My First Date

We're drifting apart…

Even the air stilled….

Teito let out the breath he'd been holding unconsciously as his eyes lit on the gloomy sapphire orbs that stared into nothingness. Frau's features were bare, but those flickering blue eyes told of the painful conflict of feelings that he had forcefully tried to erase, which resulted in invisible, cold bruises on his heart. Even if he tamed himself to live with this, the lingering emptiness would always be there along with the memories of his first love.

"Will you mind sharing the story with me?" Teito's eyes depicted the same gentleness that his request carried.

"We knew each other since middle school. She was my neighbour back in Hokkaido," Frau began without a hint of surprise or discomfort. The desperate urge to finally let out those choking feelings in his heart and his weakened mental state due to fever had eaten a hole into his composed nature.

Teito nodded to let the blonde know that he was listening even though Frau had turned his face towards the window.

"She would always assure me that everything will be alright, that I should give my all. Just having her beside me always filled me with warmth and a tinge of serene happiness. She was my light…I could have done anything for her."

"But then we had to shift here. I still remember the sad smile on her face when she hugged me goodbye," Frau's face broke into a small smile.

"That was the last time I saw her…. She never wrote me any letters nor did she ever call me. My calls were just answered with prolonged ringing but nobody picked up. I even tried to visit my old place, a few months after settling down here to see her but her house was locked. The neighbours said that they'd already left the town," his voice wasn't laced with anger or aggression of any sort, just plain sadness. He had long learnt there was no hope. "Was my love meant to be abandoned like this?"

Once again silence adorned the room, save for the slightly accelerated breathing of the sick teen.

"If," Teito coughed into his fist, gaining the blonde's attention. "If you loved her deeply, then believe in her decision," the emerald eyed brunette smiled at him before averting his eyes to the window.

"She left you, but that doesn't mean she never loved you. And if she did so honestly, then it was certainly due to some reason that she had to go away. Your job here is not to question her decision but to respect it. She must have certainly done that after thinking about you."

"I know it's hard to forget someone you loved but whoever is asking you to anyways? She's a part of your precious memories. Let it stay that way," unconsciously his thin hand glided over Frau's pale hand as emeralds peered into surprised azures. Surprisingly, the blonde's temperature was subsiding.

Frau continued to stare open-mouthed at the hovering emerald eyes before turning his face away. "Man, I'm finally getting lectured by a kid. If dad were here he'd have certainly laughed at me," he let out a half-hearted chuckle.

Teito rolled his eyes. "Yeah, like you're a seventy year old senior citizen."

Just then their eyes fell on their interlinked hands.

"S-sorry," Teito immediately retracted his hand with slightly dusted cheeks.

"I-it's fine," even Frau's cheeks were tinted pink but Teito quickly dismissed the thought. The guy had fever! What could he expect?

"Good afternoon! How may I help you?"

The duo turned towards the general direction of the nurse, who stood by the doorway, a clip-board in hand and smiling pleasantly.

"Marie-san?" Teito immediately stood up from his seat.

"What good timing you have, Nurse-san," Frau groaned.

"Huh?" she casted them a puzzled expression before a smirk graced her rosy lips. "Oh, I see. Sorry, did I interrupt you?"

"Eh? Ah, NO!" Both the teens exclaimed, albeit Frau a little quietly.

"We're just discussing…discussing, yes, why the human body has thr-I mean two eyes. T-that was it," Teito replied, waving his hands frantically, as if to emphasize his point.

The nurse obviously giggled, whereas Frau whispered a, "Dude, you suck at lying."

Teito just stuck out his tongue at Frau and headed for the door, before turning the knob he said, "You know, actually you're the worst liar I've ever seen."

He flashed the blonde a gentle smile before disappearing through the doorway. "Just get well soon, baka."

Frau turned his face away, a little smile adorning his facial features.




He had been walking to the library as usual when Teito stopped abruptly before the gym; eyes fixed on a familiar certain someone. With sparkling golden wet tresses bouncing up and down and clear sapphire eyes trained on the basket, Frau dribbled the ball across the court. The bright orange ball shot forward, passing flawlessly through the ring and then bouncing back to the thrower. The blond turned back to aim another shot when he spotted a certain emerald eyed brunette staring at him from the entrance. With his lips stretching into a big grin, he motioned for the boy to come over.

"I didn't know you're into basket ball kid. I mean you have to be a bit tall to actually reach to the bask- GYAA!" and a History text-book suddenly thought it was the best time to kiss Frau's face, really hard.

"I'm not short." Teito stomped towards the blonde and hastily grabbed the book from the floor.

"If you stay this bratty, it won't be long before you grow short like that Pinocchio thing. Man, my face hurts."

"FRAU! You stupid delinquent, where the hell are you hiding?!"

Both the teens turned to the loud voice thundering down the corridor. Teito could only catch a glimpse of the nervous blonde before a large hand clamped over his mouth and he was dragged into a cramped locker.

It was dark and oddly warm but the most aggravating fact was THAT DAMN LOCKER was totally congested; they were literally standing on each other's toes…before he realized he was already pressed close to the blonde's broad chest. Teito's cheeks burned and if it weren't for the strong arm circling his waist and the other holding his mouth hostage he'd have probably given Frau a black eye accompanied with some not-so-nice-cursing for pulling such a stunt.

"Shushhh," he whispered into his captive's ears. "I won't let four eyes drag me to do all those boring paper-work so, sit still brat."

"Mphrmp." The warmth of the tiny droplets of water seeped through the blonde's hoodie and into Teito's skin carrying with them the pleasant scent of roses and mountains that caused the teen to calm down a bit albeit the situation he was in.

Frau strained his ears to listen for any footsteps heading their way. But after a few minutes on hearing none he decided to let go of the brunette.

"What the hell were you doing?" Teito whispered harshly.

The taller teen pushed the door open and stood up before pulling the brunette out of his temporary prison. "Sorry."

"B-baka!" Teito just stomped toward the exit, more than anything he needed to stop his erratic breathing first and that needed him to make a quick exit, he could manage the frivolous scolding later.

"W-wait brat, Teito," Frau jogged to his side before stuttering, "T-thanks f-for the last time."

Teito instantly stopped in his tracks and threw a confused look at the blonde. "Didn't you thank me earlier?"

"N-no, it's about the other thing. It's weird how comfortable we feel in venting out in front of strangers," he sighed. "But it makes me kinda light hearted after talking it out with you. I guess I feel better now."

Teito had given him the brightest smile on this.


"Huh?" Teito sat up slowly, rubbing his eyes. He had dozed off?

"Nii-chan!" Surprised emeralds landed on large ambers and then lowered to reveal the tiny physique of a child who was clutching his shirt.

"Sorry, but do I happen to know you?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm Capella," he said extending his other hand, a cheerful smile adoring his face.

"I'm Teito."

"Teito-nii you shouldn't sleep here, what if you fall into the water?" Capella chided him as a mother would do to her naughty little kid.

"Ah, gomen. I just-," the brunette's eyes widened in realization causing him to trail off and take in the possibilities as he scanned the blonde from head to toe. "Capella, do you happen to know of the way to reach Restaurant Daisy Bluebells?"

Capella shook his head, causing the light to disappear from Teito's hopeful eyes. "But my Grandpa must know. He owns a café, the Strawberry shortcake. I love to help him in making cookies. Do you like pistachio cookies niican?" he looked expectantly at the older boy.

Despite his condition, Teito couldn't help but be amused at Capella's childlike overfriendliness. He had rarely seen children who weren't shy towards strangers. His lips widened into a smile as he clutched the little one's hand. "I don't mind having Capella chan make them for me."

"Hontoni?! [1]Come nii-chan, let's wait for grandpa at the exit, then we'll walk to the café together!" he said cheerfully as he sprinted forward, pulling Teito along.

"W-where the hell are you brat? Do you want to leave me too?" Frau messed up his already tangled locks in frustration.

He had been searching for an hour and half now, with no sign of the petite brunette whatsoever. Every ticking second felt like a blow to chest and the knot in his stomach just tightened every time he met a dead end. "After all those crappy pep talks you gave me…if you don't turn up soon, I swear I'll…"

"Cry like a five year old," finished a much ancient voice.

Frau glared at his companion as they walked along the almost deserted road. "I don't need to hear that from an old fart like you."

"Mind your language young man. I've spent my younger days fighting off enemies at the frontiers. It certainly won't even take a minute to snap your neck and few kicks should put you out for good," the old man retaliated with an honest threat as he calmly outpaced the blonde, who was looking totally out of breath and weary to the point of collapsing. "My, young men nowadays…," he sighed before turning to face Frau. "How can you lose a grown up boy like him?" He was still unsure how such a mishap can happen.

Frau just remained silent, his head bowed low. It was his fault! He shouldn't have left Teito alone.

"Now don't behave like a damsel in distress, boy. We're going to find him."

Frau blinked at the old man as he turned back and resumed walking. Despite still retaining the same coldness, the slight softness in his cracked voice was unmistakeable. Frau was too surprised at that to notice that the old man had just insulted him again.

"I'm not wallowing!" O.K. Frau's brain did work a bit slow at times… "Shut up and hurry up with notifying the guards. I haven't got the whole day."

"Says the person whose pace will even put a snail to shame."

Frau sure did pop a vein twice that day.

"Mind your own business kusojiji![2]"

Of course Jio ignored the remark. Furrowing his eyebrows he rubbed his finger under the chin, mind analysing the many reasons about why the blonde was so desperate. Even the mothers who have lost their kids had a greater deposition of patience in them. Who was that kid anyway?

Teito gulped as he took a step backward, his back hitting the solid brick wall. With his arms held protectively around the little blonde, Teito glanced at the little gang of crooks who have ambushed them. Each had a hockey stick or baseball bat, swaying in a dangerous way. Never had he thought that simple sports equipment such as those could be so deadly. But of course if they were in the hands of empty headed jerks such a notion did not seem far-fetched anymore.

"There, there little mouse. I've come to set things straight between us," the pickpocket wearing the green beanie grinned menacingly as he stepped closer to the boys.

Teito just glared at the man upon realization and clenched his teeth in retaliation.

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