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mafia ; k.th


"Give me a reason why I should keep you alive." He spoke, bitterness in his voice as he held the knife to my throat. "You'd have no one to torture anymore." I spat, my tone laced with poisonous hate. "That's very true baby girl." He smirked lowering the knife as he tucked a strand of loose hair behind my ear. ~ started ; 27th August 2020 finished ; - edited ; - ~ thank you for reading, I appreciate youโ™ก๏ธŽ

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"Y/n stop worrying, you're good! We'll be fine!" My friend Nora said as we approached the club entrance doors.

"I told my dad we were having a calm night in, he'll ground me if he finds out I lied because of how dangerous this is." I said as she held my wrist with her small hand.

"Y/n c'mon on! Stop worrying and live your life." She carried on, dragging me to where the security were.

"ID please ladies." He asked, looking down to us.

He stared too long at me as I fumbled with my purse trying to find my driver's license. He smirked as my cleavage poked out due to the skimpy dress Nora put me in. He turned to Nora, staring the same way. Before we managed to get our ID's out, he cleared his throat and opened the doors. Nora smiled at him and said a little thank you as we walked in. Once the doors shut she sighed.

"Creep, but at least we got in!" She said excitedly.

I smiled weakly as we walked to the bar, the barmaid looking at us and smiling. You could tell she was drained from a long shift, her smiled forced but still sincere. I smiled back to her as Nora started to order us drinks.

"Can we have two Mojitos please, with extra rum." Nora asked, smiling.

"Of course, coming right up." The barmaid who's name was Ashley, according to her name tag, replied.

We smiled at her and turned to look towards the nightclub dance floor. Lot's of people were here. Dancing, jumping, grinding and making out. I hope I don't get like that once I have some drinks. I watched as friends laughed and danced, men staring at them intensely making them uncomfortable. I felt sorry for them.

"Here you go ladies." Ashley said as she placed two cocktails in front of us.

"Thank you." Nora and I said, Nora handing her the money for them.

"Let's go to one of those tables." She said, pointing with her glass in hand to a table in the far corner.

I nodded and we walked over, taking a seat on the sticky chairs. I hope it's just alcohol. I shuddered at the feeling and placed my glass down on the wooden table. I looked around, the colourful lights illuminating the sweaty bodies recklessly staggering about on the dance floor. Nora took a sip of her cocktail and screwed her face up in shock.

"Fuck me, I think that lady put half the fucking bottle of rum in mine." She said, laughing a little as her body jolted at the alcoholic taste.

If someone who can drink vodka and sourz shots without flinching is saying that the drink is strong, I have no chance. She laughed and praised the barmaid as she took another sip, reacting less this time. I chuckled as I lifted my glass, sniffing the liquid and backing away from it instantly.

"Why did you order mine with extra too?" I asked since she knew it took me time to want stronger drinks.

"So you can get more drunk quicker, therefore you can let loose and have more fun. No one from the rival gang comes here." She said as I finally took a sip of my drink.

"How do you know that for sure Nora?" I asked, flinching even more than her from the painfully alcoholic taste.

"I don't...but just let loose. I doubt they'll do anything to you, they know how powerful your dad and his gang are." She said, placing her drink down.

"That's true. Fuck it, let's get drunk." I said, downing half my drink in one go.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Nora cheered as she copied my actions.

I smiled as we both cheered each other on. I pulled up the top of my dress as she licked the last drop of her beverage off her red lips. I swirled the remaining alcohol round the glass before throwing it down my throat. Nora instantly got up and grabbed the glasses.

"I wanna try a Blue Lagoon, what do you want?" She asked.

"Uhh, another Mojito please." I smiled. She nodded and walked towards the bar.

I looked around awkwardly, the music blasting through my ears. I took out my phone and saw a missed call from my dad and three texts.

Dad: Why are you not at Nora's?

Where are you y/n?

Answer your phone right now.

Shit. He must have sent for someone to check on Nora's apartment. He's so paranoid lately since a few weeks ago I got followed by a man from school. Turned out to be just some creepy guy not anyone from a rival gang but he's still very concerned. I sat there with my fingers hovering over the keyboard not knowing how to reply. I typed out a sorry message but deleted as it would just be useless.

"Here's your cocktail bitch." Nora said, setting it down in front of me.

She noticed my pale face and instantly lost her smile. She grabbed my phone and cursed under her breath. She handed me my phone back and bit her lip in thought.

"We could say we went to a shop for food." She suggested.

"At 1am?" I questioned.

"Okay maybe not." She sighed.

We sat there thinking of what to say, some sort of believable excuse.

"Y/n do you know what? Stand up to him. You're old enough to be independent! He needs to stop holding you back. Message him the truth and say you're enjoying yourself and you're not coming home when he tells you to anymore. You're a woman now, not a little girl. He can't protect you forever." She said, and it was the truth. I was now 20 for fucks sake.

Y/n: Dad I'm out clubbing with Nora. I'm not saying where as I want to have a good time without your little henchmen coming to force me out of here. I'm 20. Stop treating me as if I'm still 8. I love you but don't try and find me, I'll be back later.

I sent the message and let out a sigh. Nora smiled and gave me a quick hug in proudness as I've never really been able to stand up for myself.

All of a sudden our drinks got knocked all over us as two men collided with our table. One had very vibrant red hair and was a little shorter than the other man, who had icy blonde hair. They turned around once they heard us shriek since the drinks had poured all over us.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry." The one with red hair exclaimed, rushing to my side.

"Fuck I'm really sorry." Icy haired guy spoke as he approached Nora.

"Don't worry-" I started but Nora interrupted.

"What the fuck!? Those were so expensive!" She yelled, surprising the two guys.

"We're really sorry, we'll buy you new drinks." Red head said, instantly calming Nora down.

"Oh, well okay sure. Y/n stay here so we don't lose the table, it's getting really busy." She said and I nodded.

As she got up both guys followed her which made her stop.

"Aren't one of you going to stay with her? Make sure she stays safe?" She asked.

"I think we should both go up so we can pay for a drink each." Icy said.

"Well I'll stay here with her and I'll tell you what drinks we want." She said walking back towards her chair.

"We don't know the cocktails very well so we'll forget." Red head said.

"Write it in your notes on your phone?" She suggested.

"Our phone's are dead." They both said.

"Why would you come to a club with a dead phone- whatever I'm getting impatient. Y/n stay here and do not leave for anything! Unless it's the toilet. Stay safe, if we lose the table we can sit at the bar or something, I'm more concerned about your safety okay? And if you go to the toilet text me-"

"Okay Nora." I chuckled sweetly as she suddenly turned protective.

She smiled and kissed the top of my head lightly before leaving with the two guys. They gave off a very uneasy vibe for me. I wanted to call out to Nora but she had already disappeared into the crowd. I sat there, the conversation replaying in my head. They had an excuse for everything and their tones were weird. When you're the daughter of a mafia gang leader, you pick up the habits. You learn things that come in handy. My phone suddenly went off, obviously my dad.

Dad: Y/n I've already sent people to get you. One to each club in town. Don't you dare leave the club you are in. You're in so much trouble.

I threw my head back in disbelief and frustration, he never lets me have my space. It's honestly annoying. I don't care if he wants to protect me, sometimes I wish I get kidnapped to get away from him. He's probably going to lock me away forever now, and do everything possible to keep Nora away from me. I sighed and put my phone away, not bothering to reply to him.

I felt a presence in front of me so I looked up from my lap, a very handsome man in front of me. He had longish black hair, perfectly styled to suit his face, the sides slicked a little and little bits hanging across his forehead. His eyes were a beautiful brown colour, shining bright whenever the lights hit them. His skin a lovely tan colour and it looked so soft and smooth to touch. His lips were a perfect plumpness, a light mole on his bottom lip and his cheek. I was in awe as he looked at me with his gorgeous eyes.

"Miss Choi I'm here to collect you for your dad." He spoke.

I looked at him confused. He doesn't look familiar, at all. Hence why I was in such awe at the sight of this beautiful person.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Taehyung." He spoke, his voice deeper than the first time he spoke.

"My dad doesn't have anyone called Taehyung in his...group." I said.

"I'm new. I started this evening. You'd of known this if you were at home instead of here." He spoke.

I was still uneasy. I looked away from him and he sighed.

"Let's go Miss Choi, he's waiting for you." He said.

"No, I don't know who you are." I said.

"Well I've been sent by your dad-"

"But I don't know you. He always introduces his new men to me before sending them out to get me." I said.

"Like I said I started tonight and he's desperate to get you back." He said.

I bit my lip in uncertainty and prayed Nora made a quick return to shoo this guy away from me. He rolled his eyes and put his hand on the table leaning towards me, getting very close to my face.

"If you don't move, you're going to regret it. You're dad is not happy with you y/n." He said.

"F-fine but I need to tell Nora-"

"Nora is fine. Come on." He said forcefully.

I looked at him and slowly stood up, my dress sticking to the seat making me almost gag. Taehyung firmly held my wrist which my dad's men never do, they're trained to walk behind me to make sure I don't run. I felt uneasy again and tried to break from his grip but it was no use. He was leading me to the back, going through some black double doors out into a small ally way.

"Let me go! Please!" I said as I squirmed.

He suddenly grabbed my other wrist and pinned me to the brick wall of the club, the vibrations running through my body. One hand held my wrists as the other went around my throat. He looked pissed.

"I'm get really fucking annoyed with you. Shut the fuck up and do as your told or you'll regret it." He said, applying pressure to my neck.

"You're going to do everything I say if you ever want to see your precious dad alive again. Or maybe so he can see you alive again if you're not careful." He spoke, his face inches from mine.

A van suddenly raced towards us , Taehyung smirked as he brought me off the wall. I tried to scream but it was dulled from the male's large hand pressing on my airways. He felt as I wiggled and panicked, getting some kind of thrill out of this.

"Tape her mouth and get her in the van." Taehyung said, releasing me as a tall brown haired man approached me.

My eyes widened and I tried again to scream, but tape was thrown over my mouth before I could.

"Nice try sweetheart." He said, chuckling evilly afterwards.

He threw me over his shoulder and I tried everything to get away, banging on his muscular back. I furrowed my brows as he approached the back doors of the van. I took the opportunity to sink my nails into his back, making him yell out in pain and drop me. But before I could do anything I fell head first towards the concrete, everything going black as I made contact with it.

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