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Fondly Yours


Three friends in a love maze, trying to be uncliche in a cliche story. Here is your love dose with BTS, Let's all fall in love, fondly.

Romance / Other
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Ch-1 Office Zombies

What difference would it make if we shifted weekends from Friday night- Sunday Evening, to Saturday night- Monday Evening?

None at all.

We would still go to sleep dreading the next morning, praying for the night to extend a little longer, hoping for the alarm to stop blaring and waiting for the day to be over already.

It was the same for every office-going-law-abiding-citizen to wake up and contemplate life while urging themselves to stick to their routine schedule AND wake the hell up on a Monday morning.

Kathy struggled to keep her eyes open all through her morning routine. The cold shower helped a little but she was a nasty monster before her first cup of coffee, terribly touchy and awfully sarcastic. Something that her roommate, colleague and best friend suffered through every day but refused to give up the fun anyway.

Alvie, short for Alvira was a morning bird, unlike Kathy, Alvira liked to sleep late, very late, and wake up early morning. Nobody knew how she continued with her life, seeing her daily routine but her god blessed cheery attitude and bright smile was enough to end world wars and irk Kathy at its worst.

Though both friends were polar opposites, there was something that they both shared other than a two-bedroom flat in Santa Diego Lane- an office. Senior Partners and perfectly single (as Alvie said), these ladies ran their Marketing Consultation firm with ruthless abandon along with a third Senior Partner.

Porsh was little known for her permanent black leather jacket she carried around with herself every day and more for her KTM- 125 Duke she parked right in the west wing of BigHit Pvt. Ltd. Even fewer people, two to be precise, knew that she owned a diary and filled it in every once in a while.

Every day, for the past eight years, these girls had given their blood, sweat and tears to the company, bringing in clients, gaining devilish bounds of profits and earning themselves a seat at the partner table and every day they targetted some and achieved more, proving to the very saturated marketing market that visions don't stop at dollar sign, green meant, keep going.

At Big Hit Pvt. Ltd., they were sort of a dream some called them the Charlie's angels, some called them the Holy Trinity but everyone knew that they brought money on the table and the best clientele the city had to offer. The extended branches was a result of their hardwork and expansion was a mere part of the bigger picture. Bang Si-Hyuk was somewhat like a father figure, a friend, a mentor, Managing Director. He gave them a chance, all in different phases of life and they took it by the nook and turned it into gold. The three girls were the life of the company, building it up from ground and raising hell for the competition.

So when they decided to huddle up in Alvie's cabin first thing in the morning, the air went abuzz with the prospect of new client.

"This is not normal." Rex whispered on the intercom, talking to Silva on the 46th floor. "They are huddled together and have been talking to each other for 2 hours and 23 minutes, now 24.

Maintaining any kind of privacy in the office was absolutely impossible seeing the glass panels that separated the cabins. "Transparency", Bang MD had said.

"Do you think they have pulled in a big project?, Silva whispered in her receiver talking quietly, like the lines could easily be intercepted.

"Don't know", Rex shrugged like Silva could see, "Maybe there's going to be new gossip in the office, we haven't had a new project since the Rover set up in New York, after our Saas strategy for their firm, they've maintained a top position and have been a reccuring client. But that's old news now, so who knows, if I bring in Paris Delta, I'll get a seat at the table." Rex a blew at her nails, making a show of her neon extensions.

"Ahem, You are in my seat," Jimin commented giving her a pleasant but a seething smile. "But you can go on, pretend that I'm not here, seeing that you do it anyway." Rex gave him a once over hung up the line and walked to her desk crisply. It wasn't that Jimin was always so interfering, but he was an adamant supporter of the butterflies as he liked to call Kathy, Alvie and Porsh. He did make it easy on the eyes though, he got away with almost anything, some people would even call him beautiful- blond hair, glowy skin, rosy cheeks, galactic eyes and a dancer's feet, he was a complete package specially for Jungkook, his boyfriend and our campaign face. Sometimes, the trio would gush and sigh at them making a show of their love and support and it would make him blush uncontrollably, giving them another chance at round two. "So much for being supportive", Jimin sighed and went back to work with a little smile on his face.

Jimin had the best view to Alvie's cabin, and he was the first person she thought about when the sudden knock sent her clambering back in her seat. Kathy and Porsh were no different, they both went opposite directions, Kathy sat on the couch pretending to read the magazine kept on the table and Porsh placed herself behind Alvie's chair face facing the glass panel towards the view outside, being partners gave benefits of spectacular city view, even more stunning at night.

"I thought I should be included in the important discussion, since the three of you have created more action in the office than Jim Velvet's retirement announcement and that too by just huddling in here and putting your heads together. I wondered why the lines were so busy." Bang MD stepped into the cabin with a sly smile on his face letting the girls know that he was only kidding. Bang- Si-Hyuk or Hit Man Bang as he called himself in his younger days, was a force to rekon with. His former name was the subject of many jokes between the girls and he let them have their fun good naturedly. He had a keen eye for talent and he was always the ace in the business game. Girls not just loved him dearly, they considered him family, since he was more of a metaphoical blood than the parents that gave them birth.

He quirked an eyebrow in Porsh's direction, Alvie got out of her seat to give her a nudge. "We were just talking business,"quipped Kathy, always the saviour.

"Business? wonder what could be so important for the two of you-", he pointed at Porsh and Kathy,"to grace this office with your presence. Since most of the time both of you are in the corporate field, "hunting"." He mused with a hint of quirk.

"Ray fields, umm, Ray Fields, recent IPO and prospect," Kathy hurried to add.

"Ray Fields... LA?, are you hunting outside your territory Kathy, thought it was more of her thing," he lifted his chin in Porsh's direction.

"Yea- umm- Yeah, it's my thing now," Kathy stammered. Alvie couldn't keep her giggle in. She loved how uncomplicated this situation was for her.

"And you Ms. June, aren't we very happy today, are you on the same project as her?", he asked, Alvie dropped the smile and nooded hastly, "and you Ms. Pearls?", he rounded on Porsh. "Yes, Yes I am", Porsh muttered through thin lips.

" Wow aren't the stars all out now?, Well I expect a meeting tomorrow then?" Bang MD asked with a laugh in his voice.

"Yes. Tomorrow. Ready. Umm, at 10 A.M.", Kathy was sweating heavily. And she was ready to bring her two best friends down in the sweat storm.

"Okay. 10 A.M. it is then," Bang MD gave them a nod and walked out of the cabin.

They waited for him to be out of earshot and slumped down on their chairs, Porsh kept standing. "What do we do now?", Alvie asked.

"I'll whip some reports tonight and handle the meeting," Kathy huffed.

"Or we attend the Beyonce concert as we had planned", Porsh deadpanned.

It took them some thinking with how they'll handle the situation and the only person they could really ask for help was Jimin. So they threw themselves at his seat and begged him to prepare a report tomorrow in exchange for the most magical night at the Hilton's with jungkook- all expenses paid. And though it took them some convincing, Jimin agreed to work a little extra and they each gave him a kiss on the cheek.

This was why Kathy hated mornings, no amount of coffee could fix that," damn you Mondays," She muttered under her breath as she headed to her own cabin.

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