Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 16

"I think we should potty train Aiden soon, he's old enough now." Blaine brought Aiden to the car as Kurt was putting the last of their things into the trunk. "He's nearly two and he can't go to preschool next year without learning."

"Mhmm." Kurt put Aiden's folded up crib in the trunk and closed it. "Let's go. Everything's packed and my head is killing me."

"Dammit!" Blaine turned towards the house, "I forgot the dog."

"Blaine we aren't..." Blaine handed Aiden quickly to Kurt, "I'll be right back." Blaine called as he rushed in the house and Kurt held Aiden stiffly in his arms. "Okay...um...let's put you in your seat." Kurt whispered.

He opened the opposite door to the car and slid in the open space near Aiden's car seat. Kurt swallowed loudly as he lowered Aiden into his seat.

"No! No seat! Poppa no!" Aiden struggled almost immediately to get out.

"Aiden...please, I'm sorry...just..." Kurt's hands shook as he tried to put Aiden in the seat. Tears streamed involuntarily down his face as he frantically moved his hands. "I'm sorry Aiden. I'm sorry." Aiden just kicked and screamed to get out swatting away at Kurt's hands.

"Hey, I got the dog..." Blaine appeared at the door holding the leash with the dog on it. He walked to the side where Kurt had the door open and saw a frantic Kurt, hyperventilating and crying. "Kurt what's wrong!?" He quickly opened the front door and put the dog in the seat. He crouched down putting his hands on Kurt's knees. "What's wrong? Tell me what happened?" He asked softly keeping his voice low so he wouldn't scare him. He put his hand on Kurt's cheek trying to keep up with the tears that fell down.

Kurt cried harder still not saying anything. Blaine just stood up and just held him. They stayed like that for about five minutes before Kurt's sobs grew fainter and eventually he became stiff in Blaine's arms. "Let's just go." Kurt said suddenly turning red from embarrassment.

"What!?" Blaine was completely thrown off by Kurt's sudden mood change. "You..."

Kurt avoided eye contact, "I just want to go okay."


"Blaine, please." Kurt looked at him with his pleading blue eyes, they were slightly red and Blaine could see the slight dark circles under his eyes.

Blaine stood up stunned and let Kurt get into the front seat.

"Damn dog." Kurt mumbled under his breath as he gently shooed the dog into the back.

Blaine just stood there trying to fight his own tears from falling. He closed his eyes momentarily and then checked Aiden's car seat made sure it was secure before buckling Aiden in as he slept silently in it. The only sound Aiden made was a light sigh before turning his head to face the window and then continuing his sleep.

Blaine got into the driver's side of the car and started it without talking. It was only about thirty five minutes from Blaine's to Kurt's house, twenty if there wasn't any traffic. At a stoplight, Blaine reached over and grabbed Kurt's hand lightly. He could feel Kurt stiffen and after a few moments Kurt casually unlaced their fingers to search for something in the diaper bag.

"So I can't even touch you now?" Blaine felt his heart sink.

"I was just looking for something." Kurt sat back and stared out the window.

"No you weren't, besides that's Aiden's diaper bag it's not like you would have handed him anything anyway." Blaine said sharply.

Kurt closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger. "Please, can we not start this again?"

"No, I want to Kurt. What is going on with you? Before it was just Aiden, now you won't even hold my hand."

Kurt turned to him, "I seriously JUST picked him up to put him in the car seat!"

"Yeah and I found you crying when you did! I am worried about you Kurt. This is not you. You love Aiden and I know it's killing you to be like this. Please just TELL me what's wrong so I can fix it! I don't know what to do!" Blaine was on the verge of tears, his voice cracking. He had half a mind to pull over and not drive again until Kurt opened up.

"I am fine!" Kurt snapped. "Stop worrying about me!"

"Stop worrying? Kurt I will never stop worrying about you! You are HURTING."

Kurt was silent and refused to look at Blaine. Blaine just sighed and eventually pulled into the gas station. "We need gas." He said nearly silently. He pulled up to the pump and put the car in park. Aiden blinked his eyes open at the sudden stop, looking around him. The dog popped its head up in the backseat to see where they were too.

Blaine went to go unbuckle his seat belt, but Kurt opened the door. "I need air, I'll do it." He opened the door and headed inside the gas station.

Blaine sighed and took a deep breath. Aiden whimpered in the back seat, trying to undo his car seat and scratch his chest where the bandages were. "It's okay buddy! It's okay. Shh! Shh! Don't touch your chest." Blaine looked in the little mirror attached to the back seat since he couldn't see Aiden face in the rear facing car seat. "We'll be at Pops soon and I'll change them then." Aiden fussed still, trying to get out. "Aiden I can't take you out right now buddy. Just hold on for a bit okay?" The dog hopped on the seat and stuck its head on Aiden's lap. Aiden stopped fussing and petted its head, "Nice doggie."

Blaine turned back around and reached for his phone. He opened it and the last screen was an email. He thought for a second before realizing he had Kurt's phone. They both had black iPhones with no cases on them currently, so for the past month they had been getting them confused.

Blaine was about to set the phone down when he stopped on the subject of the email.


Blaine scrolled though the email.

Dear Mr. Hummel,

We greatly appreciate that you will be spending the time to come and help us prepare your designs. Although the assignment is two months long, you will be accustomed throughout your stay. We will be looking forward to seeing you in October.

Thank You

Blaine blinked when he felt the car move when Kurt started pumping the gas.

"Poppa!" Aiden said as he saw Kurt through the window. He stretched trying to get out of the seat. "No seat Dadda! No!"

Blaine set Kurt's phone down as Kurt got in the car. "Let's go." Kurt said turning up the AC. "God it's so hot outside."

Blaine pulled the car out of the gas station, he looked straight ahead but out of the corner of his eye he saw Kurt reach for his phone and scroll through it. "Dammit Kurt." Blaine broke the silence.

Kurt looked up his eyebrow furrowed together. "Uhhh language Blaine. What's wrong?"

"When were you going to tell me about going to California, about just picking up and leaving us?"

"You knew I was thinking about it Blaine." Kurt said quietly.

"THINKING is the key word Kurt."

"How did you even know about...wait…were you going through my phone?!"

"Oh come on Kurt. We have the same phone I picked yours up by accident."

"This is my personal email Blaine!"

"You know it was an accident. What's not an accident is that fact that you confirmed your trip TWO days after your son had open heart surgery!" Kurt cringed, Blaine could see it on his face. "I mean dammit Kurt have you even thought about it? About us?" Blaine pulled into the driveway of the Hummel's house, and parked while they continued. He saw Burt's truck in the driveway parked behind Kurt's old car.

"Blaine I have thought about us! I need to just get away from this family for a while."

Blaine blinked tears, "Stop it! Stop saying stuff like that. It's selfish Kurt!. You're making excuses and running from your problems!"

Aiden fussed in the back from the yelling. Blaine turned his head to the backseat and lowered his voice, "its okay Aiden. It's okay."

"How dare you call me selfish! I have given everything I have to this family. I'm not the one snorting pills instead of helping our son!" Kurt instantly regretted what he said as he saw the hurt flash across Blaine's face.

Blaine lips formed a tight line and spoke with clear agitation and hurt in his voice, "You can't throw that in my face. I TOLD you I only did that while you're in the hospital. I don't do that anymore, you know that!" He lowered his voice even more," You can't go to California."

Kurt felt his anger rise and he raised his voice now, "You have no right in tell me what I can and cannot do Blaine, I am an adult!"

"Then start acting like one!" Blaine yelled.

Kurt had enough of this conversation, he opened the door and got out, stalking towards his parents' house grabbing his phone and laptop bag with him. Blaine opened his own door as well as the door where Aiden was. He grabbed the lease for the dog and gently lifted Aiden out of his car seat following Kurt. "Don't walk away from this Kurt!"

Kurt ignored Blaine as he used his key and opened the door to the house. He knew Blaine was coming up the stairs behind him and expected him to further banter him until he caved, what he didn't expect was the living room to be filled with people, those who all yelled out, "Surprise!"

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