My First Date

Meeting you

"What the hell do you mean you lost Teito?!"

The loud voice belonged to one Hakuren Oak, who was yelling at his cousin through a little cell phone, the poor means of communication trembling at the impact.

Mikage winced. His cousin wasn't exactly making things easier for him. "Haku-"

"And you followed them. Don't tell me it's your fault!"

"Hakuren, calm down. Let me explain."




"Well, I just went to pay the bill there and when I came out, viola, the brat was just not there," Frau tried to reason out with a very annoyed Castor.

"How can he just disappear into thin air?"


It was clearly evident that the russet was on the verge of going berserk. A crackle of static reminded Frau of the peril ahead as Castor's grip on the phone tightened on the other end.

"Frau, we're coming."


Castor's eyes widened a bit at the well composed and determined reply from his friend. The meaning was simple, Frau would find him back. Come heaven or hell.

"It's my job to bring him back home, safe and sound. And I swear I'll bring him back. Don't worry about me, four-eyes."

Beep…and the line went dead. Castor just sighed; of course he'd be fine. He's Frau after-all…

He had never missed the light that sparkled in the azure eyes whenever the name of a certain brunette was mentioned, the warm smile that lit his face every time he passed the class 2C. More than often he has observed his friend gazing fondly at a certain report submitted to him [1]. Leave it to Frau to do such a thing while he repeatedly fails in submitting his own home assignments (And leave it to Bastien to come up with private study sessions in weekends for the unfortunate blonde).

Frau was in love…..

"Don't disappoint me," the gentle wind whispered past Frau. And the blonde smirked in reply, "Not a chance."




"We'll find him," Mikage assured his cousin. "I'm sure 'Frau-senpai' would be able to find him!"

"Listen Mikage," Hakuren sighed, "I trust you. But if the situation goes outta hand call me, 'kay?"

"You got that bro," and Mikage hung up. "I didn't see this coming," he said, rubbing his temple.

After hurriedly stuffing an extra large Yakisoba into his mouth and gulping a whole bottle of coke, Mikage hurried to his hiding spot only to find the captain yelling out his best friend's name as his eyes frantically searched the crowd. The gift box lay on the ground alongside the overturned chair and the green eyed brunette was nowhere in sight. Well, it didn't take a genius to figure out the rest. And after confirming the truth from Frau's mouth himself as he argued with Castor, Mikage was torn between helping Frau and letting the blonde face the test alone.

I'll just look for him secretly. Frau-senpai or no Frau-senpai, I just can't let Teito wander around in a totally unknown place!

With these thoughts in head and a worrying heart, Mikage set out into the crowd of oblivious men and women.

Anxious emeralds scanned the surroundings, taking into every detail of the landmarks he crossed, hoping to find the familiar rendezvous restaurant or at least the exit of the park as the brunette walked past a little cafe. He sighed as he fished into his jeans pocket to grasp nothing and let out an incoherent curse. Why of all times did he have to forget his phone at home now? The probable cause of this carelessness might be a certain blonde pervert who must be hunting him down like a hungry lion at the moment. Teito sighed yet again.Frau must be worried.

But why should he? I mean, it's not like he really…how can it be? It doesn't even make sense!

Unconsciously his feet stopped just in front of a tiny park that had probably been built there to act as a rest house. Despite the loud chaotic noises in the background, the place looked relatively peaceful. Flowered sakuras sheltered the place from the vigor of the afternoon sun and rained a downpour of blushing petals all over the park. A stoned pathway lead to the park that branched around the sandstone fountain, positioned in the center of the park. The water sprout girggled and drip dropped into the bowl, covering up the still silence of the place.

With no one in sight, the tempting thought of sitting by the fountain suddenly overpowered the pondering teen. Stealthy making his way into the pink covered park, he sat on the edge and peered into the shimmering water. The incessant sparkle reminded him of a familiar object and his hand fished into the pocket to pull out a silver bracelet.

A single glance at the said article and as if on cue, all his thoughts concerning a stupid blonde broke loose, as if they were dying to be let out for some time now.

But whoever is sensible in this world?

"God, how did I even meet that guy?" he muttered, even though he was well aware of the answer.

The sun was really bright that day and it was becoming unbearably hot with every passing hour since the afternoon. Teito Klein checked his watch as he scurried out of the library, it was half past 2. Great, he had missed the cleanup thing again for the seemingly 5th time and Mikage would certainly give him an earful (while the blonde himself was a sucker at cleaning their shared rent house). He was just about to jump the last two flights of stairs when a muffled groan around the corner caught his attention, making him tip-toe into the direction the sound was coming from. And immediately stopped in his tracks to find the 'little-injured-dog' he was expecting (maybe it was because of that movie with a white pup having a lightning shaped birthmark, that Mikage forced him to watch) to be a human. A rather giant of a human, with glistening blonde hair that stood up at odd angles. He was lying against the wall, eyes shut, and covered in sweat and groaning in pain. Well, in short, he was in terrible pain. Seeing nobody in sight, the brunette advanced the other teen and knelt before him.

"Are you alright?" The blonde only flinched in reply.

Teito's hand immediately shot up to the blonde's temple. It was wet with sweat and felt as if coated with molten fire. The guy was seriously sick.

"H-hey," he gently shook the blonde's shoulders only to have him collapse over himself.

The next thing he knew, Teito was carrying the sick teen to the infirmary. Or trying his best to do so. The blonde was too tall and this caused him to knock into the walls almost twice, trip over the stairs and collapse under the weight. So, by the time he finally reached the door of the infirmary, the brunette was panting hard and covered with a few bruises of his own.

Heaving a sigh he plopped the dead mass on an empty bed and waited. And waited….

"The nurse isn't coming, is she?" Teito sighed. He had waited for almost twenty minutes and could afford no more; the blonde teen seriously needed some attention.

The brunette got up from his seat and went to fill a basin with water when he felt a weak grasp around his wrist.


For the first time, Teito took in the familiarity of the face as the hazy cerulean orbs peered through half open lids and the simple word slipped through his quivering lips. I have seen him somewhere before!

"….Reira." And the blonde again drifted back to sleep.

Teito stood motionless for a moment, trying to comprehend the words of the sleeping teen.


Teito was unsure if he heard it right but after a second thought, he decided to drop the topic. Only the kami can ever understand what a sleeping man uttered. And he was a mere mortal, who apparently had more important matters to tend, like the sick blonde in front of him.

He quickly arranged for the cold water and placed a damp cloth over the blonde's head. Having done that he set forth for the retrieval of the thermometer and found the said object in one of the cabinets. He was about to place it in his mouth when the blonde stirred again and groggily sat up, holding his head.

"Y-you should lie down," Teito said, gently pushing the blonde down to bed.

"How did I end up here?"

"You collapsed in front of the library so, I brought you here."

The blonde shot him a surprised look before a small smile crept to his lips. "Thank you."

"Ah, by the way, what's your name, kiddo?"

Now it was Teito's turn to be surprised. He fiddled with the thermometer in his hand, his head bowed low. "T-Teito, Teito Klein."

"Frau Verius."

An invisible hammer struck Teito. Realization can be pretty hard at times. Of course he seemed familiar. He's the basketball team's captain after-all!

"I'll take that silence as you knowing who I am," the blonde smirked but his hurting head quickly reminded him that he was in no position to tease.

The brunette nodded and put the meter into the blonde's mouth. "Yeah, I've heard quite a bit about you."

Frau pouted. " Way weat?"

"Stop talking, will ya? You're probably the first sick man I've ever seen who talks so much, after Mikage of course," Teito sighed.

Frau grinned, even if slightly and pulled the measuring instrument out of his mouth. "So, when is the nurse going to come? I think you have works of your own."

"I think I can stay till she comes," Teito said as he sat down beside the blonde and peered into the meter. "She should be here soon, why don't you rest till then?"

"Oh, wait, I've something else I want to say," Teito interrupted before Frau could close his eyes.


"Y-you were sleeptalking about some Reira."

Immediately the blonde's mouth set into a thin line as he stared at the ceiling with hard eyes.

"I used to love her." Teito's eyes widened at the statement.


"Who am I kidding? I still love her," a humorless chuckle filled the room.

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