Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 13

Five days later Blaine hooked Aiden's car seat into the back of their car. He made sure it was secured before turning to Sarah for Aiden.

"Does he have to leave? He's so cute." Sarah cuddled Aiden who squealed and played with her long hair. Blaine smiled. "We'll be sure to visit again before we head home to New York next week." Sarah pouted and kissed Aiden in the cheek. "Okay well he has the scar cream in his bag, apply it three times a day and before you know it; it'll be like he never had surgery. Be sure to check in with your pediatrician when you get back home too."

Blaine grabbed Aiden gently, "Wave goodbye buddy." He told him. "Bye bye!" Aiden waved and smiled. Sarah broke out into a huge grin. "I will see you soon!" She smiled and turned to Blaine, "Take care of that family of yours." She turned to Kurt who was sitting in the front seat. "It was nice meeting you Kurt." He just sat staring off into space ignoring them all.

"Kurt?" Blaine called softly. "Huh?" Kurt looked up suddenly as if he had just noticed they were all there.

"I was just saying it was a pleasure meeting you and your family. I hope we see each other soon." Sarah placed her hand on Kurt's shoulder gently. Kurt flinched at her touch. "Yes, it was nice meeting you." He said firmly.

Blaine nodded and lightly shut Kurt's door. He turned to Sarah. "Thank you for everything." He leaned to put Aiden in his car seat who immediately protested. "No! No seat!"

"I see we're back to normal." Blaine grunted as he strapped Aiden in. Sarah laughed and gave Blaine a hug, "Good luck."

Blaine handed Aiden a toy which distracted him long enough to shut the door. Blaine climbed in the driver's side and started the car. "Are both my guys ready to go home?" Aiden swung his stuffed toy by the arm back and forth in the backseat. Blaine smiled, it was good to finally see Aiden smile again.

He looked at Kurt who was staring out of the window. "Hey?" He said softly. Kurt looked over.

"Are you okay? You've been quiet for the past two days." Blaine frowned at him. "I'm fine." Kurt said.

"You sure...?" "Blaine I'm fine." Kurt said sharply. He lighted his tone a little and looked out the window. "Let's just go to your parents. I'm tired and I know Aiden probably is too."

"Okay. Are you hungry?" Blaine asked with concern.

"No just tired." Kurt pressed his lips in a tight line.

Blaine pulled out of the parking lot and headed to his parents. Cooper had left two days ago and his mom wouldn't be home until later so the house would be quiet for them. After about half an hour, Blaine pulled into the driveway to see a sleeping Kurt nestled against the window. He smiled and looked in the backseat. Aiden was playing with his toy and his eyes brightened when he saw Blaine in the rearview mirror.

"Kurt?" Blaine said softly. He nudged Kurt just a little. Kurt sat up with a jolt and looked around.


"It's fine. You're fine. We're at my parents." Blaine rubbed his shoulder. Kurt blinked widely and turned to Aiden in the backseat. Aiden was eating and throwing a handful of Cheerios on the floor. "How did he even manage to get into those!?" Blaine said as he got out of the front seat and opened Aiden's side.

Cheerios spilt all over the floor of the car and the ground. Aiden just laughed and clapped his hands. "Oh you think your funny now don't you?" Blaine shook his head and laughed. He turned to Kurt, "Let me get him out and settled and I can come help you."

"No it's fine." Kurt stood stiffly. "I'm going to go lie down in your room." Blaine undid Aiden and held him in his arms. "Well I don't think he's going to sleep anytime soon, so I'll feed him and change him. If you need anything, call me." Kurt just nodded and made his way into the house.

Blaine kissed Aiden on the cheek. "Feeling better buddy?" Aiden reached for the sunglasses on the top of Blaine's head. Blaine pushed them back further, "No not a toy."

Aiden protested trying to reach farther. Blaine shifted him to the other hip and shut the car door . "Come on let's go inside. You need a bath and food besides Daddy's hungry too. " Aiden fussed all the way inside, motioning to get down. "Okay fine." Blaine set him on the floor of the living room. Aiden quickly crawled to the remote on the coffee table putting one end in his mouth.

Blaine walked over swiftly removing the remote from his son's mouth. "No Aiden. I swear it's like you've never even been to the hospital. You just some toys to play with." He set the remote down and just lifted Aiden off the ground away from a plant he was taking the dirt out of. "Aiden, your grandmother is going to kill me if you mess up her plants." Blaine put Aiden back on his hip. "Okay we need your bouncer so I can clean and get dinner started." They headed upstairs to Blaine's room. Blaine looked at Aiden before he opened the door, "We have to be quiet, Poppa is sleeping. Shhh." He put his finger to his lips.

Aiden copied him and Blaine quietly opened the door. Kurt was sleeping on top of the covers on his usual side. His face read worried as he slept. "Poppa!" Aiden squealed. "Shh! Shh!" Blaine hushed Aiden. Kurt only stirred a little before turning to the other side. Blaine grabbed a handful of toys in the same arm as Aiden and used his free one to wheel the jumper into the hallway. Aiden tried to get out of Blaine's arms and he whined and wiggled against him. "Aiden! I can't get you, your toys and the jumper all downstairs while you act fussy!"

"Here, hand him to me." Mr. Anderson came out of the large oak door to his office. Blaine hesitated, clutching Aiden a little tighter.

"Jesus Blaine! I'm not going to throw him down the freaking stairs, hand him over!" Blaine handed Aiden to his Dad as he shut the door to his room. He folded up the bouncer and headed downstairs with his dad following. He set the bouncer up in the living room and spread Aiden's toys on a blanket on the floor.

"You can put him in the bouncer." Blaine walked into the kitchen and plugged his phone into the iPod dock on the counter. "He just sits there?" His dad said skeptically. "Yeah I have to get dinner ready and clean up. I can just watch him from there." Blaine went into the large kitchen. "He needs to eat too."

Aiden played with a few of the toys attached to the front of the bouncer and then suddenly looked up at Mr. Anderson. He had a look of pure concentration on his face for a few moments then stared wide eyed.

"I think he just shit." Mr. Anderson said bluntly.

"Well then grab him!" Blaine walked out of the kitchen towards the pair in the living room. "Watch your language, we try not to curse around him."

"I used to curse around you and Cooper all the time." Mr. Anderson scoffed. "Look how we turned out." Blaine lifted Aiden out of his bouncer and smelled around his diaper. "Whew he did."

Blaine's phone started ringing, he walked over to it reading the caller ID on the screen, "It's the doctor. I need to take this, can you change him?" He handed his dad the diaper bag and the baby.

Mr. Anderson raised his eyebrows, "I haven't changed a diaper in years and even then I made your mother do it."

"Well figure it out." Blaine answered the phone. "Hello this is Blaine Anderson." He walked out if the room. Mr. Anderson just held Aiden arms distance away from him. "God kid you smell."

He looked around the room for a place to lay him. He had seen this once before when his sister brought his nephew by last Thanksgiving, if she could do it then he could too. He set Aiden on the floor and went to the laundry room to grab a handful of sheets and latex gloves. He laid the sheets on the kitchen island counter and turned around to pick up Aiden who was nowhere to be found.

"Dammit!" He whispered. "The hell?" He looked around the kitchen and went back into the living room. He could still hear Blaine on the phone in the dining room. He couldn't tell Blaine that he lost his kid in less than a minute. Mr. Anderson went to the cupboard and got a biscotti stick out of one the glass jars. He crumbled it a little bit and laid it on the floor, snapping his fingers. "Psst. Psst. Aiden! Where the hell are you?" He listened and didn't hear anything. He rubbed his temples, he could just imagine how much shit he would hear from his wife and Blaine if the baby died.

Suddenly he heard a rustle near one of the plants in the corner of the living room. He pushed one of the pots back to see Aiden sitting in a pile of soil. Dirt was all over him and staining his clothes. "Dammit!" He said as he picked up Aiden. Aiden just laughed and clapped his hands spreading dirt everywhere.
Mr. Anderson sat him on the island covered in sheets. "Stay here!" He grabbed a pot from under the sink and filled it halfway with water. He added a long stream of dish soap creating bubbles and stood Aiden up on the counter. He used kitchen tongs to peel off the diaper before tossing it into the empty side of the sink.

"This is disgusting. How are you not able to use the bathroom by yourself?" He stopped the water in the pot about half full. He peeled Aiden's shirt off too threw that in the garbag before lifting Aiden and setting him in the pot. Aiden looked up at him and laughed as he splashed the water everywhere. He reached up and turned on the faucet spraying water all over his head and Mr. Anderson's pants.

"No! No!" Mr. Anderson shut the water off and Aiden just laughed hysterically. "My pants." Mr. Anderson looked down. "This is why I never touched my children until they were older." Aiden just smiled his large blue eyes up Mr. Anderson. "Up!" He reached his hands up. "Okay fine." Mr. Anderson lifted a dripping wet Aiden out and back onto the sheets. Water spilled onto the floor and Mr. Anderson just gritted his teeth, "Okay diaper?!" He looked in the diaper bag. "You have no diaper, that's just brilliant."

He could do this, he opened a drawer and got scissors. He cut a long piece of the sheet before wrapping it around Aiden. Aiden squirmed on the counter, trying his best to roll out of the makeshift diaper.

"Stop! Now look sometimes we have to do things we don't want to and today that involves you wearing a diaper. You think I'd love nothing more than to go free all day too?" Mr. Anderson tied one final knot on the diaper. "Your...grandmother did all this crap when your dad was a kid. So don't blame me. I'd rather you talk and use the bathroom by yourself but I'll be damned if you sit around in your own shit all day."

Aiden's eyes widened as he looked up at Mr. Anderson. He cooed and played with the watch on his wrist. Mr. Anderson lifted his free hand and gently peeled back the bandages that covered up Aiden's surgery scars. He touched the scar on his chest. It was just about the length of his index finger. "You scared them..." He said out loud. It was silent for a moment before he cleared his throat and straightened up. "Okay. Dinner? You need food."

He grabbed the jar of biscotti's and set them to the side. "You need a shirt too." He picked up Aiden and set him in the bouncer. He went to the laundry room and came back with a shirt. "Your uncle is a grown man and still has your grandma do his laundry." He slipped one of Cooper's large shirts over his head and handed him a biscotti. Blaine came back into the kitchen as Mr. Anderson was cleaning up the water on the floor. "I hope he wasn't trouble." Blaine looked toward Aiden who looked like he was trying to plot his escape from his bouncer.

"Nope, kid was great." He nodded toward the phone in Blaine's hand. "You've been on the phone awhile, is everything..."

"It's fine. I actually need to go pick up their prescriptions." Blaine looked at Aiden again, who was eating some sort of food and watching TV. "I could go wake up Kurt to watch him."

"No it's fine. I can...I mean we did okay before… I mean he's not dead!" Mr. Anderson said sitting on the couch, turning on the game. Aiden perked up, "Ball?"

"He likes football, well any sports really." Blaine grabbed his keys off the counter. "I'll take your car just in case you guys have to go somewhere. It has the car seat." He walked over to Aiden and gave him a kiss on the head. "I'll be back, be good." He took a sniff, "Did you give him a bath or something? He smells very...clean."

"Pick up dinner while you're out, something good too. None of that fruity health crap you people in New York eat." Mr. Anderson flipped to another channel. Blaine shook his head, "Fine. Whatever. Just wake up Kurt if you need him. Bye Aiden!" He kissed Aiden on the forehead before he grabbed his keys and left out of the room.

Aiden looked up and frowned. "Dadda?" His face scrunched up and then he started to cry. "Ohh no! Don't pull this during the game."Mr. Anderson shook his head. Aiden cried louder.

"God dammit." Mr. Anderson got up from the couch and rolled the bouncer over closer to him. He pushed it back and forth with his foot. "Look if you stop crying through the fourth quarter, then I'll buy you anything you want."

Aiden just cried and kicked. "Ughhh." Mr. Anderson continued to push the bouncer back and forth and did his best to ignore him. A commercial on the tv showed a dog and Aiden immediately stopped crying. "Doggie?" Mr. Anderson stopped pushing the bouncer. "You want a dog?"


"Okay fine," He picked Aiden up and grabbed Blaine's keys,"If a dog will get you to stop crying, then a dog it is."

Blaine got back about an hour and a half later. He had stopped by Burt and Carole's to get some of their things they had left for Aiden. He opened the large oak front doors and called out, "Hey Dad sorry I took so long, I had to stop by Burt's..." He walked in the living room to see Aiden walking around following a small puppy. Toys were littered everywhere both new and old and Aiden was wearing some sort of shirt that looked like it belonged to Cooper.

"Dad!?" Blaine called. "Dad! Dad get in here now!" Mr. Anderson came into the living room. "I'm about to take a conference call Blaine. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Wrong with me!? You're in your office UPSTAIRS Dad. You can't just leave him alone!"

"That's what the baby monitor and dog are for." Mr. Anderson rolled his eyes. "What baby monitor?" Blaine looked around. Mr. Anderson pointed at the small screen hooked up to the TV. "I can see him on the screen in my office. And the dog's here, I bought it for the kid."

"We aren't taking a dog back with us." Blaine protested.

"Well I'm not keeping it. Did you get dinner?" Mr. Anderson looked to see if Blaine had brought anything home.

"Dad! I'm not taking a dog home! We already have enough on our plate with Aiden." Blaine huffed.

"Blaine the dog is non-refundable. So what's for dinner?"

"Oh my god Dad! Seriously!?" Blaine went to pick up Aiden from the reach of the dog. "You can't just leave him alone like this. He's a baby! What if he ate something or what if he..." Blaine caught a glimpse of Aiden's outfit. "Dad, why is he wearing a shirt that says "I only talk to virgins!?"

Mr. Anderson furrowed his eyebrows together, "Well I..." Blaine clenched his jaw and picked up a couple of Aiden's toys grumbling through his teeth, "Stupid...dog...one...hour." He grabbed the diaper bag and headed up the stairs with the puppy in tow. "So you didn't get dinner?" His dad called after him. "Get a pizza!" Blaine yelled over his shoulder.

He went to his room opening the door slightly only to be blocked by the small black puppy and his persistent barking. "Shh! Shh!" He tried to swat at the puppy. Aiden laughed and clapped his hands. "Doggie doggie!" "No Aiden!" Blaine turned in a circle trying to avoid the dog. He shut the door in his room praying he didn't wake up Kurt. He stood for a moment listening outside the door but heard nothing. "Where can we go?" Blaine thought out loud.

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