Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 15

Blaine put the sleeping Aiden in his crib and leaned in to kiss him on his forehead. He always enjoyed watching his son sleep. It was like if Aiden and Kurt slept soundly every night then he had done his job right. Speaking of Kurt, they still needed to talk. Kurt's distance was weird even for him. He had even missed out on Aiden's bedtime ritual. Blaine sighed, this was not a normal Kurt. He always loved spending time with Aiden, he was his life.

Blaine changed into pajamas, he reached for his phone realizing he forgot his cell phone charger in the car.

"Dammit." He whispered out loud.

He would just get it in the morning, his phone was at 80% anyway. Guilt ate away at him as he climbed into bed knowing the real reason he didn't want to go get it was the fact he didn't want to leave Aiden alone with Kurt. His stomach twisted at the thought but it was true, all through dinner Kurt barely looked at Aiden. He drank two glasses of wine and insisted on helping Mrs. Anderson clean the kitchen instead of helping put Aiden to bed.

Blaine moved the crib closer to his side of the bed so he could hear Aiden breath through the night. He turned on the TV and watched some sports highlights. The dog hopped on the bed and nestled in the middle of it. Blaine scratched behind his ears while he watched TV. Kurt walked in a few moments later with wet hair and wearing pajama pants that resembled a pair Blaine owned.

"Are those mine?" Blaine asked curiously.

Kurt laughed mildly, "They're too long for you."

"I could have cut them." Blaine watched as Kurt climbed in bed.

"Sure." Kurt raised his eyebrows as he pulled the cover around him. He frowned at the dog in the bed.

"Heel! Heel!" He pointed to the end of the bed. The dog just yawned and shook his fur out.

"Kurt, he is kind of already heeling." Blaine fought back a smile.

"Well I want him off the bed."

"He's fine."

"I'm not budging on the dog Blaine. When we leave he's staying!" Kurt crossed his arms reminding Blaine of Aiden. He leaned over to make sure his chest was going up and down still. He knew he wasn't going to be able to sleep well tonight. Blaine took a deep breath and turned off the TV.

"Kurt we need to talk."

He heard silence from his boyfriend. He looked over to Kurt who had his headphones on and was now on his iPad. Blaine gently pulled one of the ear buds out.

"Hey! I was listening to that." Kurt tried to pull it back.

"We need to talk Kurt."

"About what Blaine?" Kurt asked impatiently. "I'm doing work..."

"You're always doing work okay? Can we talk about our son?"

Kurt bit his lip and closed out of his iPad drastically, "Yes Blaine you have my FULL attention. What do we possibly have to talk about at," Kurt glanced at the clock on the night table. "Eleven thirty at night?" He added sarcastically.

"Well for one, you haven't so much as touched Aiden since you woke up like three days ago. I'm lucky if you acknowledge him. What's going on Kurt?"

"I've been tired Blaine. Excuse the fact that I've been in a mini coma and I don't have the energy to play with our two year old."

"Coming from the fact that you managed to take Aiden, alone for a full day to the zoo during a three day unruly case of food poisoning from seafood at that, I think it's pretty bizarre you won't even hold him." Blaine furrowed his eye brows together and reached for Kurt's hands. "I love you and I know your hiding something, not telling me."

Kurt just shook his head, and pulled his hands out from under Blaine's, "I'm just tired, no big deal. I love you and we've had a long couple of days so let's just go to bed." Kurt leaned in and kissed Blaine lightly. He turned off the light on the side table and turned over with his back facing Blaine, he pulled the covers up to his chin.

"No Kurt." Blaine pulled the covers down. "Remember at the hospital you told me you wanted me to be a parent? Well here I am. With you and Aiden both being so vulnerable like that in the hospital, it just made me realize even more, you guys are my reasons to wake up every morning. I've been selfish with the cigarettes and pills and I can't even begin to show how sorry I am for that but now...now I don't want to be like that. I want to help our family so that means we need to talk about you, whether we need to get help or..."

"Blaine. I'm fine. Let it go. Its midnight and I don't want to fight before bed. We will talk about this in the morning." Kurt refused face Blaine. Silence passed besides the steady of Aiden's breathing.

"Fine Kurt but I'm not letting this go. You can ignore me and hate me all you want but I'm not letting you do this to Aiden. Especially since want other kids..."

"Well I don't know if I want other kids." Kurt said sharply.

Blaine sat quiet for a moment, "When did you decide this?"


"I get a say in this Kurt. We're partners." Blaine said firmly.

"We can talk about it when we get back to New York." Kurt pulled the covers back up. "Goodnight."

"I want to talk about now." Blaine pulled the covers back down again. "Kurt if you won't talk to me then maybe a professional…"

"Oh my God Blaine!" Kurt sat up angrily. "I don't want to talk about it! I'm fine and if you're going to keep persisting that I do then I'm going to go sleep in Cooper's room!"

Both were silent for a moment before Blaine took a deep breath, "I'm sorry but I'm not letting this go. This is our son Kurt. It's our family that we're talking about here and I'm not going to let you hide behind this wall. You told me we are equal and to include you and to…to stop being my father. So here I am, I'm not giving up on you."

Kurt shook off the rest of the covers and grabbed his pillow angrily, "I cannot believe you won't let this go." He stormed out of the room and Blaine could hear him quietly shut Cooper's door.

Blaine rested his head against the headboard, tears streamed silently down his face. He couldn't let Kurt turn away from this family, he closed his eyes and sat still for a while just listening to Aiden's breathing.

After a while he took the remainder pillows and set them where Kurt always slept, he set the alarm clock on his bedside table for later in the night so he could give Aiden his medicine and change his bandages. He felt the dog curl up around his feet and after checking on Aiden once more he closed his eyes, knowing he defiantly wouldn't sleep well tonight.

Blaine woke up early the next day, earlier than his alarm. He moved over lightly careful not to wake up Aiden who was cuddled partially under his arm. Blaine had gotten too tired waking up nearly every two hours to pick up the crying Aiden. It was like he was a newborn all over again. Blaine not only had to change the bandages every two hours but in between that Aiden would roll over onto the bandages in his cribs and cry and fuss from the discomfort. Eventually Blaine just put Aiden in the bed, much to his own protest. Kurt loved having Aiden sleep with them but Blaine always tried to break the habit.

Blaine rested his head against the pillows and sighed. His back was killing him which was always part of the reason he hated sleeping with Aiden and the obsessive parent in him had read numerous books and horror stories online about kids sleeping in beds with their parents until they were in their teens. Blaine shuddered at the thought, his back couldn't take that. The dog was nestled on the other side of Aiden; once Blaine took Aiden out of his crib the dog had repositioned himself on the bed next to Aiden. Sometimes in his sleep, Blaine noticed, Aiden would even reach out and grab the fur, holding himself closer to the dog. In the back of his mind, Blaine knew he wasn't going to be able to separate the two easily.

Blaine slowly moved himself out of the bed, he wouldn't need to change Aiden's bandages or give him his medicine for at least another hour. He turned the baby monitor on and propped the door open lightly before heading down the hall to Cooper's room. Kurt was just finishing making the bed when Blaine knocked gently.

"Hey can I come in?"

"Sure." Kurt said softly as he put the last of the pillows on the bed.

"How did you sleep last night?" Blaine asked.

"Okay I guess. I had some trouble falling asleep."

"Oh. You could have come and got me."

"I wasn't really in the mood for company." Kurt finally turned to him. Blaine could see the dark circles on his face. He saw the red in Kurt's eyes too, he had been crying. Blaine didn't want to press more by trying to talk to Kurt, especially this early in the morning.

"How did you sleep?" Kurt asked.

"Ehh. Probably just about as good as you, I had to change Aiden's bandages and give him medicine every two hours or so. He fussed a lot too."

"Is he okay?" Kurt bit his lip and then quickly turned away. He didn't want Blaine to see how upset he really was. "Umm I think we've over stayed our welcome at your parents so maybe we should head to my dad's for the rest of the trip?"

"I was thinking the same too. I got an email from my mom last night; her and my dad had some business dinner for my dad's company. They flew out to Boston early this morning. She said they might be back by the time we leave back home." Suddenly Aiden's crying came over baby monitor in Blaine's hand. "Dammit I hoped that he would at least sleep another hour or so. He hasn't slept much in the past couple of days meaning he's going to be fussy throughout the day."

Blaine motioned to the baby monitor and looked at Kurt, ""Do you want to…"

"I'll go start breakfast. I bet Aiden's hungry." Kurt said as he strolled past Blaine, ignoring the sigh from him, fighting back his own tears as he headed downstairs.

Kurt finished making pancakes and eggs putting them on the table. He even added a small flower centerpiece for decoration.

"Poppa!" Aiden struggled against Blaine as they walked into the kitchen. Aiden was dressed in jeans and in a sweater vest with a bowtie and his hair was gelled slightly. Kurt smirked, he looked like a mini version of Blaine just with Kurt's hair color.

Blaine walked over and held Aiden out to Kurt who stretched towards him with his arms open. "The toast will burn." Kurt gently squeezed Aiden's hand and walked past them.

Blaine bit his lip lightly as he set Aiden on the floor. The dog walked slowly over to Aiden nuzzling his head against his side to let Aiden pet him. "Doggie no." Aiden said as he walked over to some of his toys in the living room and sat down to play with them.

"I made pancakes, bacon and eggs." Kurt set the bacon on the table. "I've been using your mom's food up left and right, I need to leave her a huge thank you note and money for new groceries."

Blaine just stood quietly on the other side of the island counter looking at him. "What?" Kurt looked up meeting Blaine's gaze.

"I'm just wondering if I go get dressed and leave you with our son, will you even pick him up if he cries or gets hurt." Blaine frowned as he looked at Aiden playing in the living room. "I mean he fell yesterday Kurt and you didn't even notice…"

"He's fallen when he's with you too Blaine." Kurt said sharply as he cleaned the leftover dishes in the sink. "Kids fall, it happens all the time."

"Stop, you're making excuses again Kurt."

"I don't want to talk about this."

"Well I do Kurt! God its Aiden, its' our son and before this you couldn't stand to be even be a few inches away from him." Blaine shook his head. "Can you just…talk to me?" His voice cracked at the end. "Please."

"I'm fine."

Aiden had walked over by then and pulled on Kurt's pants leg. "Poppa up."

"You're not fine Kurt! You won't talk to me. I looked up some professionals last night on my computer maybe you could talk to them…"

"Are you saying I'm crazy?" Kurt raised his voice a little.

"I never said that. I'm saying if you aren't comfortable talking to me anymore then maybe somebody else can help." Blaine looked from Kurt to the dishes. Kurt wouldn't face him.

"I'm perfectly fine talking to you Blaine, I just don't want to." Kurt looked down at Aiden pulling at his leg. "Aiden honey, go play." He said softly as he cleaned.

"Well you need to! Stop hiding Kurt. It's killing me to see you hurting. I can see it in your face even though you don't want me to."

"I'm just TIRED. Okay I've been in and out of the hospital for nearly a week and excuse me if I'm tired as hell!" Kurt faced him. He looked down at Aiden again who kept pulling at his leg, "Aiden stop it."

"I know you're tired but…" Blaine started.

"Can we just eat!?" Kurt put his hands firmly on the counter. He looked down again. "Aiden cut it out!" He said sharply.

His tone was firm and Aiden seemed taken aback by it. "Poppa no up?" He asked quietly.

"Aiden go play with your toys." Kurt said as he walked over to the refrigerator to get the juice out.

"Jesus Kurt." Blaine picked up Aiden. "He just wants you to pick him up, five seconds that's all."

"I'm making breakfast Blaine." Kurt replied bluntly.

"Yeah well five minutes from now it's going to be a different excuse." Blaine set Aiden in the high chair and put some pancakes on the tray.

"I'm not hungry." Kurt said wiping his hands on a towel. "I'll go start packing."

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