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Sunny Side ๑ Shawn Mendes


❝Where Molly show the sunny side of life to Shawn.❞ ©D3V1LK1DS, 2020. [This fanfiction addresses themes like depression and anxiety. If you feel sensitive about those themes this story is not recommended for you]

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 01 - About broken microphones

Holding my black backpack, somewhat worn out by the time, I embarrassedly apologized to everyone I came across as I hurriedly directed to the ratchets of the New York subway.

I was running out of time. Even though I was in a hurry, I could feel the smell of chocolate muffins running through my nostrils and reminding my stomach that I hadn't eaten breakfast, which in response snored loudly for food.

I was so hungry.

Because of my lack of responsibility, I woke up late. And it wasn't a day where I could just be late. It was the day of my job interview, which would decide my future almost 100%.

I ended up not having breakfast. I didn't clean the living room rug, which I ended up spilling ketchup the night before while eating a hot dog and watching some anime. And I just passed by the building's concierge without saying a proper "Good Morning Sir".

Today is not your day Shawn.

I started to run when I realized that the eight o'clock wagon was already on the platform, and for sure, if I stayed at that pace I would miss the train. I winced when I started to sweat. My chances on the interview were already low, and now, they've been reduced to ashes.

My sedentary body wasn't used to this type of "physical activity". Only if a miracle happened, my sweat would dry on the train and I would arrive at the interview building all nice and dry. Other than that I probably would arrive like a sweaty pig. Which is not so good in the current circumstances.

As I desperately watched the wagon fill up, I increased my speed even more. I needed to get on that train, as I also needed to sit down and eat something. The effect of running mixed with the lack of glucose in the body became the perfect match for the most embarrassing event of my whole life.

When I was almost in the line for entry to the wagon, I tripped over my own feet. And as if that wasn't enough, knocked a girl to the floor with me.

After a few seconds, still on the floor, I could see that this was no ordinary girl. She was a journalist. Which was now looking at me with a look of pure fury.

I wanted to die.

- Are you stupid?! - The girl practically shouted angrily. It was almost understandable. Almost. Nothing justifies vulgarity.

As soon as I got up, I reached out to the reporter, who grunted angrily and just stood up alone. It took me a few seconds to understand that I had not simply interrupted an item. It is a live broadcast.

- I'm sorry. - I wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide until the zombies dominated the surface.

The girl with brown skin and curly hair, rolled her eyes and snorted, demonstrating the size of her discontent. That's when I realized. Did she call me a stupid?

- I'm not stupid ... - I spoke softly, afraid of what would happen.

- What did you say? For fuck sake speak correctly! -

Okay, I didn't see that coming. How rude a small human being could be?

- I'm not stupid! - I spoke louder looking at her, a little irritated.

- Holy shit, you must be kidding. - The reporter said while staring at the microphone that had been smashed by the fall. - Yes you a stupid kid! -

- Oh my God. - I said a little mad - It's just a microphone! And don't call me kid! -

- You are a kid! A rude brat who bumps into people without a drop of remorse! -

- Do you really think I woke up today with the goal of bumping into a dumb reporter and breaking her damn microphone on purpose? No! I did not plan this! -

- I'm a professional boy! If you were walking like a normal human being this would not have happened! - She paused. - You will pay for the damaged equipment! -

- No i'm not! -

But then I noticed that: My train was leaving the station. That's it, my interview went to space.

- MY TRAIN! - I said putting my hands on my head and grabbing my hair.

- Poor baby - The curly girl pouted - Job interview? Why don't you sit cry? You clown! If you were walking you would have gotten on the fucking train and it wouldn't have messed up my fucking transmission! -

- I didn't want to bother you guys but... - The camera man said - But we are still live… -

Then the girl's eyes widened and pushed me out of the camera focus. I was stunned by the fact that I had lost my transport and consequently my interview, that I just walked to the nearest bench, sitting down.

I am just a kid. A kid now unemployed. Twenty years in the face and I threw a fit in a live transmission.

I wanted to cry so bad.

But I still had a little dignity left, so I preferred not to let the tears flow. At least not in a subway station now almost empty. I could send my resume almost blank to other companies and wait for the return. But even so, I wouldn't be the secretary of an art gallery in downtown New York.

Having to work to pay the bills hurts. In fact, being an adult in general hurts.

With that thought, I lifted my head and looked at the curly girl, ending the broadcast. However, shame told me not to look at that beautiful girl. That's the reason I closed my eyes and lowered my head again.

A few seconds later, I felt someone sitting next to me. I opened my eyes and stared at the person, immediately noticing that It was the reporter, now a little calmer.

- I came to remind you that the microphone is expensive and ... - She paused. - And you will have to pay for the damage, dude. -

- The microphone is not my responsibility. You dropped it. - I said with my head down.

- Dear Santa please help me ... - She sighed seeking patience. - You're having a bad day? Aren't you? -

And after that comment, the rest of my posture went down the drain. My shoulders fell and I clenched my hands tightly. I was sleepy, hungry and frustrated. In addition to it I was feeling nervous about having a conversation with a beautiful girl with perfect curls and shiny brown skin.

- I just missed a very important job interview and... - I paused. - I'll pay for the microphone, I just need to save money, sorry for ruining your career ... -

Then she laughed. A gracious and sincere laugh that warmed my heart. The girl who cursed me five minutes ago was now smiling at me.

I didn't expect that.

- Honestly I am the most qualified to do these things on live broadcasts. I stare at the camera, memorize the texts and in the improvised ones I also do well. They wouldn't have the audacity to fire me. -

- At least one of us does well on the job thing. -

So we were silent. These were not unpleasant minutes, in fact they were even comforting.

So a comforting silence settled down, that lasted a few minute.

- This transmission… - I started talking and then the curly one looked at me. - Was it really live? -

- Yes it was... - She sighed. - I couldn't be more embarrassed. -

- My grandma always wanted to see me on TV. Thank you then. - I spoke in a comical but sincere tone. - I've seen you on TV before, I was drunk sitting on the floor while you talked about the week's weather forecast. -

- That's my profession. - She said smiling, but immediately made a funny face. - Do you drink at ten o'clock in the morning while watching the news? -

- Each one has their problems. - I shrugged and she nodded trying not to get too deep into the subject

Everything was quiet, until my belly decided to give a sign of life and snore, drawing attention. I put my hands over it and mentally told her to be quiet.

- Didn't you have breakfast? - She was a little shocked by the sound that my belly made.

I just shook my head and laughed softly.

- I woke up late... -

- Well... - She took a package from his backpack and handed it to me - You can have my sandwich, I need to go now, handsome boy. -

I noticed that her team had already dismantled everything, and she really needed to go. So I just thanked her for the sandwich and smiled. Then I remembered something important.

- What's your name? - I asked.

- Molly - She said smiling. - Molly Davidson. -

- Shawn Mendes - I smiled back. - It was a pleasure to meet you. -

- I must say the same. And you don't have to worry about the microphone. The company will pay for me. - She waved and then turned around walking towards the train. I felt relieved and happy.

A few minutes later the train on which she was seated left. Leaving me with a smirk on my face.

And it was on that sunny Monday, at eight forty-five in the morning, that I felt my heart being filled with a pleasant feeling. Something simple and comfortable.

So I thought. Sunlight is nothing compared to Molly Davidson's light.

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