Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 17

"Kurt don't you want to…"Blaine was just as surprised as Kurt looking at the familiar and unfamiliar faces in the Hummel living room. Friends, family, old coworkers even his Blaine's parents were there gathered in the living room. Aiden started crying at the noise of the surprise and the room erupted in unanimous awws. Blaine blinked quickly and readjusted Aiden on his hip before stepping forward into the house in front of Kurt who had a look of horror and shock on his face. It was Blaine's turn to be the actor.

He exchanged hellos and hugs with people around the room, there were so many to welcome them home. While he talked he could see Kurt saying hello to everyone as well on the opposite side of the room but Blaine could tell from his body language he just wanted to go upstairs. They both mingled for about thirty minutes avoiding each other only brushing shoulders in passing once. Blaine eventually handed the lease for the dog to his niece and nephew and continued saying hello to everyone.

Aiden had stopped crying once he saw Burt in the room and struggled to be held by him. He was an outgoing baby so he never minded if people held him. Others came up to Blaine hugging and gushing over Aiden, making sure Blaine was okay. Puck arrived with his younger brother Jake. Tina had even flown in. There were so many faces both from glee club, and old classmates, most though were friends of his parents and Burt and Carole's.

Before long Blaine had to practically pry Burt and Aiden away from each other and met up with Kurt who was standing with Rachel and Finn talking. Blaine said hi to Finn and Rachel, hugging them while Aiden's eyes lit up as soon as he saw Kurt, "Poppa!"

Kurt smiled but Blaine saw the comfortableness flash across his face. "Hey sweetie." Kurt smiled at Aiden. "I'll be right back I have to use the bathroom." He excused himself from the group and headed upstairs. Blaine watched him go, wanting to follow knowing they needed to talk everything out.

"Aww Blaine he's gotten so big." Rachel gushed over Aiden. "Can I...?" She looked at Blaine gesturing to hold him. Blaine blinked, suddenly remembering where he was and smiled at her, "Sure."

"C'mon Rachel's he's sick..." Finn stopped dropping his eyes from Blaine. "Sorry I didn't mean..."

"No it's okay. The doctors said he's fine but he needs to just take it easy for a while." He handed Aiden to Rachel who hugged him, "Mhmm I'm so glad you and your dad is okay. We were so worried about you!" She cuddled him.

"Dad, can we play with the dogs outside? Pop said we could if ask!" Rachel and Finn's six year old twins came over Noah and Elizabeth who they all called Lizzie.

"Please!" Noah begged as he looked up at Finn. He was holding Burt's dog Jake by his collar and Lizzie was holding Blaine's dog tightly by the fur. The dogs both clearly looked scared for their lives.

"Uncle Blaine is your dog a boy or a girl?" Noah asked Blaine.

"Umm I'm pretty sure it's a boy." Blaine tried to hide his smile.

"What's his name?" Lizzie asked.

"We'll we haven't really gotten that far really. He was more of a surprise."

"Sometimes dad says we were a surprise." Lizzie said gripping Blaine's dog tighter.

Blaine smiled and looked at the ground trying not to laugh.

"Okay! Go outside!" Rachel pointed to the door as Finn turned beat red.

"Wait your dog needs a name Uncle Blaine." Lizzie perked.

"Umm..." Blaine hadn't thought that far into yet, he was so worried with Aiden and Kurt that he forgot about naming the dog.

"What about Killer!?" Noah said punching the air. "Or Ninja!"

"Hmmm I think it's up to Aiden, it's his dog." Blaine smiled at his niece and nephew.

"But he can't talk!" Lizzie said full of concern and a little disappointment that she couldn't name the dogs.

"He can talk a little bit." Blaine assured her. He looked at Aiden who laid his head against Rachel's chest and was rubbing his eyes. He seemed more interested in taking a nap instead of talking about anything. Finn scooted the kids outside and came back to the group talking about how they were still getting used to living in Ohio for the school year and New York in the summer. Finn taught at McKinley in the newly developed music department and Rachel spent time between here and New York working on Broadway and teaching summer classes at NYADA.

Blaine eventually left the group including Aiden with Rachel since he had his eyes closed, and walked around saying hello to a few more people. He met some of Burt's newer coworkers and got reacquainted with some of the old ones he had spent the summer working with. He spent almost two summers working in Burt's garage, once the summer of Kurt's senior year and the other the summer before his own senior year.

His mom came up to him and hugged him tightly. After a few seconds Blaine took a step back he wasn't used to his mom being so...loving.

"Hey mom." He half smiled because he didn't really know what else to do.

"I hope the surprise was okay. It was Carole's idea. I like her. I've only talked to her a few times before but she's lovely."

"Yeah she's great."

"How's Aiden? And Kurt too?" She was quiet but Blaine could see her trying to fight off tears. He had seen that look since he was a kid.

"They're fine. The doctors told them both to take it easy for a while. Aiden especially, nothing too active for him for awhile, but besides that he's fine. Kurt's okay too."

"Good. We were so scared. Cooper sends his love. Julia was having issues so they couldn't fly back quickly."

"Is she okay?"

"Yes of course. They just think she's due closer than they thought and since they insist on having the baby in California Cooper wanted them to stay put." She smiled. "Your father and I are actually going to visit when the baby's born…we could do a stop by New York too." Her eyes pleaded with Blaine.

"Of course mom, Aiden would like that."

She smiled and hid her disappointment as she looked at the ground briefly.

"I'd like it too." Blaine continued saying it more for him mom than himself but having her visit wouldn't be the worst thing.

His mom looked up, "You would?"


She smiled letting it finally reach her eyes. She tore them away from Blaine towards Aiden. "Do you mind...?"

"No, go mom its okay. He's friendly so he won't mind if you hold him. If he gets fussy it's probably because he's tired but he'll be fine. "

"He has your eyes." His mom said looking back at Blaine.

Blaine shifted uncomfortably "Mom you know he's not..."

"There so full. Just like yours. Full of life and joy. He's strong just like you too." She looked back at Aiden.

Blaine cleared his throat, his mom just looked so sad like she was missing something in her life. "Hey mom he needs a bottle can you...can you get him one?"

Blaine could see her face brighten. "Yes. I can."

Blaine watched her walk across the room to Rachel who was still carrying Aiden. His moms face truly lite up when she held him.

Blaine turned around to grab something to drink and almost ran right into his father. He was even surprised he had showed up to an event like this considering their last couple of days together. But then again to Carter Anderson, he thought he could say what he wanted and no matter how offensive or mean it came across he felt it in some way was okay. Blaine didn't want to argue with him either, not now at least he had enough arguing for the day.

"Hey dad. Thanks for coming."

"Yeah well your mother wouldn't stop crying so I figured. She wanted to see Aiden and every time we left the hospital I thought I would have to sedate her she cried so hard. You know I'm not really into these kinds of things. Too much ugghh together and happiness, it's nauseating. Jesus if anyone breaks into song I'll leave dammit." His dad took a swig of his drink. "Defiantly not enough alcohol, I mean for Christ sakes I'm drinking lemonade." He grumbled.

Blaine rolled his eyes and couldn't help but add a little sarcasm as he said, "So uhh Dad. I'm trying this thing of NOT trying to be like you and do what's right for my family, so I want to say thanks for the money…for the hospital bill and stuff. I never got a chance to really THANK you. I mean you're kind of a jerk sometimes and I know we don't have a very…strong relationship but uhh you didn't have to do that you know. I'll get it back to you as soon as I can." Blaine stared at his father in front of him, he really meant it although his dad and he never got along, and in his own weird way Blaine knew his dad loved Aiden. He had seen it in his eyes at the hospital whenever they came to visit.

"Oh god Blaine it's a freaking gathering for Christ sakes. We're in public not in some family counseling session. Pull it together! It's not some after school special." He took another swig of his drink as Blaine just closed his eyes and sighed while pinching the bridge of his nose. "Dad can you just…for like one day…?"

His dad ignored his comment and cleared his throat, "Get the money to me eventually. Don't you know, don't ever talk about money in a house like this…you never know who you are around." He shot eyes at Kurt's ninety six year old grandmother.

"Dad..." Blaine sighed.

"I'm just saying."

Silence took over the conversation and Blaine hesitantly turned to go, "I'm going to go check on…"

"So how's Aiden?" His dad interrupted, clearing his throat. "He…uhh…he's not going to like die is he?"

One of the guests behind him put her hand to her mouth with a look of horror at the bluntness of Mr. Anderson's comment.

"I'm sorry were you standing in the conversation between me and my son? No? Okay well then." He glared at her until she walked away.

"Dad! Can you be like normal and not an asshole for like once?!" Blaine hissed as he gave a silent apology to the guest.

"Calm the hell down Blaine. You think Betsy over there is going to say anything to me? So how is he? You know I got a lot of money riding on that kid's future. He's good at football I heard from...uh Kurt's dad…Burt."

Blaine raised his eyebrows but didn't press his dad for any questions. "He's fine. He needs a lot of rest for the next couple of week's maybe even months but the doctors said he'll recover well."

"God dammit Blaine, don't trust these doctors in Ohio! Hell they're half the reason he was in there to begin with. I called the best doctor in New York last night, pulled some strings. Aiden has an appointment next week."

Dad we have a doctor..."

"I could give two fuc...I could care less Blaine if you guys already picked out some wheatgrass hippy equal rights loving doctor. My doctor is real!"

"Okay dad."

"And..." His dad dropped his voice lower. "I got the best therapist in the city on call too."

"Dad?!" Blaine looked at him.

"Look Blaine you didn't get you observant skills from your mother. Just let...let Kurt know it's an option. Not that I care if he goes apeshit or not and like cuts off his ear. I just don't want my grandson to be raised like you two are incompetent. And if you never need anyone to straighten Aiden out, send him to me and your mother. She may be all reserved and stuff for everyone but you and I both know she has a real tongue on her. That's one of the reasons I married her."

Blaine nodded because it's the only thing he could do.

Mr. Anderson took another sip off his drink, "Now if you excuse me, I have to go show Burt how to REALLY fix cars."

After a while of talking to a few more people, Blaine surveyed the room and couldn't seem to find Kurt among the faces in the room. Everyone was laughing, talking, eating and having a good time but Kurt was nowhere to be found. Had he been in the bathroom the whole time? He made his way back to Rachel and Finn still wondering where Kurt had disappeared to. Blaine had seen him talking to a few of the ladies from Carole's salon. But that was about fifteen minutes ago, Aiden's whining interrupted his thoughts. He was motioning towards Blaine his hands clasping open and closed. "Dadda." He leaned forward towards Blaine arms extended. Blaine smiled and reached for him. He nestled his nose in Aiden's hair inhaling the smell of him. Always a little bit of Kurt tied in with a little hair gel if Kurt let Blaine do it for the day. If not then he smelled like baby shampoo. The party went on, Blaine finally saw Kurt appear again and mingle with Mercedes and her family on the opposite side of the room.

People started to filter out of the house around nine and by ten everyone was gone. Burt was blowing up the air mattresses for the twins in the living room and Carole and Kurt were cleaning. Blaine let Aiden's head rest on his chest as he continued to talk to Finn and Rachel while they all sat on the couch keeping their voices low since Aiden had been still for quite some time.

At around eleven thirty, Aiden eventually yawned and rubbed his eyes, he scratched at his chest pulling at the bandages and whining. "I'm going to go change his bandages and put him down for bed." He glanced down at who was Aiden in between fighting to stay awake and falling asleep. Blaine was surprised he had even made it this long. "We're going to bed too." Rachel said giving each of the twins a kiss on their forehead. Noah was already asleep while Lizzie's eyes grew heavy as she watched TV from her air mattress. Kurt wasn't in the kitchen anymore either, so Blaine said his goodnights to everyone and he headed upstairs.

"Hey been looking for you." Blaine shut the door quietly so he wouldn't wake up Aiden. "He's finally asleep. He was a trooper today. I gave him his other pill medicines earlier so we at least don't have to wake him up again. The applesauce trick did wonders but the pills make him so tired."

Blaine placed Aiden on his back as he looked up at Kurt who was putting things away in drawers. He had already gone through his night routine and was in sweats and a t shirt.

"That's good." Kurt had a sad look on his face.

"What's wrong?" Blaine asked. He gently pulled off Aiden's shoes and socks.

"I wish you'd stop asking me that." Kurt sighed as he put a set of pajamas for Aiden on the bed.

"I'll stop asking when you give me real answer." Blaine said in a normal tone. No use in fighting with Kurt this late. He was exhausted too. He had Aiden down to just his diaper now. Aiden still lay motionless snoring softly. Blaine got up and got Aiden's bag from the corner near his crib. He heard scratching at the door and opened it to find the dog trail in.

"Oh no! Blaine he can't sleep in here." Kurt put his hands on his hips.

"He's not going to sleep without Aiden." Blaine watched as the dig hopped on the bed near Aiden. "See."

Blaine set the bag on the bed and changed Aiden's diaper. He gently pulled off the bandages from his chest. A still pink swollen scar displayed across Aiden's small chest. Blaine wiped the area clean and removed and crust around it. He got a new band aid and taped it to Aiden's chest. "At least he's not fussing and just sleeping. Poor guy I'm waking him up every two hours to change the band aids."

"Mhhmm." Kurt just got into the bed. He watched Blaine put Aiden's feet into his onesie. "Does it...?" He started then shook his head. "Never mind."

"It doesn't hurt him." Blaine said as he zipped up Aiden's onesie.

Kurt looked up at him and then looked down afterwards. "I just wanted to say…I'm sorry…for earlier. I shouldn't have made those comments about the pills. I don't want to go to be mad at you or you mad at me."

Blaine nodded silently, "Do you want to talk now?"

"I'm exhausted…I'm going to bed. I love you. Goodnight." He turned over and faced away from Blaine.

Blaine sighed quietly as he carried Aiden to his crib. The dog had already settled in front of it. Blaine gave Aiden a kiss on the forehead and set him down. "I love you." He whispered.

He left the room to shower and change for bed, finally he made it into the bed. He was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open. Kurt snored softly next to him, while Aiden's sleeping sounds were nearly identical across the room. Usually Blaine thought about his day before he slept, sent a couple of emails but he just passed out into a deep sleep.

Three hours later Blaine blinked his eyes heavily as he heard Aiden crying from his crib. He glanced at the clock on the bedside table, it was two in the morning he had only been asleep for about two hours. He groaned and buried his head in the pillow. "Kurt can you please get him? I haven't slept in like three days?" He gently nudged Kurt and waited a moment for a response.


Blaine heard Kurt snoring and groaned again. He sighed and lifted himself out of the bed. He picked Aiden up and sat back down on the edge of the bed. "Okay buddy. It's okay. Daddy's here." He patted Aiden's back lightly trying to get him to quiet down. "Hmm I thought we got past you not sleeping through the night. Daddy is really tired so can you go back to sleep please?" Aiden fussed and scratched at the bandages on his chest.

Blaine laid Aiden on the bed and half asleep kneeled in front of him changing out the bandages. He finally sat Aiden up and laid his own head in the bed and closed his eyes. Aiden played in his hair twisting the curls. "Dadda up!" Aiden said. "Dadda eat."

Blaine groaned again and sat his head up slowly. "Aiden you can't be hungry it's two in the morning and…" Blaine thought back on it. "...and...all you really had today was applesauce and a little Jell-O. So I guess you are hungry." Blaine sighed again and kissed Aiden's feet. "Son please can you wait like three hours? Daddy is very tired." He looked toward Kurt to see if he was awake, he wasn't and Blaine just closed his eyes from frustration.

Aiden just kissed Blaine on the forehead. "Dadda eat!"

"Okay! Okay." Blaine picked him up. "Let's go."

The dog followed as he shut the door slightly and headed downstairs. Kurt lay motionless in the bed listening to Blaine carry Aiden down the stairs. Guilt tore through him as he bit his bottom lip and cried quietly to himself.

"Oh my god Blaine!" Carole walked into the kitchen taking Aiden out of his high chair where he had thrown Cheerios all over the kitchen.

Blaine sat up immediately from his sleep. "What?" He looked around the kitchen. The floor was littered with Cheerios and the dog was standing on hind legs as Aiden dropped Cheerios on his head from Carole's arms.

"Aiden! No! Bad! This is a big no-no!" He turned red a little, "Carole let me clean it."

"No, absolutely not, it's three in the morning and you haven't had a proper night's sleep in nearly a week! I'll take Aiden and clean. YOU go to bed."



Blaine stood and placed a kiss on Carole's cheek. "Thank You." He left the kitchen hearing Aiden over his shoulder ask Carole, "Dadda bye-bye?"

Blaine slunk upstairs barely keeping his eyes open. He flopped down on the bed and it only took him about thirty seconds before he fell asleep.

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