Damaged Rose


The human mind is a complex machine. At times it could do things once thought impossible, but what if your mind was the very thing you couldn't trust? For one teen in particular such a thing couldn't be farther from the truth.

Fantasy / Action
Tyson McCoy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 Awoken


Two eyes turned towards him. Confused, scared, and hesitant. From that look alone he knew she wasn't sure if she should follow that order. Regrdless he ducked under the massive paw swung his way. Only for the Grimm's Tail to reach out and wrap itself around his mid section. A second later he finds himself being lifted into the air. Only to be slammed back down. His screams were cut short as the Grimm's tail wrapped itself around his throat. Being lifted into the air once more the boy could nothing but turn his head towards his company. She stood transfixed at the scence before her. Her entire body shaking with fear. Locking his eyes with hers the boy mouthed a single word.


The child took a step back, but paused.

The boy screamed as the Grimm's claws slowly ran down his back. The sight alone was all the girl needed to move. Turning she runs as fast as her little legs can move.

The Grimm all but ignored her.

Slowly it sinks it's claws deeper into his flesh. The boy's screams turned into walls of pain that echoed deep within the forest. The Grimm's animalistic growls were like laughter in the his ears.

The boy began to sob.

In response the Grimm's growls grew louder. Leaning in close the Grimm ran a tounge down the boy's neck. Seememly savoring his fear. The boy's sobs once more turned into screams as the Grimm bit down onto his shoulder. With a violent jerk the Grimm tore the flesh away. Leaving nothing but exposed bone and tissue. Licking its lips the Grimm revealed it's razor sharp teeth. As it if it was suppose to be a form of a smile. The boy's eyes slowly began to close. The blood loss mixed with excruciating pain becoming too much to bear. As he began to lose consciousness he felt a strange tingling sensation. It started small. Begaining from the back of his mind befor spreading. At first it was easy enough to ignore, but as seconds passed the sensation grew stronger.

Grunting the Grimm let go of the boy.

Hitting the ground with a audible thud the boy gasped. Nearly choking on his own blood in the process. Turning his head he saw the Grimm moved towards a certain direction.

The direction of the girl.

No the boy coughed. He weakly reached a hand towards the Grimm. please don't hurt her.

The Grimm simply ignored him.

No the boy gritted his teeth. He tried to move, tried to stand, tried to do anything but lay there unable to help his friend.

The Grimm paused. Slowly it turned it's massive head towards him. Its eyes holding nothing but darkness. For a long moment it simply stared at him. Than without warning it once again showed it's razor sharp teeth.


The creature turned and continued walking.


The sensation grew begaining to feel like the boy's skull was on fire.


Animalistic growls came from the Grimm's throat as the it caught the girl's sent.


The pain was increasing now. Moving down from his skull through his entire body.


In response his body began to glow with a light green aura.


The beast paused. As if sensing danger it slowly turned its head back.

In that very moment something within the boy snapped.


His eyes began to glow.

The teen gasps sitting up. The room itself was dark. The only light source being that of a half opened window. Even than it did little to illuminate the room. Placing a hand on his racing heart the teen took a solid deep breath. The dream or better yet nightmare still fresh in his mind. Despite that the teen still managed to calm himself down.

Somewhat at least.

However befor he was able to gather his thoughts, he felt a hand tightened around his stomach.

He froze.

In the darkness he heard a feminine voice mutter something under her breath. The voice was quite. So quite in fact that if the teen wasn't so close he wouldn't been able to hear her.

"No uncle Qrow I do want the cookie."

Slowly the teen's eyes followed the direction of the voice.

There laying in bed right next to him was a girl.

With it being so dark he wasn't able to distinguish her features. Regrdless the teen did the first thing that came to mind.

He screamed.

The action was loud enough to jolt the girl away in a instance. Regardless The teen tore himself away from her grasp. Quite literally jumping out of bed he searches desperately for the door. With it being so dark it took a few moments to find the knob, but it was just enough for the girl to process what was happening. When she did her eyes went wide with realization.

"No wait!"

The teen throws open the door befor bolting.

Only to bump into something.

Or rather someone.

The force of the collision was enough to send both individuals sprawling. Unfortunately it did little to curb the teen's ongoing panic. Scrambling to his feet the teen risked a backwards glance. The hallway was dark. With the only near by light source being a broken candle on the floor. Apparently who ever he bumped into used that as form of navigation. In any case the lighting was just enough for the teen to make out basic features.

Such as a pair of lilac colored eyes starring right back at him.

Logically the teen did what anyone else would do in a similar situation.

He screamed.


Regaining his footing the teen bolts towards the opposite direction. He didn't get far as a figure practically materialize right in front of him. "It's okay!" The figure shouts upon noticing the teen's terrified expression. It was in that moment he realizes that the figure befor him was a girl. The same girl he found himself sleeping next to despite having no idea who she was. "Get away from me!" The teen shouts. He slowly takes a step back. Risking a glance behind him the teen saw the individual he ran into standing right behind him. Gritting his teeth the teen suddenly felt a burning sensation within his mind. As he did the individual behind him spoke. It was undeniably feminine.

"What's going on?"

The girl in front of him was quick to answer.

Bland Rose.

The other girl's eyes went wide with shock.



"Are you sure? It's been over a year."

"I'm positive Yang."

The burning sensation grew as the two spoke. Causing the teen to suddenly grab his skull. A futile effort as the pain continued to rise. Suddenly the teen began to hear what sounded like a voice echoing in his head.


The teen blinked in confusion. Only to be replace with a grimace as more began echoing in his head.

Your gonna die.


They're gonna kill you.


RIp and tear, rip and tear.


Your gonna die and no one is going to save you.


Manic laughter began echoing inside his mind. The sound being so loud that it practically drowned out all other noise. "Shut up" the teen gritted his teeth. The laughter only grew.


Suddenly the wall beside the teen exploded.

In response he did the only thing he could.

He screamed.

The world around him began to shake.

Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped themselves around him from behind. The teen continued to scream while struggling to escape. The laughter was practically deafening now. With it being the only sound the teen could hear. He felt another pair of hands cupping his face.

"Get away from me!"

He screams. Or at least he think he did. Everything suddenly felt so unreal. Like what's happening now was merely just a dream. A figment of his imagination in witch he is destine to wake up from. Is that why he suddenly felt so tired? Maybe he could just close his eyes. At least for a moment. The laughter inside his head was still there. Yet it sounded so distant now. The teen's eye lids began to feel heavy. Closing his eyes he immediately felt his subconscious begin to slip.

Just before going fully under a voice reached his ears.

"So munch for hoping the house would finally stay in one pecie."
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