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Chapter 1 - Possessive

"No, Taehyung you're not wearing that."

"But why?", the other male says while cutely pouting. He knows his pouts work magic on his boyfriend but this time, things seemed to be different.

"Darling, you have so many clothes to choose from? Why must you wear that ragged piece of ...nevermind. Please refrain from wearing that."

"Ggukie it's been a whole year since you've been living with the humans and you still haven't caught on to the modern language have you?", the other giggles, "You still speak like an old man."

"I do not!", the ravenette replies.

"Yes, Ggukie you do, don't deny it."

"Fine, I do. But you still love me, do you not?", the other says, this time his voice falling an octave lower.

"Yes, I do. But for now, we gotta leave Ggukie! Jiminie has set up a party for us and we need to attend. So you go get ready too!"

"I will, my love, but before that promise me you won't wear that."

"I can't promise something I can't keep Ggukie, sorry.", the other replied before kissing his boyfriend's cheek and getting up to head towards his room to get dressed.

"You leave me no choice mon amour", the ravenette mutters to himself, as a slow but sly smirk makes its way on his face.


"I'm ready Ggukie! Where are you?", the petite male says while descending down the stairs into the drawing room.

He was wearing a black satin dress which was backless with only a few straps here and there keeping it all laced together. Yes, he knew no gender when it came to clothing and would not do even as much as give a damn if someone had to say anything negative about it.

Kim Taehyung looked gorgeous today and he was ready to steal the show.

"Gguk?", he called out one more time before he saw his boyfriend walking out of his room wearing - wait, what the fuck was he wearing?!

Jeongguk walked out of his room clad in a pair of tight ripped jeans which tightly clung on to his thigh muscles and gave a pretty delicious sight to the eyes. He was sporting a white formal shirt along with a black coat and it would have passed for a decent look if Taehyung didn't notice almost all the top buttons of his boyfriend's shirt unbuttoned, giving a clear view of his defined chest and leaving very less to the imagination.

It wasn't a new fact that Jeongguk was handsome. He had an unnatural beauty, with marble white skin and red lips. Dark orbs which were so dark that they looked like they had hell trapped in their depths.
And last but not the least, Jeongguk had his killer smirk on.

"I'm ready, darling let's go", the other said while slowly walking towards Taehyung.

"Um, wait", the silver haired beauty said.


"Button your shirt."

"Why, love? I saw the men of this age wearing their attires in such a manner. It is the new 'trend' as you humans like to call it", he replied, his voice laced with amusement at his pretty human's behaviour.

"Well, no. You button them up. You don't need unbottoned shirts to make you look all the more attractive. As it is, it's hard for people to not fa-... just button your shirt", the silver-haired male said while looking away.

"Hmm, and why is that mon amour?", the ravenette teased, not expecting what was to come.

"Do you want to know why?", his lover said in his baritone voice, his feline eyes now slightly squinted. Jeongguk, however, did not fail to notice the slight glint in them.

"It's because", the other continues while slowly circling his arms around the latter's neck and bringing his lips dangerously close to the other's ear, "I don't like others getting a view of what's for my and only my eyes to see", he whispered.

The vampire, who was now sporting a smirk, circled his arms around his lover's waist before before pulling back and bringing his lips dangerously close to the other's lips.

"I assume the feeling is mutual now", he whispers, so close that Taehyung could already feel their breaths mingling, a cold shiver running through his spine - an effect which the ravenette's voice always had on him.

And after a few minutes of staring into each other's eyes, with a look of want lacing both their expressions - they decided to end up ditching the party before they finally closed the distance separating them, sealing their lips with a wild, hot kiss (which soon leaded to much more but let's leave that to our imagination and give them some privacy.)


It was the next morning when Taehyung woke up, expression soft before his attention was drawn to the set of discarded clothes.

"Ggukie, you ruined my dress and I'm not even kidding. How the hell am I supposed to mend these straps now", he said while running his hands through his beloved red satin dress which had all it's fabric strings severed.

"Do not blame me, darling. If you'd like me to remind you, you were the one who ripped open all my-"

"STOP!", the other almost whisper screamed, his cheeks now a bright shade of pink.

"Well, well, darling. Do not be mad and come here so we could have ano-", the ravenette said but was cut off by a pillow thrown at his face by his beautiful, shy lover.

"I hate you", the silver haired beauty murmured.

"I love you too, mon amour", the ravenette winked while finally bringing his lover in his embrace and attacking him with kisses, an activity which would continue until and unless his lover's 'anger' dissipates.

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