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Love is Love ( On Request Story)

Love Is Love-2

8 years ago -

One stormy night , a girl rushes into her home wearing a black coloured saree and a backless blouse . She is wearing her mother's saree that she borrowed from her mother to wear at her friend's birthday party .

The girl lock the door behind her and sighs cause the storm is increasing by each passing second . Thunder is groaning like a hungry lion and lighting in the sky is flashing like the cameras taking pictures of the nature .

She rubs her hands together cause she is completely drenched by rain . Her lips are shivering cause of the coldness . Her body is shaking slowly but she can still manage to walk around . She puts off her shoes and puts her hand bag on the couch nearby the staircase in the hallway .

She knows her parents are not home and being alone in the house, she puts off the belt around her waist and throw it on the couch as she takes steps upward to the second floor .

Going near her bedroom door , she pulls off her saree and grabs the doorknob to open it but suddenly, she is being pulled away by someone .

Before , she could make any noise , her lips are captured by unknown pair of lips which are kissing her passionately. she moves her hands up and place them on the chest of that man as she tries to push him off of her but it's all vain .

Her back is pushed against the wall , she has no way to move away now . She tries to push off that man again but he grabs her hands and pin them above her head with his one hand as he expertly unhook her blouse , still kissing her deeply and aggressively.

She can taste alcohol from his lips , his lips are soft against hers , but she should not let him kiss her .

However, he kissing her as his big fingers travel down her belly , touching her navel in the process he pulls off the knot of her skirt as it slide down her milky thighs .

She tries to push him off again but not so harder as she drinks alcohol too . Her friends forced her to take one shot but she ended up getting 5 shots of tequila.

Soon enough, she starts to kiss him passionately as he place his hands on her ass and push her up , she gets the signal and wrap her legs around his torso .

He takes both of them into her room and lock the door behind them .....

Back to present time -

Naman runs upstairs into his room and sits on the bed with a pout again . He has his arms wrap around his tiny chest . He is looking like an angel .

" Baby , you're getting late for your school" the girl wearing a long skirt and top walks into his room and ruffle his hairs .

" No, I'm not going to" he turns his head another side and huffs .

“ Bacha , you cant be stubborn. You’re my good boy nah?” She asks and he nods .

“ come here and give me a hug then” she opens her arms and he jumps into them . Hugging her tightly.

“ That’s my good boy” she whispers and kiss his head .

“ Now let’s go to school yeah?” She asks nodding her head for him to nod as well . Which he does and grabbing his school bag , both of them walk downstairs .

“ Nandini.. we need to talk” she looks up at the man who’s wearing a blue strip shirt and black pants . She nods her head and wave bye to the kid who has put on his shoes already .

She locks the door after watching the boy get into their car and the driver start off the engine and drive way .

She turns around and wraps her arms around her belly and looks at him .

“ What do you want to talk about ?” She asks as he signals her to follow him in his bedroom .

Sighing she follows him to his bedroom and he locks the door behind them .

“ Why did you lock it ?” She asks frighteningly.

“ Don’t worry , I won’t do that mistake again .” He whispers and she looks up at him .....

Back to Past-

After locking the door , he press her against it as he slowly grinds against her female part . she moans softly as she is too intoxicated.

She moves her hands through his hairs when he starts to kiss down her neck to cleavage. As she is not wearing any bra . It’s giving him a free access to take her nipple into his mouth .

Taking one nipple , he starts to suck on it as he walk them to her bed and throw her on it .

In a swift movement, he pulls down his boxer briefs and spread her legs .

She keeps staring at him cause it’s her first time to feel this kind of sensation down there .

He tears apart her lacy panties and position himself between her thighs .

“ You wanted me to fuck you right? Here take it” saying that he slams himself into her and she screams .

Both of them we are unaware about the blood between her legs as he keeps slamming his manhood into her merciless. He completely ignores her crying and screaming posture cause of the alcohol into his system.

He can’t think straight and she can’t register what is happening to her .

Both intoxicated bodies make love to each other for the night till they are completely passed out of the drunken state.

Back to present-

She looks away after remembering the drunken night and sighs .

“ What do you want to talk about ?” She ask after clearing the awkwardness from her tone .

“ About Naman ...” he whispers then looks at her , seeing her looking away , he continues ,

“ Nandini ... I’m sorry for whatever happened few years ago but .. Naman , he cares for you .. he is your .. Our son” Manik says staring at the floor .

She looks at him again and open her mouth when a knock at the door stops them .

To be continued...


I know it’s confusing but stay connected all your confusion will be gone soon .

Thank you for reading .

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29 . 08. 2020.

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