Tales of Cabur Squad

Bringing back vod home

A/N: Hey everyone, am back with a new chapter! Now, I decide try something new here, I haven't fully shown about how Cabur Squad works together. While this isn't a fairly good example, you're probably see a better example in the next chapter, but I couldn't bring myself not to do this one here. Anyway I hope you people enjoy.

I don't own Star Wars or it's characters, just OCs.

"... Hey alor! Why the krif are we doing on this freaking planet? It's so cold I can hear Rao's teeth chattering." Said a Verpine in blue and orange armor, he was doing his best keep up with rest of his squad through thick snow.

It had been few days since Parjir Cadera's fight with Galaar Snake. While there wasn't too much damage to the bar itself besides few broken tables and chairs.

Both Snake and Parjir still beaten crap out of each other, while Pallo himself send some of Galaar's thugs to the hospital, besides a horned blue and white admired Mandalorian, whom both Pallo and him really went at it.

While Talea try stop it, Snake end up trying punch her, believing she was coming help Parjir, but only cause the fight get bigger. It was only until Keldabe Law Enforcement got involved and broke up the fight, thus ending with everyone spending a night in jail.

"I aren't chattering Meash, am ssimply use to the cold." Grunted Rao, their large Trandoshan teammate, while he was able push through the cold, he was still shivering a little from the cold.

"Maybe next time your listen when we offer you a heat resister Rao." Said their squad leader, a tall broad shoulder green and red armored Mandalorian, his helmet's visor had two slits on the side, giving it a unique look.

This Ulick Lok, the squad leader of Cabur Squad and a Clone Wars veteran. "As for your question Meash, it's just like I said, we'll here on the request of Mand'alor himself, he wants us to retrieve something from this world." Cabur Squad were given orders by Fenn Shysa, the current Mandalore, to retrieve something from ice world of Zaadja.

Only Ulick Lok was given full details what it was. "I've been meaning ask that Alor, what did Mand'alor tell you about what we'll getting?" Asked Alfeda, their team medic.

A female Togorian within her mid twenties, Alfeda Kra'ake while a good medic, has a very big temper on her when angered. "You're see right away, we'll almost there anyway." Ulick thought it would be best for his squad to see.

Parjir Cadera looked around the snow covered area, he was kind of familiar with planet Zaadja. "Did you fought here Alor? I recall Zaadja was involved in the Clone Wars." Parjir recall Mandalorians were involved in the battle that took place here as well, but he wasn't fully aware what happened.

Ulick shook his head. "No, I fought with the 41st Elie Corps, I didn't fight with General Skywalker or Kenobi in the Clone Wars." That made Talea, their team scout, look at her captain surprise.

"You fought with Grand Master Yoda?" Talea recalls the stories about Yoda, despite being rather small and very old Jedi, he was skill a very legendary warrior in his own right. She had no idea Ulick Lok fought with him, 41st Elite Corps were known unit that worked with Grand Master Yoda.

Ulick chuckled bit. "A few times, he was one of the few Jedi that I got along with, not sure what happened to him after the war." While Ulick had heard Yoda died after Order 66 was issued, Ulick didn't believe it.

No, he still believes his still out there, he was way too clever to be caught by surprise from the Clone troopers. "Hey Alor, I think I ssee sssomething up ahead!" Shouted Rao, he catches glance of something up ahead as they come around some some large glazes of ice.

Up ahead was what looked had been a Geonosisian hive, Cabur Squad could tell this must have been a CIS factory, but it had been badly damaged from they assumed from the battle. "We'll here for something from the Geonoisians?" Asked Alfeda, she was confused to what would Mand'alor would want from this.

Ulick notices a small opening in the ruin Geonoisian hive, he frowned when he noticed it looked recent. 'Mand'alor said no one else was suppose to be here.' Ulick didn't like this.

"Come on, that opening leads in there, you're see right away what we'll after." Ulick starts heading towards to the opening, while Cabur Squad looked at each other, they still followed their captain.

Alfeda looked Parjir. "Any idea what Mand'alor would want from here?" Parjir was very observing when comes to matters like this, his keen mind would trade to theories to get his answer.

Parjir shook his head. "Am not sure, while he did fought in Clone Wars, it wasn't around when this battle took place. It may be due to fact Mandalorians were involved in this battle." Parjir wasn't quite sure what were Mandalorians role was in this battle, but he believed they were likely working with CIS.

He had a feeling it had something to do with them.

"Osik, we're all Geonoisian hives were like this?" Said Meash looked around, while lot of was either covered in ice or snow, he could still see the orangtic materials Geonoisians were known to use in their hives.

Alfeda looked at Meash, raising her brow. "Aren't Verpine homes little like this?" Meash looked little annoyed at Alfeda, "just because we'll a insectoid race, doesn't mean our homes are gonna be like Geonoisians. No we prefer use technology to make our homes." While Meash never grew up in Roche system, he was still familiar how most Verpines make their homes.

Their attention was drawn to Ulick, who stopped sign them too talking. "Hold it squad, Rao get over here, gonna need that war axe of yours." Ulick was standing front of a large bolder that was broking something, Rao nodded.

"Yes Alor." Rao lifts his massive Mandalorian beskar war axe, he goes over to the bolder, looking it over. 'Now, let's, where's the weak spot.' Rao may seem like a savage and a brute, but while that was true on some cases, his got a tactical mind, keeping his eyes sharp for weak spots.

He finally noticed right near the middle of the bolder, where a crack lining up was at. Rao stepped back, lifting up his axe, "Ya!" Rao slam his axe into the crack, causing some level of damage, he tug the axe out and did it again, the crack got bigger.

Finally Rao lift his axe once more and swung into the crack, the bolder couldn't take it any longer, it broke apart, causing some dust to form from the destroyed bits of rock.

"Nice work Rao, let's head inside team." Ulick directs his squad move in, bringing up his upgraded Mandalorian assault rifle, his squad soon follow him into the cave that Rao just carved his way in.

As the dust cleared, Cabur Squad was shocked to what they found. "Te Manda! What the krif happened here?" Talea said in great surprise, her eyes were wide behind her helmet.

Within the cave were corpses of Mandalorians in various color armor, some were in the walls, while others had been on the ground. "Alor! What the hell is this about!" Shouted Alfeda, she had a feeling this was what they were after.

Ulick sigh, he didn't like having do this to his men, but he follows orders from Mand'alor always.

Even during Clone Wars he did, when it didn't involved fighting the Republic that is. "Am sorry I didn't tell you, but Mand'alor told me not too, there were too many unknowns here, we were lead through a rumor that a Clone Trooper that fought here that started spreading it around. Still now that it's proven true."

Ulick gave a serious look to all members of Cabur Squad. "These vod have been in here for too long! Forgotten, killed by the hut'uunla Geonoisians! These vod are coming home, no matter what." Cabur Squad nodded.

"Good, now start getting these vod ready to move. Rao, Meash! You two started carving through a new way in, the former Clone trooper said a Jetii sneaked in through this way, try find it." The two nodded and started making their way to see if they can find any.

Parjir grimace as he kneels down before a dead Mandalorian, his armor was green and yellow, while some of the paint was gone, the armor was still good shape. "Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum vod, you will be back to your clan." Parjir wonder if this Mandalorian had a family before he died.

Did they pray for him to return? Did they moan for him? Parjir try not think about it, he started trying get him out of the wall that he was stuck to.

"Alor! We have a problem. This vod's beskar'gam is missing." Alfeda called over Ulick, alerting him right away.

He went over to where Alfeda was at, he grimace as he saw a from he could tell was a Rattataki, bits of his skin was rotted away, his beskar'gam was gone, leaving only his brown flight suit.

He closed what was left of his eyes. "Any ideas what happened?" Alfeda pointed to where some broken off, "from what I can tell, he was on that wall, someone broke him off probably few hours ago." Ulick's eyes narrowed.

Someone was recently here and grave robbed this vod, it made Ulick's blood boiled at very thought of it. "Alor! We found a opening! Someone recently broke right through." Ulick turned to see Meash and Rao were looking over a recently broke down pathway, he assumed that's where the grave robber went.

"We know, someone grave robbed one of our vod here. For now, help the others with getting these Mandalorians out of here." Ulick turned back to the dead Mandalorian near his feet.

Whoever did this, will pay. That was a sure promise going through Ulick's mind.

"Mirdala! We'll finish here, we got what we came for, time pick us up." Baked Ulick over the intercom in his helmet.

It took long time but they had been able get their fallen vod out of the cave, the ice temperature kept most of them intact for most part.

A woman's voice called back on the intercom. "Good to know we didn't came here for nothing, coming towards you now." Ulick nodded, he shut off from there.

He turn to his squad, seeing most of them were doing their keep the snow off the dead Mandalorians. '23 Mandalorians dead, pointless wasted life. Damn those CIS hut'uun to hell!' While Ulick didn't trust the Republic when him and his former squad worked with them.

They knew Republic was less likely stab them in the back, they tend keep their deals. The CIS leadership however was filled with corrupted individuals almost as bad as the Republic.

The fact with Zyggerians joining didn't help either. Ulick shook that thought out, 'Don't think about Goja IV.' It's been years since Ulick thought about that hellhole when CIS allied Zyggerian slavers invaded the Twi'lek colony.

He still had some nightmares of horrible things he saw Zyggerians did to the Twi'leks. "You alright Alor?" Ulick turned to see Parjir standing next to him, he could tell he looked concerned under his helmet.

"Am fine, just... Bad memories is all. Our fallen vod ready to move?" Parjir nodded, they gotten them prepared to be taken to their ride.

"Elek Alor, just say the word." Ulick nodded, he made a good choice of letting Parjir into his squad.

While still young, Parjir was still a fine example of a Mandalorian warrior, calm, patience, doesn't easier get angry, unless you mention arue'tal.

"So Alor, who was the clone that spread that rumor around?" Parjir was little curious. Unlike some Mandalorians, Parjir had respect for the clones, he had met his share his of the clones.

That and his adopted uncles were once Clone Commandos that served with his father in the Clone Wars. "Think his name was Chopper, he didn't talk all that much. Said he served in the battle with General Skywalker and Kenobi, and a Jedi woman name Tonho, gave up her life destroy this base." Parjir looked surprise for a moment.

While he can say there were some things he didn't pre say liked about Jedi, he can say he respected quite few, the fact this woman gave up life stop a major threat showed courage. "Hope it was worth it then. Where's this Chopper now?" Meash couldn't help but over hear this.

Ulick cross his arms. "Back at Keldable, his Mando'ad, his bit of a eye sore. Has B1 battle droid fingers at his belt, wears orange and green armor." Rao hummed at that, "odd choice for a trophy, but I guesss we all have our tasstess in trophies." Rao patted his new belt that he made from the Xenomorphs on Taris.

Their smooth skin was useful, he had consider making few other things with it. Meash roll his eyes, "Of course you would say, you're a Trandoshan, you people hunt almost everything." It was no secret Meash didn't approve of Rao's more brutal side.

It reminded him great deal of the Mandalorian Berserker clans, a group that he doesn't have best of relations with.

Before Rao could retold Meash, they hear the roar of a ship coming towards them. "Mirdala took her sweet time." Mutter Alfeda, she flick a cigarette she had been smoking, something she's been starting lately.

A shadow cast over the squad as the shuttle starts land. While it resembled a Kom'rk-class fighter/transport, a known ship used by the splinter Mandalorian group, the Death Watch.

But it was far larger then it, looking to be heavily modded that it could hold more people and cargo inside. The Mandalorian symbol was on top of the shuttle.

It slowly landed near Cabur squad, carefully not hit them, the wings of the shuttle went up as it landed. "Everything ready Mirdala!" Shouted Ulick, yelling make sure she heard him.

The hatch opened, a stair way opened forward as well, the sound of metal boots coming forward were heard.

"Yes, cargo hold is ready, I made sure it was right enough for the corpses." The figure that came out of the shuttle was a medium size female Mandalorian in dark blue and yellow beskar'gam, her karma flick to the side from the wind.

She took off her helmet, revealing she had blue skin, long black hair tiled back to a bum, her red eyes scanned members of Cabur Squad.

This woman was a Chiss, a near humans from the Unknown Regions, like most of her race, she was very good shape. "Get them on board, we don't much time, there's a storm coming in." Her accent was clear, yet slight gruffness to it.

This was Mirdala Jennis, a well skilled Mandalorian pilot, and a known friend of Cabur Squad. "Good, this place was too cold for my liking." Mutter Meash, he and Talea started getting the fallen Mandalorians on board.

Parjir started too as well, him and Rao grabbed a red and grey armored one. "So Ulick, what should we do about the one that took the beskar'gam?" Asked Mirdala, Ulick told her about the grave robber who stole of the dead Mandalorian's armor.

She hated the idea of an aruetil looting a vod's body. "I don't like it but we can't do anything about it. Besides." Ulick carefully grabs one of the Mandalorian corpses, showing off his strength.

"Something tells that grave robber will be getting what he has coming."

Little did that Ulick Lok know, that his right he was as grave robber will be meeting a fitting end at the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter...

A/N: Well hope you enjoyed this one. It always bugged me about those Mandalorians rotting away on Zaadja, it never sit right with me. Also we never did found out what happened to that clone trooper Chopper, so I figure this might make an interesting role, you may see him soon. And now you meet Mirdala Jennis, she's that woman whom Parjir mentioned that Pallo may or may not like.

Anyway, till next time everyone.

Mandalorian Translation:

Alor: Leader, chief "officer", constable, boss.

Beskar'gam: armor; Literally: "iron skin".

Vod: brother, sister, comrade.

Aruetii: outsider or traitor; colloquially a "non-Mandalorian".

Elek: yes.

Hut'uunla: cowardly.

Hut'uun: coward.

Mand'alor: "sole ruler", leader of the Mandalorians.

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