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handsome inside. ʲᶦⁿ


You and Jin became best friends fast. You liked to visit each other sometimes, having pizza nights at each other’s apartments on weekends. You hung out together anytime you were both free.

Seokjin usually sat beside you during lunch every day, filling the empty loneliness you once felt. Meeting him was something you looked forward to all the time, since he was sweet and kind to you. He seemed to care for you a lot and usually walked you home after school. When he said goodbye, he would always ask the same question.

“Y/N, was I handsome today?”

Most times you answered with “Very handsome, Seokjinnie,” then you would tell him all the good things he did. Sometimes you would tell him what you didn’t really like about his actions, and he took the constructive criticism very seriously. You rarely every told him he wasn’t very nice or was upsetting, so if anything, the both of you would resolve it as soon as possible.

As you kept praising him and describing his beauty so often, you were starting to believe it too. You liked his personality very much — charming, nice and a good person. But now a part of you started to admire his flawless features like his soft-looking plump lips and those dark irises you could get lost in. He really was stunning inside and out. Your heart fluttered whenever he smiled, and you felt a growing warmth in your chest when he hugged you.

You felt like you were living a dream.

Until one fine afternoon.

As always, you were excited to see Jin, who waited for you in the Central Campus cafeteria. He was as eager to see you. After buying your food, you look around, trying to find the raven-haired boy in the sea of students. Eventually you spot him and slip your way through the tables.

“Hey Jin!” you greeted, making him look up from his food. His dull expression immediately morphed into his signature smile which you loved. You return the gesture brightly, sitting down next to him.

“Y/N! Come come,” he mused and scooted to his right a little to give you space to sit. You plopped down your tray and dug in without hesitation, keen to fill your stomach.

“Guess what, Y/N,” he said, making you turn to him. His eyes sparkled in delight, which only lifted your mood more. You nodded with a slight smile, gesturing for him to go on. You picked up your carton of chocolate milk and sipped on it through your straw, ready to listen.

“So the jock-ish people talked to me today... they want me to hang out with them!”

Hearing that, you almost spat out the brown substance in your mouth. “W-wow Jinnie! That’s great!” you exclaimed, trying to support him. In truth, you did not like it very much.

You didn’t want Jin to avoid you and stop talking to you. You knew it was a little selfish, but you wanted him to yourself all the time. He was your only friend, and plus, you wanted him to love you.

But you knew Jin had to open up to other people too, so you had to be at least a bit happy for him.

“So... you’re gonna hang with them now?” You couldn’t help the sadness that laced your words. You bit the inside of your cheek and continued to munch on your food quietly. Jin seemed to take notice, and he put an arm around your shoulder.

Your heart raced as you felt his tender skin on you, but you had to ignore it. “Don’t worry, Y/N, I’m not leaving you for the world. I wanna hang with them during lunch. But you’re my best friend, so I wanna see you as much as I can as well.” He gave you a reassuring smile.

A blush tinted your cheeks as you looked back up at him. “Hang out with them all you can, okay? I feel like I’ve been really selfish,” you admitted, biting your lower lip.

Jin poked your cheek and whispered, “I like your selfishness, Y/N. Don’t fret, I’ll always be your Seokjin.”

You thought you escaped this feeling long ago. Loneliness. Emptiness. It was all coming back to you. Ever since Jin hung out with his new friends during lunch every day, you couldn’t help but want him back with you and to keep him all to yourself.

He still did talk to you after school hours as usual, with his bubbly and cute persona, but you had a dark, bad feeling. Something told you your perfect Jin wasn’t going to last.

You ignored it. But you shouldn’t have.

As Jin befriended those ‘jocks’, he was starting to become more like them. First he changed his outfit and style. “Y/N, do you like it? Am I handsome, Y/N?”

“Of course Jin! You’re always handsome,” you replied him. But to you, his change of clothes didn’t fit the best friend you knew. It was a little too... dark and bad-boy-ish. You preferred Seokjin’s style of soft and comfy shirts and hoodies, and his normal jeans with his white sneakers.

But black leather jackets and ripped pants weren’t the only thing that came. You thought he just wanted a new look, but his personality was slowly deteriorating more than you could imagine.

Those new ‘friends’ were changing him in every way possible, to become just like them. It was going from bad to worse.

“Y/N!” Seokjin cooed, catching up to you as you walked home. You really didn’t want to see him, especially like this. He changed too fast, from cuddly and funny to... frat parties and pranks.

You tried to put on your best face as you looked at him. “Hey Jinnie!” You give him a plastic smile. “What’s up?”

“You wanna come to So Min’s party later?” he asked, putting an arm around you. “I can pick you up.”

You sighed. “Seokjin, I told you, parties aren’t my thing. But you should go if you want to.”

“Oh. Okay then,” he turned to walk the other way, but stopped himself. Jin put a hand on your shoulder, halting you from your steps. “So was I handsome today, Y/N?”

You inhaled sharply, as if the thought gave you a brain freeze.

No. No no no. This is not my Seokjin. You will never be my handsome prince. Just no.

“As always,” you winked at him, which made him blush. You had to lie. You didn’t want him to be hurt. Jin nodded and blew a small kiss to you before waving goodbye, heading towards a group of boys who dressed similarly to him.

You stopped for a moment to watch them. These guys. They changed your best friend. You stared at them as they nudged and shoved each other roughly, laughing loudly and spitting rude words.

No. He can’t be as disgusting as them. He can’t be. He would never.

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