My First Date

Bonus : Hearts

Teito sighed at the sudden silence that greeted him upon descending downstairs. The morning had been pretty weird. The cousins were being more annoying than their usual share. Hakuren was all smiles when he almost bounded out of the house with plundered loot and Mikage was staring all the while with tears cascading down his cheeks, mopping the floor with sagged shoulders. It reminded him of the time when the amber eyed blonde had got Hakuren's laptop to malfunction…well the aftermath wasn't a pleasant scene.

"Hmm…Mikage has already left for the shop," Teito pondered over the little note that his blonde chum had left on the table.

A small smile stretched his lips as a thought dawned on him. He was alone; silence was quite rare in the house, what with his hyperactive best friends so, he took it upon himself to appreciate every bit of this rare blissful moment…only to sigh when a knock sounded on the door. So much for peace.

"Yes?" Teito literally froze on his spot when his emeralds lit on the familiar shock of blonde hair and stunning azure orbs.

"F-Frau!" he blurted out, his eyes wide with surprise.

"Yo, brat," the tall blonde smirked, pleased to have inflicted such a loving dazed look on the boy. "I know I'm sinfully handsome, now, may I come in? After that you can stare at me to your heart's content."

The remark immediately had the brunette snap back to reality, his face flushed with anger. Stepping inside he smacked the door close in the blonde's face. "Get out!"

He heard Frau snicker on the other side as he leaned against the stubborn door. "I never got in, you know."

"Were you always this annoying or am I your first victim?"

"Nah, you're not a special case, Klein. I can have glasses testify it to you anytime. But you're certainly my favourite guinea pig." Teito could almost hear that aggravating smirk.

"What do you want?"

"A simple kiss will suffice this mere servant's appetite."

Teito's cheeks burned at the blatant request. He almost wrenched the door out of its frame with the force he opened it, glaring at the blue-eyed one with flushed cheeks. "Don't you have anything better to do than harassing me, pervert?"

Frau, who had miraculously saved himself from falling atop the fuming brunette, just smiled softly making Teito blink in bewilderment. "I see, you are fine," he ran a pale hand on the bandage adorning Teito's flushed cheek. "And I thought you'd have to be bedridden." The sincerity in those eyes made his heart flutter, tainting Teito's face in a deeper hue of crimson.

Quickly looking away, he let out a nervous chuckle, "It's just some bruises."

"Green suits you," Frau commented casually, referring to Teito's turtleneck. Some change of subject it was, he sighed inwardly.

As if suddenly aware of the clothes he was wearing, Teito looked up at the blonde. Frau was as usual clad in black pants and a black jacket over his grey shirt. Teito thought he really did give an air of a vampire with all the black he wore, but that was a lovely contrast, midnight black against the porcelain white skin of the blonde and the lovely scent of bloody roses. He looked stunning was the biggest understatement of the year, really.

"T-thank you," Teito stuttered. "Black suits you too but I think I like blue better." Crap, he slipped.

Frau shot him an amused glance. "I-I mean t-that suits your e-eyes." Teito mentally kicked himself. Go on Teito, stutter like a high school girl in love. Out of embarrassment his head was already bowed low and Frau's soft chuckle didn't help either.

"You're the first person beside my mom who said that to me. I bet most girls would die to see me shirtless instead."

Actually it was true, it was more than impossible to not notice a body carved as godly as Frau's. His shirt contoured the perfectly lean stomach and abs that seemed to be carved out from pure untarnished marble; it was only obvious people would want to… more blood rushed to his head.


Frau smirked. The kid always looked so adorable when he blushed. "I don't like to be naked but for you anytime." Frau ever so slowly leaned closer.

"You perverted moron!" He easily caught the half-hearted punch thrown at him, when a streak of silver caught his eyes. The little silver cross was dangling out from Teito's long sleeve. Frau's eyes softened on recognizing the article.

"You wore it?"

"I-I…," sighing, Teito nodded.

Frau smiled, kneeling in front of the brunette in one knee, all the while holding his bracelet clad hand softly. Teito's heart almost pounded out of his ribs when Frau's lips softly grazed his knuckles. "Arigato."


Pulling the boy down into an embrace, he whispered, "Do you hear it?"

The loud thumping of the blonde's heart met his ears as Teito listened curiously. He nodded once again.

"You keep it beating," Frau smiled.

Ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump…..

They beat erratically, making the most beautiful melody of the universe.

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