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Y/N that breaks up with her lover but suddenly bumps into a person that she dosent know will change her life.

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Chapter 1 Hello!

Author POV:

She was running down the sidewalk crying her eyes out. She tried all her best not to recall what she just saw. He loved him very much but all he did was break her heart.

Y/N's POV:

I saw him, SAW HIM WITH HER! I knew they were hiding sonething. But i trusted them that there was no problem . What did I do wrong to deserve this-




I'm so s-sorry s-sir, I-I didn't mean too. Umm let me help you


No need i'm fine


No sir i'm very sorry, i didn't look at my way


??? POV: Her eyes are very red and puffy, Must've been a bad day walking here and bumped me.


Yoongi, Min Yoongi but i prefer being called Suga


I-I i'm Y/N, Kim Y/N

Suga :

What a beatiful name for a beautiful lady


thank you


If you don't mind me asking, Why are you crying?


Well it's a long story......


If it's to personal no need to tell sorry for asking.


No no it's okay, it's just..... i'm not ready to tell anyone.....


Wanna continue this chat at a nearby cafe?


Sure why not

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