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Professor Kim | Taekook


Top Tae + Bottom Kook = Best unit 💜 A story in which Jeon Jungkook's ex came back in his life as his new math teacher. Story © BTS7KINGS

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

Read the WARNINGS before starting the story :-

•Top Tae + Bottom Kook

•Teacher student love story



•Makeout sessions

•A bitchy Kookie

•Short story

•The names of characters are taken for only entertainment.There is no intention to harm real characters through the medium of this ff.

•I made some negative characters only for FICTIONAL work.SO DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.





"Damn! Your ass is getting thick Jungkookie." A male with Green hair said in a very flirty way while eyeing the other's ass.

"Stop it Ranz!" Jungkook growled at the Green haired male who was following him like a puppy.

"You know I can't stop myself Jungkookie." Green haired male said with a chuckle as he touched the younger's ass,making him stop in his tracks.

Jungkook took a deep breath as he turned around and looked at the Green haired male.

"Stop following me like a puppy!" Jungkook growled,pointing a finger at the other who just laughed before leaning forward and kissed the younger's finger causing him to make a puke face.

"Ewww...Don't ever do that again." Jungkook said with a disgusted face.

"Jungkookie I really really like you.Please give me a chance and be my boyfriend.Please?" The Green haired male,whose name was Ranz pleaded as he softly held the younger's hands.

"Ranz I already told you.I am not interested in a relationship." Jungkook said in a calm tone as he took his hands from the other's grasp.

Ranz let out a frustrated sigh as he ran his fingers through his green hair,looking handsome as fuck.

"Fine! But at least you can go on a date with me?" The Green haired male asked with his hopeful eyes.

Jungkook paused for a few seconds but then a smirk crept on his face as he leaned forward and said,"Only when you'll give me pleasure.What you say?"

Ranz's eyes got widened as he just couldn't believe his ears.

"W-What? I-I mean Really?" He asked with his surprised eyes.

"Yes.Actually I am feeling horny right now and I want someone to give me a blow job so Will you give me a blow job or not?" Jungkook asked and his smirk grew wider when The Green haired male nodded his head.

"Let's go to the terrace." Jungkook said as he grabbed the Green haired male's hand and dragged him to the terrace.

So He is Jeon Jungkook ,known as the whore of his University.

Every boy drools over him because He is undoubtedly beautiful, gorgeous, hot and sexy every boy is head over heels over him.

Jeon Jungkook is a 24 years old boy and yes He is still in college because he has been failing almost every year.

Honestly He would have made a guiness world record in failing every year and He feels proud of himself for this like he has really achieved a guiness world record.

If He would have been in some other college so maybe the principal has already restricted him because of too much failing but since He studies in his own University so he doesn't have to worry about restriction and all.

He is the only son of Jeon Hye Bin.

She is the head of the BANGTAN UNIVERSITY.

His dad left him and his mom for someone else when he was eleven years old and since that moment his mom had decided to make his son happy at any cost.

You can say he is a rich brat of his rich mom who just loves him way too much.

Even though He had tried his best to pass every year but honestly his focus was never on studies but on hot and handsome boys who can fuck him good.

Yes He is openly gay and his mom supports him for being gay because at last her son's happiness matter to her.

"Fuck! That was amazing!" The Gorgeous boy said with a giggle as he pulled up his pants.

Ranz laughed a little,nodded his head in agreement,"Yes that was amazing.I hope I could please you."

"Oh yes Ranz.You pleased me a lot and now as a reward be ready for a date." Jungkook,winked at the Green haired male,whose cheeks turned red.

"Wow! Thank You Jungkookie.It was a dream to go on a date with you." He confessed with his red cheeks and the pretty boy just smiled,while mentally laughing.

Boys are really crazy for him...


"So You got a blow job from Ranz?" The silver haired male asked,whose name was Park Jimin.

"Yup!" Jungkook replied with a chuckle,feeling proud of himself because he can literally get any boy in this college.

"Wow! You are so damn lucky Jungkookie." Jimin said with a chuckle as the both friends continued walking to the hallways of their university.

Park Jimin is Jeon Jungkook's best friend who is also a failure just like him not because he is weak in studies but because He didn't want to separate away from his best friend so He purposely failed in exams for the past three years only to be with his best friend and that's why people call them 'Best friends goals'.

"Anyway I heard there is gonna be a new math teacher for us." The silver haired male informed his best friend who made an annoying face.

"Fuck! I hate Math!" He grumbled angrily as he brushed his fingers through soft long hair and the silver haired male nodded his head in agreement.

"Do you know who is our new math teacher?" Jungkook asked as they both entered their class,sitting at the very back.

"Nope! I don't know anything about math teacher." Jimin replied as the both best friends sat comfortably on their seats.

"I hope our math teacher will be hot and handsome." Jungkook said with a slight smirk and the silver haired male smirked back and added,"So that you can get please by him too.Huh!"

"You know me so well Jiminie!" The younger replied and then they both burst out in laughter.

The both boys were busy talking with each other and they didn't notice their Principal Mrs.Jeon entered their classroom with their new math teacher.

"Attention class." Mrs.Jeon announced,raised her voice a little to grab the attention of her students.

All the students diverted their attention to their Principal as their eyes were on their new math teacher,who was standing there with a warm smile on his lips.

Mrs.Jeon was about to introduce the new math teacher but she stopped when she heard laughing sounds that were coming from the back seats.

She shifted her gaze and found her son laughing while using the phone in the classroom.

"Mr.Jeon,Phones aren't allowed in the class!" She growled at her son,who instantly closed his phone and hid it under the book,while lowering himself on his seat so that his mom wouldn't see him.

"I can still see you Mr.Jeon!" She grumbled angrily,letting out a frustrated sigh when her son started laughing more along with his best friend.

Well Jungkook knows that his mom loves him way too much so she ain't gonna do anything against him.

She sighed as she looked at the new math teacher whose eyes were now fixed at the back seats.

"Don't mind them and introduce yourself." Mrs.Jeon said in a polite tone as the new math teacher nodded his head and looked forward to his class and then introduced himself.

"Hello students! My name is Taehyung,Kim Taehyung and I am your new math teacher."

Jungkook,who was busy laughing with his best friend suddenly stopped when he heard the name as he peeked from the back seat and he froze on his spot when he saw a very familiar face.

"What is he doing here?" He thought to himself as he kept staring at his new math teacher,who had Black hair and he was wearing glasses.

He kept staring but he felt his heart tickle a little when his eyes locked with his teacher's almond eyes.

"We met again Jeon Jungkook." Taehyung thought to himself,his face was blank as his eyes were glued on the younger,who was staring back at him with a kinda panicked face.

Jungkook kept staring into the other's almond eyes but he snapped from his thoughts when his best friend elbowed him and whispered.

"Jungkookie,Why are you doing a staring contest with a math teacher?"

"I am not doing any contest Jiminie" Jungkook replied in a plain tone before looking away from his new math teacher.

The silver haired male furrowed his brows as he looked at his best friend and then at his new teacher who was now busy in introducing himself.

"So Mr.Kim You may now take introductions of students.I'll just go.See you!" Mrs.Jeon said with a smile and the Black haired male nodded his head with a warm smile.

Taehyung then looked at his students who were staring at him while some girls were checking him out.

"So students,I am your new math teacher.My name is Taehyung as I already told you but You can call me Mr.Kim or Professor Kim." Taehyung said with a smile as he gave his boxy smile to his students.

"What about Mr.Handsome? I mean You are damn Handsome Professor Kim." One of the students commented,causing everyone to laugh except Jungkook,who had a poker face.

"You can call me Handsome too but outside of college." Taehyung commented back with a small smile.

"Anyway let's start with introduction." Taehyung said, glancing at each and every student and he noticed the way Jungkook was staring at him.

He ignored his gazes and looked at the girl who called him Handsome,"You! You start your introduction."

"Sure Mr.Handsome.I mean--Mr.Kim!" She said with a playful chuckle as she got up and introduced herself,"Hello! My name is Lia and I don't like math at all but I am gonna attend my classes from now on because of you Mr.Kim" She finished her sentence by throwing a wink at Taehyung.

The Black haired male let out a soft chuckle before speaking,"That's good Miss.Lia"

And then the all students started giving their introduction one by one,telling him about their hobbies and all.

"Hello! My name is Park Jimin and My Hobby is sleeping." The silver haired male said with a giggle,causing the Black haired male to laugh a little.

"Sleeping is everyone's hobby I guess.You can sit down Mr.Park." Taehyung said with a smile then He shifted his gaze to the other student,who was sitting beside Jimin and it was Jungkook.

"It's your turn." Taehyung said,his voice suddenly got a little deep and serious.

Everyone turned their heads to see the pretty boy who just kept staring at the handsome teacher.

"Jungkookie,It's your turn." The silver haired male whispered to his best friend,who snapped out of his thoughts as he got up with a blank face and introduced himself in a very plain voice.

"My name is Kook."

"Full name." Taehyung corrected his student,who clicked his tongue inside his mouth and said,"Jungkook.Jeon Jungkook."

"I see...What are your hobbies Mr.Jeon?" Taehyung asked with a calm face but the pretty boy didn't reply,just remained silent.

The Black haired male crossed his arms over his chest and said,,"Maybe your hobby is fooling around.Am I right Mr.Jeon?"

The pretty boy looked away from his teacher, clenched his hands into fists when one of the students laughed and said,"Oh! Our math teacher is so smart.He can tell people's hobbies by their personalities."

"I am not really smart but I can tell this by all those marks on his neck that He loves to fool around a lot." Taehyung said with a playful chuckle,eyeing the younger's neck which was covered with some hickies.

Jungkook didn't speak any words which made most of the students confused because Jungkook isn't really a type of person who would hear someone's shits.

"Alright class take out your book____" Taehyung couldn't complete his sentence when the bell rang.

"Oof! Let's meet tomorrow students.Have a nice day!!" Taehyung greeted,bowed his head slightly as he left the class and didn't forget to take a glimpse of the younger,who was looking angry.


The Black haired male was walking towards the staff room but a yelp escaped from his mouth when someone pinned him against the wall.

"What the hell?!" He shouted angrily,glaring at the person who just pinned him against the wall.

"What are you doing here?" A sweet voice asked,which belongs to Jeon Jungkook.

"Mr.Jeon I am a teacher so I am here for teaching!" The Black haired male grumbled angrily as he yanked away the younger's hands.

"Oh really? You came here for teaching or for me?" The pretty boy asked,a slight smirk crept on his lips.

The Black haired male stared at the younger for a few seconds but then let out a small scoff before speaking,"You are full of yourself Mr.Jeon."

"Oh shut up! I know you are here for me____" "No! I am not.If I knew you were gonna be here then I would have already been denied for this job!" Taehyung growled angrily as he walked passed by the younger.

Jungkook clenched his hands into fists as he was feeling nothing but anger inside his body.

"And next time Don't you dare to cut my way or else I'll take an action against you Mr.Jeon." With that Black haired male left the pretty boy behind,who started cursing.

The pretty boy turned around to go but he let out an annoying sigh when he saw his best friend standing there with a surprised face.

He walked to his best friend,grabbed his hands and dragged him to the terrace.


"EXPLAIN ME NOW!!" The silver haired male screamed at his best friend.

"Jiminie relax!" Jungkook grumbled in an annoying voice.

"How can I relax? I just saw you with our new math teacher and that too so fucking close???!!!" The silver haired male half yelled,eyes were big.

The younger snickered as he sat down at the edge of the terrace,looking at the sky.

"Jungkookie please tell me.I am really curious." The silver haired male said,sitting beside his best friend.

The younger remained silent for a few seconds but then decided to speak,"He is my ex."

"WHAT?!" Jimin screamed,now getting more shock by hearing that.

"Yah! You will damage my ears!" Jungkook grumbled angrily.

"Sorry sorry!" The silver haired male apologized with a sheepish smile and the younger just nodded his head before shifting his eyes back to the shining clear sky.

"So He is your ex? I-I mean how you both broke up?" The silver haired male asked.

"It's a very longggggg story Jiminie." The younger replied with a chuckle.

"Don't worry.I am all ready." The Silver haired male said with a giggle.

"Actually He was with me in school but in a different class." The younger started,paused for a few seconds but then added,"He had a crush on me.Like a very huge crush."

"Ohhh! So it all started with a crush." Jimin said with a giggle,getting happy to hear the love story but his mouth slightly opened when he heard the next words of his best friend.

"No! It all started with my lust." The words sent shivers to the silver haired male's spine who could feel something fishy did happen in the past between the younger and his new math teacher.

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