the unknown afton


in this you get to see the life of an unknown afton will she survive her father's creations? will she make it out alive? read to find out!

Other / Adventure
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Crystal's POV
today was just a normal day which for me that meant another beating from my so called dad right now i was walking down the road as i got near freddy fazbear's pizzaria, my dad's buissenes, i felt someone shove me into the door's of the pizzaria i knew what this meant puting it simply i was going to die 'ok the first thing i need to do is find somewhere i can hide' i thought and almost emidtiatly quickly but quietly hide in the corner and curled up in a ball so i looked smaller and was more hidden 'hopefully THEY won't find me' i thought as i closed my eyes that's when i herd it. mechiens moving and working and meatal hitting the ground i keep my eyes closed and i was about to open them when someone or somthing grapped me and liffted me into the air my eyes shot open to be meet by a pair of red glowing eyes it was bonnie 'welp i guess this is the day i die' at this point i could tell he was scanning me i had ice-blue eyes a mask and grey wolf ears and a tail which were both dropping slightly and i could tell he knew who i was. his murder's daghuter. crystal afton. but in sted of killing me he gently set me down on the ground i looked at him confused and a little scared he bent down so that we were eye level and said in a calm voice "we won't hurt you. we promise" in stead of relaxing like he had expexted i grew more nervous and my ears and tail dropped all the way down as i backed up as far as i could into the coruner "H-how am I-i supposed to K-know if your T-telling T-the truth or N-not" i asked him shakily he then looked me right in the eyes "listen kid i'm sorry for this" i looked at him confused and my voice had confusion laced in it "what do y-" something hit me in the back of the head and i passed out
a/n: ok so this is my first time writing so plz don't judge me but i still hope you enjoy it so far! also 1 new chapter will be out whenever i can get it out until i'm done with this fanfitcion/story! also sorry for any spelling or grammer issues!
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