Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 18

Blaine woke up squinting from sun blaring in his eyes. For it being August it was still pretty warm in Ohio. He opened his eyes a little more to see Kurt lying on the bed next to him with his back against the backboard. Blaine rubbed his fingers over his eyes and stretched a little. He definitely felt better than he had in the last couple of nights.

"What time is it?" He yawned.

"Umm it's almost eleven." Kurt turned off his iPad setting it down on his lap. "You slept like a log. I'm surprised no one woke you up with all the noise. I'm not used to having this many people in the house at once so I woke up pretty early."

"Where is everyone? Blaine yawned again. He couldn't hear Aiden sleeping or playing in his crib. "Where are Aiden and the dog?"

"Well Rachel, Carole and your mom took Aiden with them to eat lunch and I think for shopping afterwards." Blaine's eyebrows shot up as Kurt continued," My dad took both of the dogs and went with Finn and the twins to the park."

"You didn't go?"

"No I figured you'd wake up and might worry, so I've just been up doing work and stuff." Kurt smiled lightly. He looked back at his iPad looking at some of his newer designs sent by one of his assistants.

"God remember when we'd die if we had the house alone back in high school." Blaine sat up next to Kurt who chuckled.

"Yeah we couldn't keep our hands off each other as soon as we heard the garage close." Kurt smirked a little thinking back at the memories.

"Remember that one time your dad came back!" Blaine laughed.

"Uhh of course it scared me for life! We were in the living room on the couch, your shirt was already off and my pants were unbuttoned. When we heard the garage reopen, you were no help and like sprinted to the bathroom before my dad came in. He gave me a fifteen minute lecture on masturbating in the living room."

Blaine laughed. "Oh god! I remember him saying Kurt if your aroused please handle it in your own room!"

"Yeah it was hilarious for you but I was mortified."

"Well that was right after we first started having sex so I didn't want your dad to catch us and then kill me." Blaine pointed out.

"It feels like so long ago, like a different life almost."

"I know." Blaine sighed. "I hope Aiden's not as…"

"Aiden's not having any girlfriends in the house while we're not here." Kurt said quickly.

"Or boyfriends." Blaine smirked.

"Right! Neither while we're not home but I'm pretty sure he's not gay, he's always a little frisky in the breast department." Kurt smiled at Blaine who intertwined their hands together lightly. Blaine was cautious due to Kurt's sudden ease. He was definitely smiling more but Blaine still felt the slight tension.

Blaine let the room go quiet for a while just letting the quietness set in. Aiden usually chattered any silence they had. He loved Aiden but it was nice sometimes to be in the quiet. "Hey Kurt?"

Kurt looked over.

"Why don't you want any more kids?"

Kurt froze a little clearly taken by surprise. "Umm." He put his iPad on the table next to the bed and turned towards Blaine.

"I don't want to talk about that stuff right now." He took his hand and tucked on of Blaine's loose curls behind his ear. "After all I owe you a HUGE apology for the past couple of days. You said it yourself it's been so long since we've had a house to ourselves. Let's make the best of it." He leaned in and kissed Blaine teasingly on the lips.

"Kurt?" Blaine muttered around the kisses.


Kurt ran his hand over Blaine's chest and kissed at his neck.

"Missed you so much" Kurt said into Blaine's neck.

Blaine furrowed his eyebrows together. This was a distraction. A very good one but one at the least, Blaine mustered up what little logical thinking he had left as Kurt inched his way up his thigh. He pushed back against Kurt gently looking at him intently in the eyes.

"Kurt let's talk."

"No talking. Just touching." Kurt said firmly his voice was already huskier than normal. He attached his lips to Blaine sucking at them feverishly. His aggressiveness turned Blaine on for sure; it always did in the bedroom. He returned the kiss and placed his hand on Kurt's waist and when Kurt broke this kiss again to trace a pattern onto his collarbone with his tongue; Blaine caught a slight glance at his erection through the thin pajama pants.

Blaine groaned placing both of his hands on either side of Kurt's face, pulling him in for a deep kiss. He felt Kurt smirk against his mouth. He ignored the fact that Kurt was using sex as a distraction and pulled Kurt down over him. Kurt rubbed himself down against Blaine to create friction while he gasped at the feeling.

"Take your pants off." Kurt demanded as he untied the string on his own pajama bottoms quickly. Blaine did his best trying not to break their kiss and unite them but his finger kept getting caught up between them. An antsy Kurt brushed Blaine's fingers out of the way and he went to untie them for him. Kurt could feel the wetness on Blaine's pajama pants since he had been hard for a little bit. Suddenly there was a sharp knock at the door.

"We're coming in!" Rachel yelled loudly. "Giving you guys five seconds to get decent!"

"Seriously!" Kurt huffed loudly as he rolled off of Blaine and threw the comforter over them both them concealing any evidence.

Aiden pushed the door open and stumbled towards the bed. "Dadda! Poppa!" He grasped the sheets as if to pull himself up.

"Can I open my eyes? Are you decent?" Rachel said standing in the door frame.

Before you interrupted!" Kurt said bitterly and crossed his arms looking away from Rachel. Blaine just chuckled and lifted Aiden on to the bed.

Rachel came in and sat down on the edge of the bed. "You guys have to learn the three minute rule. Once your kids can walk you have to cut out the cuddling and kissing. It's straight to the deed or nothing at all."

Kurt blushed red as Aiden crawled around on the bed biting at the sheets.

"I told you that dog was a bad idea." Kurt scoffed.

"He's fine." Blaine ran his hand down Aiden's back. "Good boy!"

Kurt shot Blaine a look as Rachel and Blaine exchanged humorous glances.

"It's good you guys think this is hilarious, my son is tuning into a dog!" He huffed again and they all watched Aiden feel around on the sheets on his hands and knees. Every so often he would use Blaine's knees as supports and go into a squatting position trying to stand up on the wobbly bed.

"So uh how are you Kurt?" Rachel smiled gently at him. "I mean like mentally?" She looked down and played with the thread on the red afghan on the edge of the bed.

Kurt narrowed his eyes and gave Rachel a deathly stare. "What do you mean by that Rachel?"

Rachel opened her eyes wide and looked back and forth between Kurt and Blaine. "Nothing! I didn't mean anything by it. I just… sorry I just...you just seemed a little off…I noticed…"

"Oh I get it." Kurt gave Blaine a look. "You two just decided to talk about me behind my back. I should have known Rachel Berry to not keep her nose in her own business."

"Kurt." Blaine said lightly.

"Hey Rachel how's Finn's erectile dysfunction by the way?" Kurt shot at her.

"Kurt!" Blaine looked at him sharply. "That's unnecessary!" Aiden looked up at Blaine since his voice had gotten higher.

Oh I see what's happening here, you two and your little plan to get me to talk. I am fine and I'd appreciate if you two minded your own damn business. Blaine the next you want to try and get the "inside scoop" you'd better get someone better than the oblivious Rachel Berry."

"Kurt that's enough! There's no need to be rude!" Blaine pressed his lips together in a thin line.

"How about you guys stay out of my business and worry about your own." Kurt got out of the bed and left the room abruptly.

Blaine looked at Rachel, "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have asked you to talk to him when he's like this. I thought since he won't talk to me then maybe he'd talk to you since you're his best friend. It's just...frustrating." Blaine sighed deeply and looked at Aiden who was crawling under the blankets. "Like he's Aiden's everything but he won't hold him or look at him half the time and he won't tell me why. He's here but he's not really here." Blaine kept it together as best he could because he didn't want to break down in front of Rachel or Aiden.

"Have you talked to Burt maybe he'll help, you know knock some sense into him,"

"No I don't want to worry him. I mean my dad sensed it and I'm pretty sure Carole does too but it'll kill Burt. They would get into a fight and I don't want to drive a wedge between them."

"I noticed it at the party; he wouldn't even look in Aiden's direction. I can't even imagine what you're going through Blaine. We both know Kurt's stubborn when he wants to be."

"Yeah, that's where Aiden gets it from." Blaine smiled a little as Aiden played with one of the toys Burt had bought him.

"Hey your mom and Carole are still out and Finn and Burt are still at the park with the kids, I can take Aiden so you guys can talk." Rachel put her hand lightly on Blaine's knee.

Blaine thought for a second.

"I'll keep him in the stroller so he doesn't get too wild up. I know he's not supposed to be too active."

"I guess it's good for him to get outside. The doctors want us to continue with his life like normal. Just keep him in the stroller and if he fusses too much I'll come get him. Give me a second to change his bandages and I'll bring him down."

"Sure." She stood up off the bed and placed a kiss on Blaine's cheek.

Rachel closed the door and headed downstairs to see Kurt in the kitchen making eggs. He ignored her as he faced away from her.

"You don't have to be rude Kurt we're all just trying to help."

"You're the one butting your large nose in my business."

"I'm going to ignore that comment. I'm intervening because I love you Kurt. Don't you see your messing up Aiden's life by not being affectionate with him? I understand what it's like to be helpless…"

Kurt got tense and whispered harshly, "You think I don't know that? I KNOW I already messed him up for the rest of his life. He's never going to be a normal kid Rachel, so you don't understand. Your kids are out playing and running and my son is going to be a freak for the rest of his life."

"Kurt?" Blaine came out from the hallway holding Aiden. "Is that what you think?"

"Forget it." Kurt's voice cracked with emotion.

Blaine handed Aiden to Rachel along with his diaper bag. "Call me if you have ANY problems."

She nodded and put Aiden in his stroller by the door. "Wave bye to Daddies!"

They left out the front door as Blaine took a seat at the table. Kurt continued to cook in silence.

"You gave me an ultimatum at the hospital remember?" Blaine watched Kurt's back. "I know it wasn't long ago at all but I changed Kurt. Seeing you guys like that, I have never felt so lost not being able to hold you guys. So I get how you feel. I love you Kurt, so much. I have never stopped loving you and seeing you hurt HURTS me." Blaine took a deep breath. "So I am doing what you told me in the hospital, I'm stepping up and being a father. Kurt if you don't TELL me what happening with you, I will...I will take Aiden."

Kurt turned to him sharply letting the spatula fall into the pan, "So you've had this certain revelation in like what all of a day and you're going to take our son?! This is ridiculous. I'm FINE!"

"Kurt you're not FINE. I know you, you're different. I just want to talk…"

"I am so tired of you attacking me! I don't want to talk!"

"I will take him." Blaine had tears in his eyes. "Jesus Kurt, just talk to me! Please!"

"You have no idea what it's like Blaine!" Tears ran down his face. "I'm the reason Aiden was in the hospital, I'm the reason he almost DIED!"


"God, he's…he's my son, he's mine biological and you heard the doctors it's genetic, only through males. So it was me. Every time I look at him...I...feel like I ruined his life. He's not going to play soccer or football or be able to just be a kid Blaine. It's bad enough that they are going to make fun of him for having two dads and now he can't even defend himself."

"We don't know that Kurt! We don't know. It's NOT your fault. It just happened. You can't blame yourself!"

"How can I not when I know he's going to grow up and resent me." Kurt closed his eyes letting tears fall. "Or if we have other kids, what if the same thing happens?"

Blaine stood up and walked over to Kurt. He wrapped his arms around his waist. "Listen to me, our son…" He lifted his head gently, "Our son will NEVER hate you for this. Do you see the way he looks at you? Anytime you come around it's like the rest of us don't exist. Our son loves you so much Kurt."

"I'm sorry I'm putting us through this. I know it's not how we planned..."

"You what I learned we can't plan any of this Kurt. Aiden took his first steps in the bathroom at my parents' house and his first word was boob…"

"We said we would deny that!" Kurt warned.

"Still, we can't plan out his life Kurt. He is strong just like you."

"I'm not strong. I'm a horrible parent and boyfriend." Kurt whispered letting tears fall down his face. "I already told them I would spend a month apart from you guys in California right after…right after Aiden had surgery. I just couldn't be here and I'm cancelling them. I was selfish and wrong and…"

Blaine took a deep breath, "So...go." He looked at Kurt.


"Go to California, I'll stay with Aiden. We'll Skype you every night and call."

"That didn't work so well for us the last time." Kurt whispered. "I don't want you to think that I'm running from us. At first…that was my plan but then I felt so guilty and I had them cancel."

Blaine nodded, "I know but we we're younger. I would never do that to you again, I want you to go Kurt. But the only exception…we do family counseling okay? Because this is a start but I can't have you shut me out like that again. I just can't."

"Okay. Okay. Will you guys come visit?" Kurt bit his lip out of nervous habit.

"Of course. We'll take Aiden to Disneyland."

Kurt smiled, "He'll have so much fun." He placed his hand on Blaine's cheek. "Thank you so much. I couldn't have asked for a better fake husband."

"Well it could be legal husband if…"

"Shush, when the kids are older remember. I want them there."

"Kids?" Blaine raised his eyebrows.

"I do…I want MORE, just not from me okay?"


"No listen, I don't want them to be like Aiden. I couldn't handle it Blaine, so any more kids I want you to be the biological father."

Blaine just nodded noting the pleading look in Kurt's eyes. "If that's what you want."

"It is."

Blaine reached up and kissed Kurt. He felt Kurt's body relax and he rested his forehead against Blaine's. "I'm sorry, so sorry." He whispered.

"I love you no matter what." After a few minutes Blaine looked up at Kurt, "We still have the house to ourselves. Do you want to go upstairs?"

"No, actually, I just…" He took a deep breath as tears pooled in his eyes. I just... I want to go to the park."

Blaine smiled, "Our son is going to be very happy to see you."

Kurt squeezed his hand and took another deep breath, "I'm going to be happy to see him too.

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