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The Ex-Wife's Tale

By AndyLind

Romance / Scifi

The Ex-Wife's Tale

“Excuse me, General?”  C-3PO asked as he entered the room.  Leia turned around and looked up at him.  Her eyes were puffy and dark red from all the crying she had done.  “General, we believe we have the location of The Millennium Falcon.” 

Leia turned her chair back around, “Let him go 3PO,” she said as she reached for the drink on her desk, “let him go.”

C-3PO turned around, but before leaving the room, the droid said one last thing, “As a reminder General, the meeting you called to order will begin in ten minutes.”

THE MEETING!  The glass slipped out of Leia’s hand and the green liquid landed itself on the white outfit she was wearing. 

 WHITE!  She was wearing white when she met him.  She was wearing white when they got married.  She was wearing white when he left her.  She stood up and went to her closet to put on something new.  Leia knew she couldn’t appear in front of her male subordinates with a stain in that spot.  Her hand went back and forth, brushing against all of the outfits.  She stopped on one that was very familiar to her:  The two-piece outfit Jabba had put her in.  She laughed, “The first time I wore this, he was blind.”

Thoughts of those three days entered into her mind.  She thought about how she risked life and limb to save her beloved from being a permanent ice cube.  She thought about how it was the first time all of them teamed as friends and not as soldiers of The Rebel Alliance.  She thought about how their mission was not against The Empire, against The Dark Side, or against evil in its largest and deadliest form.  Rather, it was against a monster that held both her and her beloved captive.

MONSTERS!  She had been fighting against them her entire life.  They took everything from her.  The Emperor took her father, Vader took the world she called home, and now Snoke had taken both her son and her husband.  She thought she was doing the right thing by sending her son to his uncle’s to study.  Every mother wants the absolute best for her child, but if only she could have seen the future.  If only she was better at using The Force.

She grabbed a garment and began to wipe her eyes with it.  It was the outfit she wore on The Death Star.  She began to remember how she was held prisoner and how many days she wore that same outfit.  How bad she smelled in it and how she smelled even worse when she landed in garbage chute.  Leia started to laugh and she remembered how much grief she gave Han.  She hated him and then she grew to love him.  She grew to love him because people don’t fall in love, they grow in it.

But now, their love was dead, and she didn’t know what killed it.  Was it all the arguments?  Was it always having to fight someone else’s battle?  Was it losing Ben?  She didn’t know and she didn’t care.  All she knew was that he was gone.

She started to cry again.  After a few seconds, she pulled herself together.  She took a deep breath and said, “I am General Leia Organa Solo, leader of The Resistance.”  She started flipping through the outfits once again until she came across a white shirt:  HIS SHIRT!

This was the shirt he wore on Yavin 4 when all of them were trying to destroy the shield generator to the second Death Star.  It was the shirt Han was wearing when the scout trooper had a gun against his head.  It was the shirt he was wearing when he said to Leia, “I love you,” and she responded with, “I know.”  She had made her decision.

Leia got undressed and put on the white shirt she was holding in her hands.  She put on a pair of pants and her boats.  She looked at herself in the mirror and said, “Yes, this is how I want them to see me.”  She was strong, confident, and fearless:  Everything that a woman should be.

She walked out of her quarters and into the meeting place.  “Gentleman,” she announced to all who were present.  “Let’s get down to business,” Leia said as she placed both her hands firmly on the table.  “I have called this meeting to order because we have a problem.”  Taking a deep breath, she began her proposal.  “The only way we will be able to defeat The First Order is with the help of The Jedi.  We need to find Luke Skywalker.  Rather than use all of our forces to find him, I recommend that we send out a special team to locate Luke Skywalker.  I am suggesting we find and send out the biggest bunch of misfits Admiral Ackbar ever assembled.  His secret task force:  The Rogue Squadron.”  The room went silent.  General Leia Organa Solo had her fight back.

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