Petshop of Horrors DIVIDE

Chapter 10

Chapter X

Ella screamed. D took a single step forwards. Officer Orcot just stared.

He couldn't believe his eyes. What just happened? Had he just witnessed a murder? At least, that's what it looked like… But where had the child gone? He didn't understand any of this. All he knew was that Amethyst, an eighteen-year-old, a young singer, a girl he'd just talked to a few nights ago… was lying dead on the sidewalk.

How could he have let this happen?!

Meanwhile, Ella had run to her side and was cradling the girl in her arms, rocking her back and forth and weeping. Amethyst's little body was limp and lifeless.

Beside him, the Count gave a small sigh and bowed his head fractionally.

"Perhaps, father was right," D murmured to himself.

Curious, Leon turned his head to look at his companion. D had gone into a trance. The expression on his face was unmistakable sadness.

Let them be. It is their battle to fight… and we must not interfere…

Those who lose their battles perish. That is the way it should be.

We cannot change their fate.

"D?" questioned Leon, nudging the man in the shoulder.

He didn't move or raise his head. For a minute, Leon wondered if he'd even noticed. Then…

"Ten years ago, there was a fire here," began the other in a quiet tone. "The family perished. The bodies of the man and woman were found, but the child's was not. This place has supposedly been haunted ever since by the ghost of an eight-year-old girl, as you know. The child who lived here ten years ago was not ready to die, but her injuries were impossible to heal. Although her spirit was strong, her body, her physical self perished that night. And she has never left."

The Count closed his eyes, lost in thought.

Leon blinked against the sunlight. He too was deep in thought.

Finally, D went on. "The dying child was… divided from her spiritual essence. Her form and her memories were left behind in the shell of a dead body. But her will to live was so strong that her soul continued to exist."

"Irina," said Orcot in a low, rather depressed tone. "You're saying, Irina was a ghost, and… Shit." It clicked. "If she'd survived, she'd be eighteen by now. Amethyst!"

"The two were never supposed to meet," said D quickly. "When Miss Moon arrived on her concert tour…"

"It awakened her own ghost," finished Leon. He was hardly aware of how strange his own words sounded.

D nodded fractionally. "Exactly."

Now, everything made sense. Irina had no strength of her own. As long as Amethyst was around, the kid kept eating souls, because she had to. Leon passed his hand across his face, realizing that these kind of thoughts were actually beginning to sound reasonable.

Then, he scowled in confusion, shook his head and ventured a sideways glance at the mysterious man beside him. D was watching the grieving Ella with a weird mixture of reticence and something else… something that D usually only expressed towards animals…


Nah, couldn't possibly be!

Orcot looked at D again and frowned, mildly concerned for the guy. "Hey, how do you know all this, anyway?" he muttered very gently.

D shook himself. "Well, we are not perfect," he sighed quietly. "Even I make… mistakes." And he flashed his cheerful, unreadable smile.

Okay, well at least he seemed to be back to his usual, child-like self!

Leon regarded him with sharp eyes for a long time, but there was no way he could tell what D was thinking.

We must never forgive the humans.

Genocide… All they know is how to kill.

Do not interfere.

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