the blonde teen's face. "I just wanted you to remember me, that's all."

The younger teen sighed. "It's not like I'll be able to forget your annoying face that easily."

"You mean my 'super handsome' face?"

"Yeah, your super old face."

"You are such a bully," Frau pouted.

"S-so, how did you manage buy it?" Teito managed ask after few minutes of blissful silence. It must have taken some fortune to buy this thing.

Frau put on his trademark smirk and winked at the boy. "I have my sources, kiddo."

"Idiot," Teito muttered as he half-heartedly returned to his food.

"Well, well it's getting lovey-dovey," Mikage smiled as he watched the couple (mostly Teito) bicker. His peaceful feeling was ruined by an unpleasant grumble of his stomach. Then realization hit him, in all his excitement he had totally missed his breakfast, save for a chocolate bar (now that's not worth taking into account). The blonde teen cursed. It felt like some bloody commercial advertisement between a thriller film.

"Seriously now," he groaned. "What problem do you have with me?!"

To this he got a little audience staring at him in bewilderment as he continued to argue with God-knows-who while pointing at his stomach and then storming off to somewhere.

"Che," with this he made his way to a fast-food stall.



"Yeah?" the blonde averted his eyes from the Sakura tree and faced the brunette.

Teito's head was bowed low and even from his place Frau could tell that he was blushing. "I-I'm s-sorry."

"For what?" Frau looked at him, puzzlement written all over his face.

"That time in class."

"Mah, mah, you aren't falling for me, are you brat?"

"Don't joke! I-It's not like that!"

Frau chuckled. "I-I'm only concerned b-because….you didn't report me to the principal. It's just called the return of favour. Not like I'm afraid of getting detention or anything. " Yeah, I'm damn selfish. It's such a big fat lie.

Ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump

If Frau could only hear his irregular heartbeat, Teito would have just jumped off a cliff.

If Teito could only see that sad smile on Frau's face as he stood up, Frau would have had to rack up his brain for some senseless excuse.

"Hey, Teito, I'm going to pay the bill. Wait for me here. I'll be right back so, don't miss me much, 'kay?"

"Seriously, you are such a pain in the neck," Teito glared at him, as Frau excused himself with an elegant bow.

After the blonde teen was away from his earshot, the brunette rested his head on the table and closed his eyes. What the hell is happening to me? If this continues, I don't know if I could hold on any longer. And the most embarrassing thing, it's related to him.

He opened the bracelet and dangled it in front of his eyes. The metallic chain glinted silver every time it caught the golden rays of the sun.

It can't be that I've actually fallen for him, have I? No, no it can't be…?

Clink, the metallic bracelet gave off an almost inaudible sound as it was jerked away from Teito's hand. The brunette instantly sat up, only to catch a glimpse of a green beanie and black leather jacket as the pickpocket ran into the crowd. Without a second thought Teito tore after him, overturning the plastic chair in the process as he scrambled out.

"Wait! Oi, thief! STOP!" he yelled after him. The puzzled spectators just stared after them as the thief and the teen forced their way through them. They ran and ran, occasionally bumping into random strangers. The 'cat and mouse' game continued until the thief made the mistake of looking over his shoulder, he stumbled over a dustbin and fell on the ground on his stomach. Teito took this chance to leap on the guy and moments later he was sitting on the thief, his hands roughly held behind his back.

"Oi damn thief, give back my bracelet or it will definitely hurt like hell," Teito growled and as if to emphasize his threat, he tightened his hold on the boy. The thief in turn gave out a low groan, before his fist opened to let the silver bracelet slide through his open fingers and finally fall on the ground. The moment Teito released on of his hand to collect the discarded silver chain, the thief immediately shoved him off and quickly scrambled up and broke into a run, without sparing a glance behind him.

The brunette sat on the ground gasping hard, his hand securely around the bracelet. Ten minutes of running after a pickpocket in full speed, not to mention those quick manoeuvres around crowd and confrontation with the culprit surely left him breathless….wait, or was it fifteen? He surely had lost track of time. After catching up his breath, he looked around. He sat behind a huge pink tent surrounded by tall oak trees and there was nobody around, in other words….he was lost.


The tall blonde looked around frantically as he yelled the name over and over.

Frau had taken the pains of buying themselves two ice creams but when he reached their table, the place was exempted of any presence. One of the chairs was lying overturned and near it was his stepped upon empty gift box. His date was nowhere in sight.

Of course, he was beside himself. Did, honest to god, the damn brat decide to leave him? But that's unlikely. He would never do anything as bad as leave someone behind and run away taking something (here Frau's one month salary). Teito was not cowardly, leave alone selfish! Something was definitely amiss…

Just then a soft melody reached his ear. He fished into his jeans pocket to pull out a slim, black phone; it's screen reading, 'Devil Four-eyes.'

"Hello, Frau? How's everything going? Lab's pretty worried here…says that he's having a bad feeling," his best friend-cum-task master's voice rang out from the other end.

"Lab's right, Castor. I've lost Teito."

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