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Cheater + jjk


I love you That's what he say to me last time Fuck that

Romance / Drama
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C1> Encounter

I walking around the new school that's i've been transfer to.

I'm Jung JaeYoon , 18.

Kinda pretty, i hope i can survive here.

I sigh as i heard my phone ringing, i look at the id caller.

Old friend of mine seem happy when i move out from that 'hell'. Fuck her.

As i walking to my new locker, i think student here already talk bad about me.

I hear one of them say that ' she's not that beautiful, she look like old granny'.

I don't wanna start a fight in my first day so i just ignore them.

A sudden scream make me flinch, I look at the way that they we screaming for.

They look so childish.

I start to put the things that i need later in the locker .

All of sudden, There's someone bump into me.

I look at the person, oh just a nerd..

"Im sorry, i didn't mean too" He apologize as i look at him without any emotion.


I continue put my stuff's in the locker.

"May i know?.. are you new here?" He asking me .


"Hi! My name is Kim TaeHyung! Nice to meet you..?" He introduced himself friendly to me

"Jung JaeYoon"

"Oh beautiful name, Can we be a friend..?" Taehyung asking me with a wide smile.

"Sure, i don't mind"

As i finnish organized locker. Taehyung lowered his head , i raise my eyebrow.


"Nothing.." His eyes lock into someone's, he look scared of him.

I look at the man who make Taehyung like this.

Our gaze meet. He look at me and then i move my gaze to Taehyung.

I look at Taehyung. He hide behind me and told me to accompany him to classes.

I just nod and walk to the classes.

In the classroom

Taehyung sit beside me, and we getting along well.
I find him cute, we become a friend shortly.

"JaeYoon, you not hate me?" He asking me while playing the pen.

I nod " why should i?.. i like everyone"

He smile and hug me.

I hug him back.

"Its fine, everything just fine" I said to him. He weird yet make me feel comfortable.

We lunch together , its all just fine until Taehyung start hiding behind me and trembling.

I got worried so i whisper to him and ask what you sudden act like this.

He shake his head.

The man that i've seen at locker hallways come to us.

"Jeon Jungkook" he said


Taehyung hold my hand tightly.

Everyone become quite and watching us.

"Im Jeon Jungkook, you?" He look at me .

"Jung JaeYoon" i said back.

"Can we meet after school" he smiled to me


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