Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 14

Kurt blinked slowly and lifted his head surveying the room, he half expected to see Blaine somewhere sitting in a chair next to him. He sat up glancing in the small portable crib at the end of the bed, surprisingly wasn't met with Aiden's grinning face. Kurt stretched his legs and arms, feeling the need to shower and eat. His stomach growled in agreement.

He stood up and walked out into the large hallway. The house was completely silent except for sirens coming from a TV in Cooper's bedroom. The show Cops was on and the door was cracked slightly. Kurt walked the few steps down the hall and gently pushed it open to see toys filtered all around the room and little brown pellets on the floor.

Kurt looked at the bed to see Blaine asleep with his reading glasses framed on the tip of his nose. One of Aiden's books was sprawled across his chest and he had a small blue handprint on the side of his face. Aiden was a few feet away curled up asleep on a small black puppy. It's face and fur were streaked with blue lay asleep under Aiden.

He sat down on the edge of the bed near Blaine brushing the loose curls out of his face. The small dog moved his head lightly at the end of the bed, forming a low growl at Kurt. Blaine in his sleep nudged his leg in the direction of the dog missing him by inches.

Kurt half smiled and he leaned over to grab his phone off the side table flipping through it to check any emails.

After a few minutes Blaine whispered, "Hey sleepyhead."

Kurt looked up and stretched a little, "Oh, I didn't want to wake you guys up."

Blaine smiled, "No it's okay, I need to get up anyway." He leaned up a little placing a kiss on Kurt's lips. After a few moments, Kurt pulled away lightly while Blaine sighed, "I missed you."

Kurt stroked the side of his face, "You have blue on your face." He rubbed the side of Blaine's face again. "Just blue all over the side of it. Haven't you been watching him?" He teased as he smiled at Blaine.

"I have but I fell asleep and I swear he couldn't have been this crazy when my dad was watching him earlier."

"Your dad?" Kurt frowned, "Why?"

"I had to handle business with the doctors and go pick up Aiden and yours prescriptions."

"Hmm." Kurt looked down and flipped through his phone again.

"What's wrong?" Blaine shifted himself up onto his elbows, he looked over when Aiden stirred in his sleep and repositioned himself more onto the dog. Blaine looked up to Kurt again, "You look…worried."

Kurt looked at him, "I know about…the pills." His face wasn't angry as Blaine had expected but sadder.

"How?" Blaine asked.

"My dad… when my mom died, he worked at the shop a lot to distract himself. One time he pulled his back lifting some car and the doctor prescribed him pain pills. It was innocent at first, then I noticed more and more gone. He kept trying to go back to the doctor but they wouldn't give him anymore. I would hear him on the phone arguing with them." Kurt cleared his throat and shifted towards Aiden on the bed.

"Then I broke my arm, I fell off my bike one day and landed wrong. At the emergency room, they gave me some stuff to take home but I couldn't take any because it made me feel sick all the time. One night I saw my dad take some pills from one of my bottles. I wasn't a stupid kid; I knew that kind of stuff wasn't good for him. Jesus, I was nine years old and had to tell my dad I didn't want him dead like my mom."

Kurt played with Blaine's fingers while he talked, he finally looked up. "I'm not mad…just disappointed. It's bad enough he might remember all of this surgery crap and nearly dying, I don't want to add drug addict father to the list."

"I didn't know about your past Kurt. I'm so sorry. I promise you, I stopped taking them after I saw Aiden for the first time after his surgery. I held him and it just didn't feel right, it was a daze and I knew it shouldn't be like that with my son. You can even check the pills downstairs, I swear to you I don't take them anymore."

Kurt gently touched Blaine's face again on the side with no paint, "Stubble." He mumbled. "You know how much I love the stubble."

Blaine placed his hand over Kurt's, "Reminds me of the five day "vacation" we took at home."

"Five days straight in our condo. What the hell were we thinking?" Kurt smiled thinking back on the memory.

"Well I was thinking about all the sex we had." Blaine smirked. "You said it was the…"

"Stubble." Kurt finished. He looked over at Aiden sleeping on the dog. "I believe you with the pills. I know you didn't have anywhere to turn." He looked back at Blaine, "I'm not saying it was a valid EXCUSE but I…understand."

"I keep messing up…" Blaine looked away from Kurt, breaking eye contact,

"We all make mistakes Blaine. I mean I'm not perfect either…" He looked at Aiden. "Some of us can't even help how messed up we are."

"I love how perfectly imperfect you are." Blaine smiled and kissed his hand. He looked at the expression change on Kurt's face when he looked at Aiden. "Are you okay?" He kissed the back of Kurt's hand and frowned. "You seem…distant."

Kurt looked back at him, wide eyed. He changed the subject, "Do you smell that?" Kurt looked and the room, sniffing.

"We need to change and bathe him." Blaine nodded toward Aiden.

"Who the dog or our son? Whose dog is that by the way?" Kurt narrowed his eyes and stared intently at it as if he could make it disappear. "The dog that is…SHEDDING hair all over him Blaine! Look he's covered in dog hair!" He stood up from the bed trying to shoo the dog away without touching it.

"It was my dad's bright idea." Blaine reached over and lifted Aiden up. Aiden nestled against his shoulder, remaining asleep. The dog started barking at the absence of Aiden and Kurt's eyes widened, "No! Blaine, we are not keeping…"

"I already talked to my dad, I insisted, I begged, HELL I nearly threatened him to keep the dog. I told him with work and Aiden fresh out of surgery, a dog is the last we need."


"He wouldn't budge. Either we take the dog or he winds up on the street and I wouldn't doubt my father at all." Blaine moved Aiden to the other shoulder, "Here let's get him a bath and bed, then we'll figure out the dog situation."

"Ha! Figure out? There's nothing to figure out, we aren't keeping it Blaine!" Kurt crossed his arms. "A dog is messy and they smell. It's bad enough Aiden got spaghetti sauce on my white Armani pants…"

"Okay that's not his fault. You were in a rush and I told you not to feed him right before you went to work." Blaine left Cooper's room turning off the TV on his way out.

"Well we're not keeping the dog!" Kurt followed Blaine into his room. The small dog followed him, running ahead to keep close to Aiden. Kurt huffed loudly and pushed a few of Aiden's toys out of the way so Blaine could lay him on the bed. The dog jumped up next to Aiden and circled the bed before lying next to him. "The HAIR Blaine, there is just hair everywhere." Kurt said pointing to Aiden and the dog.

Kurt sat down on the edge of the bed and picked up his iPhone, he went through his emails as Blaine read through some of the papers from the doctor. "We can bathe him as long as we leave the bandages off and don't get the scar too wet. We have to change the bandages afterwards too, I already changed them a couple of times at the hospital before we left so I think it's time for us to change it again anyway." He looked at Aiden sleeping on the bed next to the dog and leaned over and rubbing Aiden's back lightly, "Time to wake up buddy." Aiden shifted and turned his head to the other side.

"Oh no, wake up bud, it's time for a bath." Blaine tried to sit Aiden up. Aiden blinked slowly and whined. Blaine laughed, "Kurt take a picture of this…his face…" Blaine couldn't stop laughing. "He has blue all over him!" Blaine laughed as he looked over to Kurt who seemed uninterested in the whole situation.

"Kurt take the picture." Blaine frowned at Kurt who was going through all his email.

"In a second." Kurt flipped through his phone.

"Kurt, can you just take the picture?"

"I said in a second Blaine, relax."

"You've been asleep for the whole day and you were pretty out of it in the hospital. When you were awake, you were working on your phone. Can you be with us right now? We haven't all been together in like a week." Blaine could see the annoyance spread across Kurt's face.

"Fine." Kurt turned to face them, he took a picture. After a few moments he said, "You both have blue on your face." He couldn't help but break a small smile.

"OHH Aiden! Getting blue on Daddy's face huh?" Blaine lifted him in the air. Aiden laughed and squealed loudly, causing the dog to bark.

Kurt shook his head as he looked at the picture on his phone then frowned. "Blaine!"

Blaine looked up at him with a confused looked on his face, "What's wrong?"

Kurt gritted his teeth, "Why…is…my…son…wearing…a…shirt that says he ONLY TALKS TO VIRGINS!?"

Blaine stood open mouthed and looked at Kurt, "I swear my dad…um I think I'll go run his bathwater." He laid Aiden back on the bed and walked quickly out of the room.

Kurt sat on the bed and shook his head. He glanced over at Aiden who looked at him and blinked. Kurt reached over and hesitantly stroked the side of Aiden face. Blaine walked in, "Okay waters already!" Kurt snatched his hand away quickly as Blaine picked Aiden up. "You got his toys?" Blaine turned to Kurt.

Kurt had a look of terror on his face. "What's wrong?!" Blaine looked at Kurt. "What happened?"

Kurt looked up suddenly, "Nothing. I was just…never mind. Let's get the blue washed out of his hair." He stood up and went to the bathroom, sitting down on the closed toilet.

Blaine followed and set Aiden on the floor. He peeled the shirt off him and tossed it to the side. "Just ignore the diaper…" He looked up at Kurt and bit his lip trying not to laugh at Kurt's look of horror.

"Okay time for a bath." Blaine said to Aiden, he leaned in and tried to give him an Eskimo kiss but Aiden pulled away and looked at the bathtub, "Water?" He looked back at Blaine. Blaine nodded and lifted him in the tub. "Yes water, now let's take these bandages off." He peeled them slowly back, careful not to hurt Aiden. "There!" Blaine tossed them into the trash.

Aiden looked down and placed his small hand on the incision on his chest. It was about the length of Blaine's pinky finger and was still very pink.

"Aiden, no, don't touch!" Blaine moved his hand out of the way. "Here take the toy instead." He shook a small action figure at Aiden who reached out and grabbed it. He dunked the toy under the water repeatedly.

Blaine washed his back for a bit and his hair. "Okay, this is your least favorite part, so bear with me." Blaine took a small wash cloth and washed Aiden's face with it.

"No! No!" Aiden sputtered and tried to twist away from Blaine. "Dadda no! Stop!"

Blaine sat up on his knees and leaned over the tub a little farther, "C'mon Aiden, I have to get the blue off of your face." He thought for a moment and handed Aiden the washcloth and grabbed a clean one for himself. "See Daddy washes his face like a big boy." He dipped the cloth in the water and washed the blue print off of the side of his cheek. "See bud, it doesn't hurt."

Aiden looked at him before throwing his wet cloth into the water making a splash and laughing. The dog barked from outside of the door and Blaine just sighed and fished out the cloth, "Okay I tried." He washed Aiden face, struggling against his protesting son. Finally once all of the blue was off his face, Blaine put the towel back in the water.

Aiden frowned and crossed his arms, not looking at Blaine. Blaine chuckled as he splashed a little water at Aiden who laughed; his stubborn attitude was so Kurt.

"Dadda, play water?" Blaine played with Aiden a little longer before letting him play with his toys by himself. He sat back and ran water over Aiden's hair making sure it was washed completely before turning to Kurt. Kurt was looking through emails on his phone half paying attention.

"Hey?" Blaine nudged his leg.

"Hmm?" Kurt looked at him.

"You usually get more excited over his bath time than he gets, you want to put your phone away and come play with him?" Blaine frowned at Kurt.

"I'll play with him later, he's fine." Kurt went back to his phone.

Blaine sighed.

"What?" Kurt looked up again. "I need to get back into work and we need to go back to normal Blaine."

"I didn't say anything." Blaine took a washcloth and ran it through Aiden's hair again.

"Well you didn't really have to." Kurt stood up. "I'm going to go start dinner."

"Okay." Blaine mumbled. Kurt rolled his eyes and headed out of the room. Blaine didn't understand how hard it was to look at Aiden, to see his scar and know it was Kurt's fault he was sick.

Kurt couldn't help but think about how Aiden may never play sports or be a normal kid. The doctors assured them that Aiden's recovery would be one hundred percent but Kurt knew these things. They also told him that his mom was okay but its funny how things work out.

Kurt shuddered at the thought as he went downstairs and into the Anderson's huge kitchen. He poured himself a glass of wine as he opened the large refrigerator. It was fully stocked with food, so much he couldn't decide what to make. He flipped through Pinterest on his phone trying to find a recipe. Blaine came downstairs about fifteen minutes later holding Aiden who was wearing a brand new set of pajamas. He tried to set Aiden in his bouncer.

"NO! NO!" Aiden whined, "No seat!" The dog started barking and growled at Blaine. "Seriously?" Blaine looked at the dog who barked louder. Aiden kicked in his arms until Blaine finally set him on the floor. He shook his head and looked at Aiden, "You had better stay still then." He turned on the TV and walked into the kitchen.

"Wine?" He nodded to Kurt.

"It's dinner time." Kurt glanced at him.

"Okay. Did you find something to make?" Blaine glanced back in the living room to see Aiden in the potted plants on the ground; he had a handful of dirt and was just about to pour it on the dog's back.

"Hey!" Blaine snapped his fingers at Aiden. "No!"

Aiden stared at him with wide eyes and dropped the dirt back into the pot.

Blaine looked at him, "I'm going to go shower. Are you okay to watch him?"

"Well I'm not high or anything Blaine." Kurt cut at him; he glanced at the small bag of prescriptions on the table.

Blaine followed his gaze and then stood still for a moment, getting his message, "Wow okay, I'm going to go shower. I'll be back." He said dryly as he left and gave Aiden a kiss on his forehead. "Be good for Poppa."

He walked upstairs and Kurt turned to the stove. He finished his first glass of wine, poured himself another and took out a lot of vegetables and pasta sauce. He cut up a few of the vegetables, stirring them into the pasta sauce.

"Spaghetti sound good Aiden?" He looked up at Aiden across the room, who was walking around for his toys; Kurt couldn't help but think about how easy it was when he was a baby. How much Aiden depended on him for everything. Kurt could save him from anything and everything. Now he was older and he was sick…he was sick BECAUSE of Kurt. All of the thoughts made Kurt's stomach twist in knots. He kept stirring the sauce repeatedly zoning out.

"Kurt! What are you doing!?"

Kurt blinked and looked up to see Blaine rushing over to pick up the screaming Aiden. "Shh! Shh! It's okay." Blaine bounced him lightly in his arms. "You didn't hear him crying?!" Blaine had to yell over the screaming.

"I was…I was…he was fine." Kurt said confused.

"He's been screaming for five minutes, Kurt! I heard him when I got out of the shower!"

"He was just standing there..."

"Kurt he hit his head on the coffee table!" Blaine pushed back Aiden's hair to see a red mark on his forehead. He kissed it and whispered, "It's okay, you're okay." He hummed while Aiden quieted down a little. After a few minutes, Blaine got Aiden to stop crying, he turned to Kurt, "Can you get me ice and his cup with milk in it?" He quietly sat on the long couch. The dog jumped up next to Blaine, nuzzling his head on Aiden's lap and whined until Aiden petted him.

"Doggie." Aiden said quietly to Blaine. Blaine kissed his forehead again and Kurt handed him the cup with the bag of ice. He took a step back and watched as Blaine placed the ice on Aiden's forehead. "You're good with him." Kurt whispered.

"Don't start." Blaine held the cup while Aiden drank it. "Don't because you know your good with him too and you know your distant attitude isn't about that."

"Dinner is almost ready."

"Are we really not going to talk about this now Kurt?" Blaine clenched his jaw.


"Kurt, this is…" Blaine raised his voice but stopped as Aiden started to whine. "Fine, we'll talk about it tonight."



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