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"Y/N, do you think I'm handsome?" "For me, I'm more interested in the person within." • Kim Seokjin • Completed on 04.08.2018 • Edited

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You trudged down the sidewalk to the front doors of the big building that was enveloped in snow. Your boots made light footprints as you walked, then clopped up the short flight of steps.

Another year at BigHit University, only the most elite school in Korea. Offered to only the smartest students, the education was only the best of the best and you were lucky enough to be the only one from your high school class to enrol in this college.

Because of that, you were unfortunately quite lonely. Other than just the smart people, rich parents would send their kids here too. That also meant snobbish and self-centred people existed on campus, which made the majority.

Before university, you were a really social and nice person, friendly to everyone you met. But ever since it ended, goodness, people would leave you alone and nobody would speak with you. No matter how you tried to talk with people, they never wanted to include you as their friend, so eventually you stopped talking to other students completely unless it was for schoolwork. Even so, you were generally nice but stayed out of others' way.

Little did you know that the first day of your second year at BigHit University would be much different. The whole year would be much different.

You came in later than you usually did in your first year, mainly because none of your courses were scheduled earlier in the day. First was Physics at 10am, then you had some free time for an hour and a half at noon for your lunch that day. Lunch was about the same timing every day this year, compared to your old schedule which made you take either early or late lunch.

You were grateful for that, because now you could finally lead your life normally and not under too much stress like last time. The only thing different was that you had to eat at another part of campus, instead of your usual East End. Most of your classes were now at Central Campus, where lots of people gathered.

Physics passed time slowly, and you really just wanted to skip to your break there and then. Besides, a little figuring out of this unfamiliar part of campus wouldn't hurt, right? Science wasn't really one of your favourite subjects but you knew it was better to take it than leave it to your disadvantage. When the lesson finally ended, you sighed in relief and gathered up your things quickly then skipped out of the lecture room door.

Looking around in the corridor, you try to look for signs to the cafeteria. You had to walk for a little bit, going round the building at least twice, before realising you had passed it many times when you finally found a map on a noticeboard. You rolled your eyes, annoyed.

You walk in carefully, nervous. You look around and start to walk, but you kept getting pushed by other students. To your surprise, the place was packed. Every table was full, and some people even had to sit with other students they didn't know.

You quickly buy your food, hoping it would clear up after a little while, but it remained the same. You walk around, not knowing where to sit — not having a place to sit anyway. But there was only one table that was left unoccupied, nobody sat there. Or at least you thought nobody dared.

You noticed people give the table looks of disgust, and you knew why. There was a rubbish bin beside it, and the area itself was quite dirty. You heard students whisper about rats and cockroaches, and you felt a shiver down your spine as you reluctantly inched closer.

You had no choice. It was either here or the bathroom — and based on your experience, do NOT use the campus bathroom. You chose the former.

You put your tray down carefully, but instead of one clap of plastic, you heard two. You shot your head up to look at the seat opposite you and saw a raven-haired boy in a lipstick red hoodie, who was about to sit down as well. You blinked awkwardly, then slid onto the seat and started munching on your food quietly.

It had been a while for you since socialising with other students, so you decided to keep quiet. Though part of you wanted to talk and break free from your eternal loneliness.

Both of you ate in silence for a few minutes, and you began to lose hope. Your eyes dropped down. You felt invisible to others.

"Um... h-hey," the boy stuttered, snapping you out of your clouded thoughts. You jerked your head up to look at him, surprised and happy at the same time. Finally, somebody who talks to me, you thought to yourself.

Your social self that you had left to rot in the corner of your mind for almost a year was starting to come back to you, fuelling your words again. "H-hi!" you greeted brightly, but it didn't work out as you had planned. Your cheeks reddened in embarrassment, mentally facepalming yourself. Even if you had to work with other students, you didn't stutter like this.

How could you struggle on "Hi", Y/N? Am I really this rusty?

"I'm... Y/N," you finished, tucking your hair behind your ear. You scan his face quickly before returning your gaze to your food again. You had to admit, he was pretty... good-looking. But to you, what mattered was the boy inside.

He gave you a warm smile. "Hey, don't be so shy," he cooed, making you look back at him again. "My name is Seokjin. But you can call me Jin."

You said the name in your mind. Jin. You liked the way it sounded on him. "I hope we can be friends this year?" Jin snapped you out of your thoughts. The sentence came out as more of a question.

"Of-of course, Jin," you replied, your voice softening a little when you mentioned his name. "I haven't had a friend in so long..." you mumbled unconsciously.

"You're lonely here too?" Seokjin asked, surprised. You flushed and nodded slowly, not daring to face him as you picked up your spoon again. "I thought you'd have many friends. You're quite pretty, you know?"

You bit your lip. It was the first time anyone in university had ever complimented you. "Th-thank you," you stuttered, wincing at yourself. "But I'm really not that pretty." Jin grinned.

"Just take that as a compliment," he said and gulped in a mouthful of food. You started to smile, then continued eating your food. Awkward silence stretched out between you two for a little while.

"Can I be your friend, Y/N?" You look up at Jin, who was staring at you with hopeful eyes. It wouldn't hurt to have a friend, your subconscious told you.

Your tense expression softened. "Y-yeah," you stuttered. Why am I so nervous? You internally slapped yourself. "I'd love to."

His lips curved up into a sweet smile. "Well then, I hope we see each other as often as possible," he winked at you. Your cheeks tinted pink.

"So Jin, tell me about yourself," you start up a conversation. You chatted with him as you ate, learning more about each other. Jin was very nice and funny, and both of you started to loosen up with each other. He admitted to his love of telling dad jokes, and you really liked it. You admitted to some of your insecurities, and Jin was very encouraging and accepting.

His heart is as stunning as his face, your subconscious whispers to you.

Jin caught you staring at him for a little bit, and chuckled. "Hehe, Y/N, are you admiring my gorgeous face? I know I'm handsome," he smirked, leaning in closer to you.

You bit your lip, flustered. "Umm... sorry I... didn't mean to..." Before you could say anymore, Jin let out a quiet laugh. Then his eyes sparked with interest.

"Y/N, do you think I'm handsome?" the raven-haired boy questioned, a hint of mischief in his voice. You rolled your eyes playfully.

"Hmm... in terms of looks, you are," you began, and he smiled in satisfaction. "But for me, I'm more interested in the person within. Some people could have a handsome face but a horrible character." Jin's smile dropped a fraction.

He pursed his lips. "So am I handsome to you? My character I mean. Am I?" He stared down at you, a little embarrassed.

You scanned him from top to bottom. He was one of the nicest people you had ever met. His character and personality was heartwarming and delightful. "Well, you're a charming and good person to me. So yes, you are handsome."

His lips twitched and he giggled. "We only just met today and you're already calling me charming and good." You give him a sheepish smile.

"Okay then. As your friend, I'd be hanging out with you, so I'll observe what you do and I'll tell you if you're handsome or not at the end of the day," you suggested, cocking your head to the side as if challenging him. Jin grinned.

"Starting now," he said in a low voice, "I'll be the most good-looking guy you've ever been friends with." You had to admit that it was true, but you didn't tell him.

It was then you knew this second year would be much, much different.

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