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Love is Love ( On Request Story)

Love is Love -3

Manik answer the door and look at their maid who is standing there with a broom . He nods for her to enter and himself walk out of the room like a gentle man so that the maid don't feel uncomfortable around him while cleaning the room .

" Madam" the maid calls for Nandini who is standing there with tears running down her face .

" Yeah?" She asks absentmindedly .

" Why are you crying ?" The maid further asks and starts to clean the floor of the room .

" I .. I .. am not" she replies and walk out of the room as well . Leaving the maid do her work peacefully.

"Naman is not ours .. he is yours and mom.. mom's" she barges into a room and spits at Manik . Seeing her in his study he puts down the file he was busy checking out a few seconds ago and gives his all attention to her . Mostly, he does his office work from home .

"In your life you do not need too many people Nandini . You only need one person who will listen to you, not only during your best times but also during your worst times and I want to be that person . When you are down and talk negatively, that one person will not give up on you. That one person will try to listen to you and to heal you. That person will give you an honest and constructive opinion to help you. That person will try their very best to inspire you. If you have that one person in your life, you are so very fortunate! Never let that one person go . And Naman is that one person for you too . And you're that one person for me . So, please forgive me for whatever I did . It was a drunken mistake." Manik gets on his knees and starts crying for sleeping with her 8 years ago.

She keeps standing there and sigh as she touch the wedding chain around her neck and looks down at him .

" Nandini please forgive me and your mother too . We .. she was helpless" Manik says and rubs his cheeks roughly to wipe off tears . And both of them look at each other as if they could hear the sound from the past again -

"I want this Manik !" Alya yelled at her husband and locked the door behind her .

" You're crazy Alya !" Manik yelled and punched the door hard while Nandini kept standing there with a pregnancy kit in her hand with positive sign in it .


The day after that stormy night -


" Argh ! I'm never going to drink again" Nandini yells holding her head and sits up as the cover slide down her chest to lap .

" Shut up Alya" Manik groans and he sits up too but his eyes are closed . Hearing his tone , she turns her and shouts .

" Ahhhh!!!!!!" Hearing her shout he opens his eyes and his orbs collide against her chest then they travel up to her eyes .

" Aly..... what are you .. oh fuck" he gasps with wide eyes .

Both of them keep looking at each other for a few seconds with the huge shock of their life .

" D.. da.. dad" she shutters as one drop of tear roll down her cheek .

" I .. I'm sorry" he jumps down the bed , butt naked . " I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" he keeps chanting as he grabs his boxers briefs and unlocking the door, runs out of her bed room .

Rest of the day , none of them come out of their rooms and stay there crying their eyes out .

At night ,

" What is the matter ???" Alya shouts standing in the hallway which links the both bedrooms and descend downstairs .

Both of them heard her but no one bothered to answer back .

Nandini keeps sitting on the bed all naked with cum and blood on the bedsheets and Manik keeps sitting in his room wearing the same boxers .

They are trying their best to recall everything happened last night . Manik feels less guilty as he didn't rape his own daughter and Nandini feels more disgusting for allowing her father between her legs .

Nandini takes all the blame on herself as she was drunk and completely wasted to recognise her own father .

Manik was equally drunk cause of the fight he had with Alya about having another child .

Alya is an orphan when Manik belongs to a rich family . They met at a mall where she was a sales girl . After few meeting , they fell in love with each other and got married in Luxembourg.

For eloping and marrying a poor orphan girl , his parents didn't accept their relationship and they never wanted to meet Alya .

They don't even know Manik has daughter, with who he accidentally slept last night .

" Alya , we need to talk" Manik says opening the door after one hour of her requests .

" Talk about what Manik?" Alya asks putting her hands on hips .

" Mhm .. I made a mistake.. I was drunk last night and .. and I ..," he starts choke after each word .

" Manik, what's wrong ?" Alya comes forward to touch him but he back away.

" Don't touch me .. I .. just don't" he looks away and wipe some sweat drips from his forehead. It's winter in California but he is feeling so hot cause of the fear in his chest.

" Alya .. Alya .. I .. I cheated on you ..." Manik finally spit away all and once .

Getting no response from her for a minute, he turns out but finds no one there then his eyes fall on the body laying down on the hallway .

" Alya !" Manik shouts in fear and get knees to pick her up when Nandini opens the door wearing a bathrobe .

" Mom!" She comes forward and try to help Manik but he doesn't allow her and take Alya into their room with Nandini following them .

Continued ...


Just knowing Manik cheated on her cause her fainting.. what will she do when she'll come to know he cheated on her with their daughter?

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31 August 2020.

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