My First Date

The silver cross of protection

Sun was hovering just above the horizon, bathing the flowering blossoms in a rich vermilion light. The cherry blossoms swayed, glowing in a heavenly light and casting eerie shadows on the visages of the wolf pack.

"Backing away won't help you kid," the beanie guy smirked as he lifted the brunette's chin and leaned closer. "Such pretty eyes, a lovely shade of green they are. A pretty face too, I wonder how much you'll cost."

Teito slapped his hand away, face contorted with disgust. "Don't think about doing anything funny or-"

"Or what? You'll get us massacred, pussy cat?" the fiend taunted.

"Nii-chan," Capella whispered, his hold on Teito's shirt tightening.

"If you even lay a finger on Capella, I'll kill you," Teito hissed through gritted teeth, his hands clenching into fists and the furious emeralds narrowing dangerously.

"Oho, being overprotective, aren't we? Worry more about yourself," a burly guy grinned taking his side beside their leader.

Teito eyed them carefully, even though he was hailed as an excellent fighter, one against 13 wasn't going to do any good. It wasn't even fair to begin with and with Capella around, this wasn't going to be easy.

Frau…till you come, I'll protect Capella-chan…

Closing his eyes, he head butted the leader in the gut trying to force his way out of the impenetrable circle of rogues. The instant he tried this move, six brawny hands grabbed him and roughly pushed him against the wall. He clenched his jaws the moment a punch connected to his abdomen and doubled over with pain, tear clouding his vision.

"That was a bad move kid," the beanie guy/ leader said coldly as he managed a punch on Teito's face. "Guess you don't love that pretty face of yours."

A kick cut through his bleary vision and the brunette barely managed to avoid the attack. Though he couldn't avoid it completely, he still positioned himself before the little blonde as pain flared through his chest. Focus Teito…he reminded himself as he steeled himself and rushed forward putting all his strength into that one blow which eventually connected with the leader's lower jaw. The man winced and staggered back. Taking advantage of the man's slightly surprised condition Teito aimed a kick at his knees. With a soft creaking sound his legs gave way and the beanie guy crumpled to the ground.

"Damn kid, what're you fools waiting for?!"

Teito was shoved down with a hockey stick rammed to his chest. Several kicks followed, Teito just clenched his teeth and took each blow without so much as uttering a word, his fist tightening around the silver bracelet inside his pocket.

"Teito nii-chan!" Capella cried and threw himself over the brunette.

"C-Cap…ella, it's gonna be all right. Frau will come. I'm sure that moron will sniff his way in here." He hugged the boy tightly, shielding him from all the blows.

"Frau nii-chan! Please save us!" Capella cried, his tears falling profusely. He had no idea who the person was but seeing his respectful nii-chan's unbreakable faith in him, the word automatically forced itself out.

Jio immediately stopped in his track. "That was my grandson's voice," he turned to look at a similarly startled blonde.

"And he was calling my name," Frau finished slowly, his brows already frowning.

Without exchanging anymore words they set off towards the park they were heading to. Frau noted that despite his age, Jio was actually quite fit for an old man. Or maybe he had already spent the better part of his energy in worthless scouting. He would happily go for the later, otherwise that would mean he's been beaten by an old fart. So not gonna happen.

"Teito…" his brain freezed upon recognizing a familiar mop of chocolate-brown hair crumpled against the wall through the blizzard of cheery-blossom. Electric blues widened in shock as they took in the condition of the brunette, then flared with rage.

Teito was barely managing to keep himself from fainting. Apparently his brain had gone numb from all the pain and chose to shut down instead. Capella's whimpering was becoming fainter and fainter in his ears but his arms around the blonde were still intact.

"Still not giving up?" another redhead sneered as he raised the baseball bat over Teito's head.

Teito's eyes were brimming with unshed tears; he was definitely not going to cry in front of these jerks, even though nothing came out from his mouth. His hands just tightened around the blonde as he waited for the final blow to be delivered.

Gomen Frau…

"Don't you dare fall asleep here!"

The bracelet slipped to the ground with a soft clinck.

"Frau?!" Teito blinked at the tall blonde who was holding his attacker hostage. With a vigorous tug at the neck he forced the man to his knees; a strong chop at the back of his head and the man was lying limp in Frau's arms. "It's not really fair to have all the fun alone, brat," said Frau. Though he meant to sound cool, the frown on his was anything but cool.

Jio on the other hand had successfully disposed off three of the ruffians and had another in a choke hold. In a matter of minutes the husky blonde subdued the rest. With the way they were exhibiting their strength they made the whole thing about 'two against twelve' seem like a disadvantage for the ruffians instead. After hurriedly leaving the cleaning work to Jio who was already calling the guards, Frau immediately rushed to Teito's side.

"Teito, hang in there Teito!"

Teito flashed him a small smile, "You talk as if I've been run over by a truck."

"Haven't you? You look worse than that. Now your overprotective friends are gonna kill me for letting this happen t-"

"W-where is Capella?!" he asked with a panicky look crossing his features.

Frau sighed and pointed behind him. Teito peered over the broad shoulders to find Jio and Capella in a teary embrace. In the meantime Frau wrapped a hand around Teito's back so that the brunette was leaning on his chest, his chin resting on the blonde's shoulder.

"Who's that?"

"Capella's grandpa I presume. I accidently ran into him while searching for you and spilled his steaming coffee on his apron. He decided to lend a hand in the search seeing my 'damsel in distress', as he puts it, mood," Frau finished with an annoyed look directed towards Jio. "He pisses me off, that damn geezer."

"Arigato, Frau," Teito murmured into his jacket.

"After all this, you're thanking me?" Frau asked him incredulously. "Seriously brat, I almost lost you."

"I knew you'd come."

Frau's arm tightened around the petite brunette as a sigh escaped through his pale lips. "You know, a quiet Teito's actually cuter."

"I get it now."

The duo turned to look up at Jio who was hovering over them with an all-smiles Capella in arms. "He's your lover, isn't he?"

Colour instantly flared through both teen's cheeks. "It's not as you think it is old man! Why don't you just go and mind your goddamn own business!"

"We're on a date," Teito gave the elderly man a sheepish grin while struggling to keep his eyes open. Surprise, surprise, Frau blinked like an idiot. He should thank his lucky stars that Teito couldn't see his expression, because he was sure his blush was becoming prominent more by then.

"No wonder Frau was worried sick," Jio smiled. "Such a kind young man. Thank you for saving my grandson."

Darkness poured in from every side and it was the last thing Teito saw before everything went blank.

Teito woke up to the sound of wind howling past his ears and the soft purring of engine. It took a sec for him to register that he was on a bike. Warmth radiated all around him causing him to look around frantically.

"Calm down, brat. Nobody's kidnapping you."

Teito looked up to the blazing azures through tinted glass that he'd long learned to admire. Now that the dizziness had slipped away, he was painfully aware of the loss of personal space between them, and as if on cue his heart thumped in an erratic rhythm as a newfound blush took over his cute features. Frau had him leaning on his broad chest; his strong hands resting on the handle dual functioned as support as well as protection against the chilly winds. Emeralds widened in surprise on taking into account the blonde's lack of a certain article, which by the way rested on his shoulders; Frau's jacket was securely wrapped around him. The article stood in the way of the winds just as its owner stood in the pathway of the harm that ever headed in the brunette's way. At the seemingly emotional thought something pricked his eyes and Teito quickly averted his teary eyes to the dark road lighted by the bike's headlight to avoid the kind gaze.

"B-baka, you'll get a cold," he chided through a chocked throat.

Frau chuckled, apparently not aware of his date's predicament. He lowered his helmeted head to Teito's ear and whispered gently, "You are keeping me warm just fine."

"I fainted, didn't I?" Teito vigorously rubbed at his eyes with the back of his sleeve when tiny droplets of tears fell on the fuel tank.

"Yeah, out cold for an hour and half I guess. You know the docs were completely shocked on seeing the amount of injuries you sustained. You didn't even break a bone and just got some cuts and bruises. Not that those are not severe but you came out pretty fine for someone in that situation."

"That's because you made it in time," came the quiet reply as the brunette examined the various bandages lining almost his entire body.

"I'm sorry. I should have reached earlier," Frau's voice was strained with self-loathing.

Tears freely cascaded down Teito's cheeks as he barely managed to keep his choked sobs at bay. "You're such an idiot! It was not your fault."

"I'm sor-Wait, are you crying, brat?"

"I'm not! I-it's just, why do you care about me so much?"

"Isn't it obvious already?" Frau couldn't help thinking about his poor condition for falling in love with the world's most oblivious person. He was so screwed.

"What about Reira? You still love her, don't you?"

"I…I won't lie to you Teito," Frau sighed. "Nobody can take her place but…you are you and I love you."

New tears overflowed his eyes as a blush crept to the brunette's cheeks.

"Were you just worried about that?" Frau chuckled. "Don't worry; I can always two-time a hot chic if I feel unsatisfied."

"You perverted moron!" An elbow rammed the blonde's abdomen nearly leading to a whole lose-balance-hit-a-tree fiasco.

"What was that for damn brat? You wanna commit suicide?!"

"You're just horrible at driving that's all," Teito sniffed letting a small grin take over his lips.

"You are such a damn brat!"

"And you're a super moronic eccentric heinous pervert."

Frau just narrowed his eyes as he racked up his brain for suitable offensive adjectives. However, much to his personal amusement he settled with a, "Cute damned angel," and grinned as Teito's cheeks adorned themselves in a royal red colour.

"Well we're here," Frau announced, stopping the bike in front of the teen's residence.

Teito gingerly climbed out of the bike and slipped through the open gate, slightly aware of the hesitant steps tailing him into the courtyard.

The air was crisp and a sweet smell of flowers wafted through the coldness of the moonlit night. Light from the streetlamp filtered through the trees and dimly lighted the front lawn in its silver light. Everything was still except for the steps crunching the mass of dried leaves and grass.


"Hmm…" Teito hummed and they fell into a comforting silence for a peaceful minute when thud-

With a sudden jerk Frau had the brunette pinned to the plum-tree, his face hovering dangerously close to the little nose and burning cheeks. Teito stared at his assaulter with wide emeralds, his lips trembling as words decided to die down in his throat. The blonde's face looked even paler in the silvery light of the moon, his icicle pools of eyes shimmering with what looked like sorrow mixed plea.

"I...if you…Mi-the condition and I…," Frau sighed, realizing he wasn't getting anywhere with nonsensical stammering.

"You w-want to say s-something?" Teito stuttered over the loud thumping of his little heart.

Frau stared at the petite brunette tucked between him. Teito's form peeking through the blonde's huge jacket that completely enveloped him was so tiny and all red, and staring at him with somewhat panicking wide emeralds, he looked so…vulnerable.

He leaned a bit more and settled his chin on the brunette's bare neck with a last sigh. "I want you so badly." His icy breath slapping the tanned skin caused a shiver down the brunette's spine.

"But-" the older teen pulled the brunette into a hug, his arms tight around the fragile body. "I couldn't even protect you." Teito blinked.

"Do I even deserve to be near you?" he whispered into the matted hair of his beloved, and then all of a sudden he released the boy and grinned sheepishly. "Sorry about that, night brat," and turned back to head for the gate as if nothing happened.

Teito stared at him confused before running off to the blonde and tugging at his arm.

"Huh?" Frau raised an eyebrow.

"Y-your jacket."

"Oh, yeah right," he swivelled around to face the brunette who still held onto his clothed arm.

Teito immediately stripped down the jacket and handed it to the blonde.

"Yes?" Frau asked, noticing his date had still not removed his hold on his arm.

Teito looked up at the blazing azures peering down at him. They sparkled like the twinkling stars above in the dark blanket of night; the heavenly torches.

Before anyone could react, Teito was already on his tip toes, his lips settled on the porcelain skin of Frau's lean cheek. The moment he was hit with the meaning of his action, Teito immediately recoiled and sprinted towards the porch, throwing back an original good night. The blonde stood statue still as the front door slammed shut, his hand then slowly traced the side of his face, taking in the lingering warmth of the brunette's soft lips.

Teito was leaning against the door, the bracelet clutched tightly to his chest and his heart thumping against the ribcage so hard that he felt like having a cardiac arrest. He had honestly never expected his yearning to actually take action against the logic of his sound brain. He still couldn't believe he actually did that!

Broad steps then found themselves walking across the pavement; the streetlamp far at the corner reflected a triumphant smirk on the face of the rangy blonde as the bike sped down the street.

The little peekings at the gym and the long detours to the library do end up in chaste kisses and mediocre heart-attacks. A real life fact.

The End


"Mikage, what were you doing with my car?!" Hakuren sent a death glare in Mikage's way upon inspecting the various dents and scratches on his blue mustang and barely controlling his anger.

"Haku-Hakuren, I'm sorry," Mikage gulped as he took a step back and away from his cousin's menacing steps and dark aura, to the front door. Life never seemed so dear to him.

"MIKAGE CELESTINE!" People scooted away as the house screamed and swayed dangerously.

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