Broken Girl || Jhope ff


a life full of hurt.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:



white roses have shadows too. with a modern fairytale that has no happy ending. but the words touch its heart where other flowers cannot reach.

and that's what Charlie felt. the flowers cannot reach her heart. like the love is difficult to make its way without a simple hurt. and that's what she kept getting into, just a whole lot of lies and pain. to her fragile and delicate flower that's losing its petals.

many problems that left her lost. caused her to become the person who she became.



Jeon Hoseok

- Charlie's ex

- 18years old

- Jeon Jungkook's older brother

- Taken By Son Chaeyoung

- Friends With: Jackson, Mark, Jimin and Jin

- Is Mostly Known as the Playboy in school

Jeon Jungkook

- Jeon Hoseok's Younger Brother

- Single

- Friends With: Jimin, Yoongi, Jackson and Jin

-16years old

- Is Mostly Known as the Biggest Flirt in school

Kim Taehyung

- Charlie's Older Brother

- 17years old

- Single,( but is seeing someone.)

- Friends With: Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon

- Is Mostly Known as the Badboy in school

Park Jimin

- 18years old

- Taken By Son Chaeyeong

- Friends With: Jungkook, Taehyung, Hoseok and Charlie

- Is Mostly Known as the Cute Mochi in school

Min yoongi

-16years old

- Single

- Is Mostly Known as The coldest guy in school

-Friends With: Taehyung and Jungkook

Kim Seokjin

-18years old

- Complicated On Relation Status

- Is Mostly Known As the Handsome one in school

- Friends With: Jungkook, Hoseok and Namjoon

-is Charlie's second like brother

Kim Namjoon

-17years old

-Complicated on Relation Status

-Is Mostly known as the God of Destruction in School

-Friends With: Jin and Taehyung

Charlie Kim

- Now Whoever is reading this, take notes that you are playing this role, which is representing me.

you are 16 and a well gentle person but can be cold to whoever you chose to be.

you never liked the thought of being in love but high school changes all of that

you were raised with your childhood friend, Son Chaeyoung who unexpectedly left you stranded for no good reason. but you didn't care enough and moved on.

that's what Charlie is trying to do, move her past life to full fill a new one but young minds shouldn't promise. and that ended very badly,

Son Chaeyoung

- Jeon Hoseok's Girlfriend

- Is Mostly known as the Prettiest One in school

- 18years Old

- Charlie's Ex Childhood Friend

- Friends With: Irene, Dahyun and Yeri

Many other characters will come along in the story. so enjoy this journey of Indigo's mixed life of emotions, betrayal and hurt.

p.s, this story is a true story that happened to me. in which I turned it into a story where you'll all love and probably read all the time.

take notice the character Charlie is indicating as me while our boys are indicating as my friends that are placed as the same ages as everyone else was at the time this whole heartbreaking part of my life happened.

Also please note, the names are based on the character I'm using in this book since I can't use the real names of my friends for private purposes.

please leave your condolences and heart warming messages since I need it as I cried writing this.

again thank you. and take the journey ride through the horrible year that almost ended my life.

~Charlie Ryann.🌱

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