Tales of Cabur Squad

Never dull moment in Keldable

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"... Hmm looks like Keldable has repair itself nicely." Mutter a familiar young Mandalorian in a unique set of red and gray Mandalorian armor, as he walked on streets of Keldable.

Parjir Cadera and his squad just returned from a mission on Taris, answering a request call of a colony that had been dealing with pirates and somekind of new creatures, the locals called them Xenomorps. Whatever they were, they were dangerous, very fast and smart, even had acid as their blood, though it luckily didn't piece his beskar armor.

Still, one of them nearly killed him when he pushed a young Cathar out of the way of one pouncing towards the child.

Luckily Rao had his Mandalorian war axe to slice the Xenomorp's head off before it could, Parjir figure he should buy him those crushgaunts he saw him looking at lately at the market area. 'Hope all those things were dead.' his squad had to destroy a nest in order make sure they stay dead. It end up costing lives of lot of local militia forces on the planet but it got the job done.

"Su'cuy Parjir! I heard you and your squad just got back from Taris." Called out a male voice from across the young Mandalorian. Parjir turned to face who was calling him, he smirked once he saw who it was.

Leaning on the wall and smoking a cigar was a tall male human Mandalorian in orange and gray armor, his helmet was clip to his belt, the symbol of the True Mandalorians on his chest. He was roughly close to Parjir's age, short black hair, tan skin and sharp gray eyes, on right side of his face was badly scared from what looked like from acid. "Pallo! It's good to see ya again, yeah, my squad and I figure we stop by Keldable to help with damages. How's the scar healing up?"

Pallo Reau-Vizsla was the son of both Isabet Reau and late Kali Vizsla. Many people would have figured Pallo would have end up being ruthless and cold blooded like his parents were, but he surprised a lot of people when he showed his loyalty to Mandalore on several missions with Mandalorian Protectors, becoming very devoted to Supercommando Codex.

He was also one of Parjir's best friends. Pallo and Parjir clasp their hands in a brotherly way, both chuckling. "It's healing up rather good, itches but it was worth it to see that bastard get what he had coming."

Pallo was of course referencing to a Iridonian that threw bucket of acid onto his face while on a Protector run in Outer Rim, answering request call of a farmer world that were being raided by Iridonian raiders.

While it hurt like hell, Pallo was at least glad to see look of Iridonian when he sliced his stomach open with his beskad. "Well at least your got something to show Mirdala when you see her again." Parjir chuckle when he saw Pallo blush slightly, coughing his hand.

"Eh shut up Parjir, maybe you should focus on your Twi'lek girlfriend there." It was Pallo's turn to laugh when Parjir scowled, "how many times I gotta tell you and my squad, it aren't like that, we'll just friends." Pallo rolled his eyes.

"Sure you two are. So how is she adjusting on Mandalore?" Both Pallo and Parjir started making their way to Oyu'baat, passing a stormtrooper patrol. "She's doing alright, she's showing some interest in doing some work at the Oyu'baat." Parjir's new friend from Nar Shaddaa, Jace, was doing fairly well in Keldable. Given her experiences in bars, she's been considering working in Oyu'baat.

She was just glad Aramis wasn't kind of guy who had strippers for his bar. "Good to hear. So how's your clan doing Parjir?" Pallo's voice become softer here, he frowned when Parjir sigh.

"We'll rebuilding, still.. Buir's death has hit is hard." Parjir's father was killed in the Death Watch attack two weeks ago, he died in protecting the children in local school in Keldable from the Death Watch.

It forced Parjir's mother, Nalka Ordo-Cadera, to take over the clan. While their getting support from Clan Ordo and Clan Itera in the rebuilding, they still had a lot to do to rebuild their looses.

"Am sorry about Rarek, Parjir. He died like a true Mandalorian." Pallo place his hand on Parjir's shoulder, the young Mandalorian nodded, he was thankful of his friend's support.

"Thanks Pallo. What about your clan? Things still tension?" Pallo puffed some smoke, grimly nodding, "yeah, it's been getting worst since after Mand'alor visited, there's been some problems between me and buir." Pallo has been getting worried that his mother may had a small involvement in the Death Watch attack. There was quite few signs pointing to it.

The fact his mother has shown support to Death Watch didn't help. With death of Lorka Gedyc, a rift has been made within some members of the clan who were still loyal to her.

Some of Gedycs have been trying convince him that he should help the Death Watch, saying it's his birthright. "I heard about that, Ghoto Gedyc still bugging you?" Parjir recall Pallo telling him some of Gedycs have been bugging him lately.

"Yeah, he can go fuck himself cause I aren't gonna support the fucking Death Watch. Our clan has already suffer enough because of that demagolka Tor." Pallo narrow his eyes in anger at thought of his great grandfather, his mother can say all she want about Tor Vizsla or anyone that of the Death Watch. He buffed smoke out some more, smoking has become something of a bad habit of his he started up few mouths ago, the stress lately on his clan has bother him.

He'll forever hate him for the things he did in the Mandalorian Civil War, he nearly destroyed the Mandalorians because of his greed for power.

Parjir clapped Pallo's shoulder, he can understand Pallo's anger. They both had to live with mistakes of someone from their family made, "Let's not worry about that now, I'll buy ya some ne'tra gal." Pallo's anger right away went away at thought of his favorite drink.

The two made their way to Oy'baat, before they finally arrived at the Mandalorian bar, the bell ringed as they head inside. "Ah Parjir, Pallo! Good to see ya ad'ikas." Greeted the owner of Oyu'baat, Aramis, as he just finish cleaning out a cup.

"We'll take the usually Aramis." Said Parjir as he and Pallo made their way to a table, passing through the various of Mandalorians that had packed the bar.

Aramis nodded, he heads over grab Parjir and Pallo's drinks. "So Parjir, there any word about those missing Mandalorians in Werda Kurs?" Pallo was becoming very concerned about reports of missing Mandalorian Rangers in the Dark Forest.

Parjir shook his head. "No and it's stacking up, Clan Kelborn are getting very angry, won't be long until they will be seeking blood." Clan Kelborn was not a clan to mess with unless you were ready for a fight, they been around almost long as Bralor and are filled with some of best Mandalorian hunters you're likely to find.

Pallo took slip of his drink. "Well here's hoping we find out what's been making those patrols disappearing." Parjir nodded to that and the two went to their drinks.

Suddenly as they were drinking, they hear some footsteps coming over their way. "Well, well. Why if it isn't Pallo and Parjir, what brings you here?" Both their faces turn into scowls once they heard the familiar voice.

"Buzz off Snake, we aren't in mood to deal with you." Standing near their table was Galaar Snake, his helmet was off, showing he was grinning at the two.

Galaar didn't stop his grin. "Aw, now don't be like that, can't I greet two fellow vod?" Galaar took a sit at their table, his very presence was annoying the two young Mandalorians.

"So Parjir, heard you and you're squad encountered a new species of some kind on Taris, and that you nearly got killed when risking you're neck for a Cathar." Parjir was glaring at Galaar, he didn't like the sound of his tone when he said 'Cathar'.

"There a reason why I shouldn't have?" Now nearby other Mandalorians were watching their table, they could feel the tension coming off from there.

Aramis was watching then closely, he had a bad feeling Galaar was gonna do something stupid again. "Well it's a Cathar, they don't really have a good history with us Mandalorians, so why risk your neck for one?" Pallo's scowl was getting deeper here.

"You saying he should have let the kid die Galaar?" Pallo's voice was cold as ice, it made Galaar raise his brow.

He took large slip of his drink. "Naw, just curious, though your gonna want try stop bring reckless, something like that can get ya killed." Pallo rolled his eyes, Galaar was one to talk about not being reckless.

Galaar then turned to Parjir. "So kid, heard about your dad, gotta say, I guess I was wrong about your clan." That gotten almost every Mandalorians attention in the bar, most were now shooting a dark look to the arrogant Mandalorian. 'Snake, don't you dare go there.' Thought Aramis, he was now glaring at Galaar. He had a bad feeling what Galaar was gonna say.

Pallo stood up. "What the hell you mean by that Galaar? If you got something say, just say it right now." Parjir was tightening his fist, Galaar must be enjoying the enraged look on Pallo's face, though he scowled lightly when Pallo breath smoke in his face from his cigar.

"I mean I guess not all of his clan are arue'tals. Though am curious if you will prove that you aren't one Pallo? Like how we know you didn't had something to do with the attack two weeks ago?" That stopped any talk within the bar.

Aramis was about to tell Galaar he better get out of his bar before Pallo cross his arms. "What did you say?" Pallo's voice become cold, as if it was Isabet Reau who was talking.

Galaar stood up, smirking all the while. "You heard me, arue'tal. You and your fellow arue'tal here have disgraced the Mandalorians with your clan's act-" Parjir's fist hits Galaar's mouth before he finished what he was gonna say.


Force from Parjir's punch send Galaar flying over to next table, where three other Mandalorians were sitting at. The table was crashed as Galaar landed on it, spilling whatever drinks was on it on him.

"Maybe that should teach ya to say that disgracing word Snake." Said one of the three Mandalorians, a female Togruta in blue Mandalorian armor, she was scowling at Galaar.

Galaar stood up, his noise was busted up bad, there was a lot of blood coming down his noise and bit of his lip. He glared Parjir, his eyes narrowing as liquid drip off his hair. ".. Okay arue'tal, it's on!" Galaar in a flash, charges at Parjir.

The Togruta sigh as the fight begins between Parjir and Galaar. "Why is Brianna with him again?" She asks the two other Mandalorians with her.

A dark skin human in purple Mandalorian armor, shrugs. "It's beyond me Tiha." The third Mandalorian snorted, a male yellow skin Zabrak with black tattoos in green and black beskar'gam. "Either she has poor taste in finding new men or she knows something we don't."

The fight gets more vicious as some if Galaar's buddies get involve in the fight, forcing Pallo step in, wasn't long until tables and chairs were getting destroyed in the fight.

Never a dull moment in Keldable...

"Are we ssure Parjir went to hhere?" Said a tall green scale Trandoshan in brown and silver Mandalorian armor, a similar model to what Parjir Cadera wears. His red eyes scanned the Oyu'baat as it comes up ahead. "The Oyu'baat has his favorite ne'tra gal Rao, he'll be there." Said the Trandoshan Mandalorian's companion.

Walking next to him was a female human with fair skin, long light brown hair tiled in a pony tail, a bang of it hanging under her eye. She was wearing blue and white Mandalorian armor, the symbol of the ancient weapon, Star Forge, was on her chestplate. Rao nodded, "Very well, I might as well grab myself sssome ne'tra gal myself." Talea Farr nodded, she figure she could grab herself some as well.

However as they got near, they notice there seem to be something going on, it sounded like there was some fighting. Both Rao and Talea share a look, before they headed inside, fighting there was a fight going on, "What the hell is going?" Rao thanks to his tall height, he was able to see who was fighting, he sigh. "It's Parjir, his fighting that di'kut Snake, Pallo is also fighting some of his buddies."

Talea sigh, she should have known Galaar Snake would be around. "Alright, let's go break it up." However before she could, a female Mandalorian in green and blue armor stops her, her stance suggested she been enjoying the fighting. "Now hold on, let's give you're friends few minutes, am enjoying the beat down you're friend has been giving Parjir." Talea looked up ahead to the fight.

She could see both Parjir and Galaar going at it with everything they had, while Parjir had a cut lib and some bruising on his cheek, Galaar looked worst as he noise was broken, blood dripped from his noise as his right eye was turning black. "You damn arue'tal!" Galaar looked piss off, he attempts to charge Parjir but the young Mandalorian throws him off his shoulder, slamming him into the ground hard.

Pallo himself was busy fighting three of Galaar's thug friends, despite being outnumbered, he was doing fine so far. "Don't care, we might as well stop this before the Keldabe Law Enforcement gets here." Talea starts pushing through the Mandalorians that been enjoying the show.

Here she was hoping for a nice peaceful day, but no, Galaar Snake had just to ruin that chance for today.

A/N: Believe it or not, Xenomorphs are actually part of Star Wars, I kid you not, their listed in Star Wars wiki. Go ahead to see. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this, may or may not update this again soon. Good luck, till next time.


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