Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 10

"Here drink this." Kurt handed Blaine a coffee. "I called Carole and my dad, they said they didn't want to get in the way so they won't come down unless things get really bad."

Blaine strummed his hand on his coffee. "Have you talked to any of the doctors?"

Kurt sat down across from Blaine at the table in the cafeteria. It was the middle of the night and empty besides a few older patients. He looked around and sighed, "No. The nurses won't tell me anything or let me near the room."

Blaine ran his fingers through his hair, "It's been over an hour. Tests take that long right?"

"I don't know Blaine. I'm not the one doing the tests am I?"

"Okay. You don't have to get snappy."

"I'm sorry." Kurt closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, I'm just scared and worried and want to hold him in my arms right now."

"I know. Me too. Why won't they tell us anything?" Blaine tightened his grip on his coffee cup.

"I don't know. They didn't give us a time limit or anything. So we just wait I guess."

"It's annoying. I mean he's our son! We deserve to know what's happening."

"I agree but we have to wait Blaine." Kurt shifted in his seat across from Blaine. "Did you call your parents?"

Blaine looked at some infomercial on the tv. "Nope. I'll call Cooper later when he's awake. Our stuff's still there, so they know we didn't leave."

Kurt ripped a napkin up on the table absent mindedly, " Maybe you should call them, who knows what they'll say. Maybe your dad will want to come down..."

"He's not going to come just because Aiden's sick. He doesn't care Kurt. He never has, he never will." Blaine saw Kurt's hands freeze momentarily.

"Sorry." He said. "I just don't want to talk about my family."

Kurt nodded. They let the silence pass in between them for a few minutes before Blaine spoke.

"And I'm sorry for earlier…about the whole Aiden's dad situation. I don't want us to be distant in a time like this." Blaine dared to bring up again the incident over dinner.

Kurt returned back to his napkin "I haven't forgotten Blaine. I'm still hurt. I just have our son on my mind right now."

"I don't know why I did it. It isn't important to me or anything, it doesn't matter one way or another. I just felt like I wanted to know. I'll be honest, I wanted...I just wanted him to be yours."

"Why?" Kurt furrowed his eyebrows together.

"I mean look at my family Kurt. I'd rather have him not have any part of my dad's asshole traits, my mom's OCD personality, Cooper' narcissism or my anger. You're perfect to me which is why I love our son so much. I just had to be sure he wasn't going to turn out as messed up as I am."

"You're not messed up Blaine." Kurt said. "Yeah your family had bad qualities so what. Every family does. I mean I have problems too. Do you think I want our son to come out with porcelain skin and a falsetto?"

"I love your voice Kurt."

"I hated my girlie voice growing up. We all have our faults. My main thing was and still is... I just don't want him to grow up favoring one parent over the other. I don't know. If he had questions I would try to answer them as best I could but…"

"I know. If he has questions, then we'll answer them. I want him to have the same kind of relationship with us you have with your father." Blaine looked at Kurt. "But I am sorry, I should have come to you with the real reasons. It wasn't just MY decision it's ours as a family." Kurt partially smiled and nodded. He looked at the tv again.

Blaine glanced at his watch. "This is ridiculous. It's been long enough."

"We can't just walk into the room."

"I'm not just sitting here while they poke and prod at him. I want to know what the hell is going on." Blaine stood up from the table and walked out of the cafeteria.

Wide eyed, Kurt scrambled up after him. "Blaine! Wait don't make a scene..."

Kurt caught up with Blaine at the receptionist desk of the ICU. For being nearly three inches shorter than Kurt, he moved fast.

"Yeah well he's our son and I think we have a right to see him!" Blaine raised his voice at the nurse. She was taken aback by Blaine's sudden tone.

"Uhhh sir. I can't disclose patient's files to just anyone..." The nurse stammered

"I'm his father and unless you want a lawsuit on your hands I suggest I see either the nurse or doctor that helped us earlier within the next five minutes! I can make it so you don't work in any hospital ever again."

Kurt placed his hand on Blaine bicep and pulled him firmly, he made sure Blaine was facing him. "Yelling, at her isn't going to make a difference. Relax, okay? I will handle the doctors, you need to go outside and chill out now before WE'RE the ones with a lawsuit on our hands for you threatening a nurse." Kurt stared at him intently. "Go." He turned back to the nurse apologizing on behalf of Blaine.

Blaine could feel the anger seeping through him, he needed a boxing bag to get it all out. He walked towards the front of the hospital resisting the urge to throw the pamphlets on the front of the desk on the floor.

He stopped at the local gift shop and bought a water and pack of cigarettes. It had been years since he last smoked. He started in college his junior year back when his finals were out of control and his relationship with his father was at its worse. Once Kurt realized he smoked, he demanded Blaine quit.

Blaine lit a cigarette a few feet away from the hospital, the nicotine filling his lungs. He didn't know how long he was out there before he got a text from Kurt telling him they were going to meet with the doctors. Blaine looked down to realize he had chain smoked almost half the pack. He cursed himself and put out his current one. H thew away the rest of the pack in the trash and sprinted to the car quickly spraying himself with cologne and taking a few mints.

He walked back in the hospital and found Kurt on the 9th floor, which was the ICU floor. Kurt motioned him to the receptionist desk, where he was singing paperwork.

"What's that?" Blaine motioned to the papers.

"There was a problem with the insurance, but I took care of it." Kurt signed his name and handed the pen to Blaine. "Here sign there."

Blaine signed and handed the paper to the nurse who avoided eye contact with him.

Kurt elbowed him and nodded his head towards the nurse, "Sheila sweetheart, my boyfriend has something to say to you."

Blaine sighed and turned to her, "I'm sorry about yelling at you earlier."

Sheila smiled, "It's okay. It comes with the job most of the time."

"Sheila is in her first year nursing Blaine and she is the biggest fan of Les Miserables ever. It's so cute." Kurt gushed.

Sheila blushed and handed Kurt a copy of his statements, " Here you go. If you guys sit there, the doctor will be right with you."

"Thank you." Kurt took the papers and sat next to Blaine in the room.

"What was wrong with the insurance?" Blaine asked.

"Nothing important. I took care of it but isn't Sheila the greatest. Look she gave me a picture of her daughter." He narrowed his eyes as he leaned near Blaine.

"You smell like smoke."

Blaine looked at the picture on the phone intently," Wow she's just adorable!"

"Blaine Anderson! You know how I feel about smoking. Especially with Aiden being born!"

Blaine looked down and mumbled, "It was just half or so..."

"Blai..." Kurt started to protest but the nurse they had earlier called them into the back.

Kurt's eyes widened and he looked toward the nurse. Blaine heard Kurt's breath hitch as he reached blindly for his hand. He found Kurt's hand and laced his fingers, Kurt's cool slender fingers twined in Blaine's smaller calloused ones.They followed the nurse into a room much like they had been in before.

"Where's Aiden? Is he okay?" Kurt asked.

"He was a good sport. He's asleep now, the testing took a lot longer than usual. We had some...complications but the doctor will go more in depth."

"What kind of complications?" Blaine asked his voice full of worry.

The nurse stood up, "Like I said the doctor will be in soon. He's just processing the last test results and he can answer any questions you guys have. I'm going to go see if Aiden is stable and situated and after you talk to the doctor we'll show you his room."

Kurt tried to take a deep breath as she left. He felt himself hyperventilating. Blaine rubbed his back, "Okay breathe, breathe." Kurt started crying, "Complications? Anything, I'll take anything, all the bullies in the world, ME being sick, losing my job anything if he's okay. He's just a baby Blaine. It seems like just yesterday we brought him home..."

"I know…I know Kurt." Blaine rubbed his back.

The doctor knocked and walked in. "Hi guys." He sat on the little chair across from Blaine and Kurt.

"What's going on Dr. Hopkins?" Blaine rubbed Kurt's back as he saw Kurt out of the corner of his eye fight back more tears.

"Well the good news is Aiden is stable and sleeping soundly."

"Where is he?" Kurt squeaked.

"He's still in the ICU, we had some complications. You guys were right about the ear infection but we also caught something else."

"What's something else?" Kurt looked up.

"Well originally we thought Aiden just had an ear infection, which is common in infants. We gave him medicine for that and were ready to move him out of ICU. Even though his fever was high, we thought after a couple of hours he would be fine. But then he started turning blue, so we rushed to get him oxygen and…"

"Why weren't we aware of all of this!" Blaine protested.

"Honestly Mr. Anderson it happened so fast, our team responded as fast as we could. And also upon entering the hospital you singed a waiver…"

"What's wrong with Aiden?" Kurt interuppted. "I mean if its not an ear infection, then why is he still here?"

"Well all of his symptoms led to pneumonia, now normally we can prescribe antibiotics and that's it but with Aiden turning blue…we have him on IV now. He's also stable but we want to keep him at least for a couple more hours." Dr. Hopkins opened his file.

"Oh god." Kurt put his head in his hands. Tears streamed down his face. "Can we see him?"

"He's hooked up to the machines currently. You are more than welcome to stay with your son now. I do suggest that you two go home and sleep. Aiden's had a long night so he's recommended sleep. You guys should too."

Blaine rubbed his temples, "Let's just see him."

The doctor led them to the room that Aiden was in. He looked so small and helpless hooked up to the machines. Kurt gasped and rushed in, coming to the bedside with his tears flowing freely. Blaine felt a lump form in his throat as Dr. Hopkins patted him on the back. "I'll leave you guys with him."

Blaine walked over to Kurt and placed his hand on his shoulder. "It's okay. He's fine now."'

"Look at all these machines on him." Kurt whispered as he brushed the hair away from his sleeping son's face. "Don't be scared of all these machines Aiden. You're going to be okay. We're here now, Daddy and I are here."

"He's strong…just like you." Kurt grabbed Blaine's hand. "Just like you." He kissed the top of Blaine's hand and closed his eyes, "He's here. Our son is safe, and I have you." He squeezed Blaine's hand. "I'm so thankful for our family."

Blaine kissed Kurt's cheek. "I love you so much."

Kurt hummed his response as he let go of Blaine's hand to pull up one of the chairs to the side of the bed. He held Aiden's small hand in his, their skin matching perfectly. Blaine nearly lost it at the sight.

"Umm, do you need anything? Food or clothes?" He asked Kurt.

Kurt looked at him, he needed sleep obviously and they hadn't eaten since dinner last night. Blaine glanced at his watch, it was almost five thirty in the morning. It already had been four hours since they first got there. "Kurt you need sleep…we both need sleep."

Kurt shook his head, "No. I want to stay with him."


"I'm staying." Kurt looked at Blaine.

"Okay, well we need clothes…" Blaine opened his wallet. "I could go get us some, from like Target or something. I think there's a twenty four hour one somewhere in town."

"Yes, but don't go far please." Kurt said worriedly. "I mean…I just want you close."

Blaine nodded. "Okay, just anything? I don't know how long they want him…or how long we're staying. He'll probably need diapers or food."

"Anything is fine. Do you want my card?" Kurt tried to fish out his wallet without letting go of Aiden's hand.

"No it's fine." He walked over to Kurt and kissed his forehead. " I'll be back soon." Blaine leaned over and kissed Aiden's forehead too while he whispered, "I'm so happy you're okay."

As he started to leave Kurt called out, "No smoking…please. I need you still around to watch our son grow up."

Blaine nodded as his shut the door lightly. He made his way to the parking lot and got into the car. He found a Target down the road that was open and went in. He picked up a couple a shirts for him and Kurt and comfortable pants. He got diapers, food and a set of pajamas and regular clothes for Aiden to wear home. He even stopped to get a small toy for him, smiling to himself knowing even though Aiden was sick, Kurt would scold him for spoiling him with more toys.

As Blaine walked through the store to check out, his phone buzzed. It was probably Kurt calling because he forgot something. H estopped and looked at his phone, it was his dad. He answered it.

"What?" Blaine asked bluntly.

"I'm just checking on my grandson." His father said. Blaine couldn't pick up his tone.

"He's fine. I just love how now that he's sick, he's your grandson."

"No, it's now that I'm paying your insurance bills he is. I've already invested too much money in him for him to just to be a stranger."

Blaine thought for a second on his statement, "It's six in the morning Dad, I've a long day thanks to you and an even longer night. What are you talking about insurance bills?"

"Well…well. Seems like your whole "pretend family" isn't so perfect, keeping secrets." His dad said smugly.

"Dad, what the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm surprised your little hubbie didn't tell you especially since you had to sign the papers. I paid for your whole hospital visit and I'm still paying until he leaves."


"Your insurance wasn't working and god knows HIS dad can't afford it, so he came running to me. You see Blaine, no matter how much you THINK you hate me, you're always going to need me. "

Blaine felt the anger seep through him, as he checked out. The cashier had to ask him to swipe his card three times before he remembered where he was. He gathered his stuff and got into the car.

"What's wrong son? I would appreciate a thank you for stepping up and taking control of the situation as always." His father leered.

"I don't need anything from you. Don't worry Dad, I'll get ahold of the insurance and you're going to be getting your money back immediately. I don't care if I'm in debt."

"Well Blaine, you do what you have to do. Whatever makes you feel like a man again. By the way tell my "grandson" I hope he feels better." He father hung up with a click.

Blaine resisted the urge to throw his phone out of the window, he needed to calm down. He pulled over and got a pack of cigarettes from a gas station. He needed it, he made sure to smoke outside and spray himself with cologne.

Once he got to the hospital he took the things inside to the room. Kurt was asleep in the chair and Aiden still asleep on the bed. Blaine watched his heart monitor beating steadily and it calmed him almost instantly knowing his son was better. He walked over to the bed on the opposite side from Kurt.

Aiden's breathes still struggled but the breathing tube looked to be helping. He looked over at Kurt sleeping in the chair. Even in his sleep he could see Kurt's worry lines across his forehead. He looked down at Aiden's small body hooked up to the machines. He thought about his stress from work, not to mention Kurt wanting to leave for California. He thought about his dad and the money they now owed him. Blaine had always felt he was the rock in his family, but that second he just lost it and cried.

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