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Love is Love ( On Request Story)


Warning - Extreme sexual words . "I want this Manik !" Alya yells at her husband and lock the door behind her . Any idea what she wants ? Any guesses ? To know the answer , you have to read the book . Warning - Extremely sexual . Don't read if you're not 18 . Copyright © sammy_girl1998 .

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Love is Love -1

This is my fifth reader's requested book !

If you want me to write about your favourite scenario and roles then inbox me !

She wants me to hide her name so I'm not gonna announce it here . But thank you for choosing me .

Before you start reading , please note :

This book is a work of fiction . Names of persons , places , characters , incidents and events , businesses are fictional as well . And it's completely imagination of the author and is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings or cultures !

Any resemblance to actual persons , living or dead , or actual events is purely coincidental.

Warning - this book content mature content so if you're under 18 . Don't read if you're under 18 please ! You have been warned !

Father x daughter relationship.

There's strong sexual content in this book.

Copyright © sammy_girl1998.


" Momma , I want a baby" demanding he wants a baby , he pouts and folds his arms across his tiny chest and look another side . He doesn't want to see his momma's face cause she clearly declines to give him a baby .

" Naman baby, don't be a bad boy , momma can not give you a baby" she tries to make his understand that she can't do this .

" But , why momma ? Aneel has a babygirl , Ali has a baby brother , all of my friends have babies in their home to play with . Only me, I don't have any baby" he starts to sob and rub his one eye with his tiny fingers .

" I understand bacha, but I can't give you a baby" she sits on her knees in front of him, who he is sitting on the chair .

" Momma please" he begs with his eyes but she declines.

" You don't love me , you hate me , Aunt Sophie was right. You are not my momma" he says and a hand fly up to his face as his tiny chubby cheek shakes .

" Shut up , what are you saying????" One angry man asks as his eyes are coming out of the socket cause of anger and his nose is flaunting in anger .

" Manik" She yells and pull the kid to her and hugs him tightly .

" Don't cry bacha " she mumbles and kiss the baby .

“ Da.. dadda doesn’t love me too . No one loves me” he pulls away from his momma’s grip and run out of the house .

“ Why did you slap him?” She asks getting up from her knees and glares at him .

“ Can’t you hear? He said you’re not his momma!” He sighs and throws his hands in frustration.

“ So? He was right? I .. I .. I’m not his momma.. I .. am not” she gulps down her tear and looks away .

“ But .. you are !” He groans and walks out of the kitchen . Leaving the untouched breakfast.

“ Mani..” she stops and sits on the chair with her hands grabbing her head .

What’s the reason behind their this situation?

Why can’t they give the child another baby?

Why did he slap the kid ?

Who is she ?

To know all these questions answer, we need to know about their past .

Are you ready for it ?

If yes, then vote and comment and meet me in the upcoming chapters .

Till then , stay safe !!

27 .08. 2020 .

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