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Five Night's at Kasey's: There Are No More Fears


Ashley Junior is the Bite of '83 victim- caused by one of her brother's, and his four girl pupfriends. Certain that she would die, she lays in the hospital waiting for her final breaths. However, an Miracle. Ashley survives! But now has high risks of seizures-black outs-short/long term memory loss-and still an high chance of death. Her childhood friend Max West helps her through her new life.

Mystery / Romance
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Austin’s p.o.v

“Leave her alone guys!” I yelled at Chase, Hope, Starlight, and Lily as they carried

Ashley up towards the show stage of Brownie’s.

They ignored me as they stepped up to the stage. I stared in disbelief about what was

happening. I still held Ashley’s plushie that she dropped in my hands. The moment I looked up

from it, I saw them put Ashley’s head inside Spring-Ryder’s jaw. They stood back laughing.

~”She looks funny in there!”

~”What a cry baby!”

~”Now this will give her something to cry about!”

A moment later, the jaw chomped down on her head, making her go limp.

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