Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 2

Blaine got out the driver's seat and opened the trunk, setting their suitcases in the driveway. Kurt got out carefully, hoping not to wake Aiden as he lifted the carrier out of the car.

He turned to Blaine, "It's his naptime, and I want to keep him asleep so he'll sleep tonight…"

All of a sudden a golden retriever tore out of the house barking and jumping around Kurt.

"What the…?"

Aiden, startled by the sudden noise started crying in hysterics.

"Jake! Get in here!" Burt appeared at the door, whistling at the dog. The dog retreated back into the house hiding behind Carole who too came to the door.

"So much for him sleeping." Blaine laughed from the back of the car. "Do you want me to take him?"

Kurt mumbled to himself, and handed Blaine the carrier, "Dad! Since when did you get a dog? I have half a mind to kill him for waking up the baby and ruining my new pants!"

"I've had a dog since you kids decided to up and leave me and then take my grandkids with you!" He walked down the front steps and gave Kurt a huge hug. "Jeez Kurt, you look like you haven't slept in days."

"I've been in a car for nine hours Dad." Kurt back arms length away from him and smiled. "You look great Dad."

"I've been using the lotion thing for my face you got me for Christmas and…"


"Yeah, yeah that…well it's making me look ten years younger. I keep telling Carole I have to beat the ladies at the shop off with a wrench."

Carole shook her head, "I keep telling him it's because he's advertised at the local hair salon." She walked towards Kurt, arms open, "Hi sweetie."

Burt moved down to Blaine who had the carrier in one arm and a suitcase in the other, "Kurt! Come help him! He has my grandson who I refuse to let anything happen to." Burt grabbed a suitcase from Blaine.

"Hi Burt. Thanks, I hope you don't mind us staying for a few nights." Blaine said giving him a half hug.

"Never! Well look at that!" He set a suitcase on the ground. "That can't be my grandson. They last time I saw him, he was the size of a football!" He looked down at Aiden who had fallen back asleep quietly in his carrier.

Blaine laughed, "Now he's trying to play with footballs."

Burt's eyes lit up, "Have we got a little linebacker on our hands? Carole!" He waved his wife over. "Come look at him. He's huge. He's going to be a football star I swear." Blaine chuckled, "Kurt, you'd better start doing those embellishment on jerseys soon. That way he'll be fashion forward and an athlete. "

"You know he gets it from me dad. Blaine never played football." Kurt said gathering suitcases.

"Didn't you do a Single Ladies dance….?" Blaine asked in his usual questioning voice.

"Ha! He did. I mean he had a pretty mean kick to him too but I think…I think we have those videos somewhere…"

"No Dad! I burned them!" Kurt said walking into the house.

The dog barked at Kurt who walked past him.

"Hey! Jake! Knock it off!" Burt called.

"Burt, please take your own advice. You're going to wake the baby." Carole said to her husband.

Jake continued to bark out the door.

"He's a loud one, isn't he." Blaine walked towards the door.

"Burt just brought him home one day and I haven't been able to get rid of either of them since." Carole placed her hand on Blaine's shoulder. "I'm being rude, come in sweetheart. I bet he weighs a ton." She turned to Burt, "Can you quiet that dog so Blaine can bring him in?!"

Burt grabbed the rest of the suitcases and walked in the door, ushering the dog towards the kitchen, "See Jake, you're the one who always gets us in trouble."

Blaine smiled and placed a light kiss on Carole's cheek. "He IS getting big now. You guys haven't seen him since we flew down for Christmas. Don't worry about the dog though, between you and me, I try to make as much noise as possible while Aiden's asleep. That way he get's used to it, you know?" Carole smiled, "I did the same with Finn, which is probably why he can sleep through anything now." They laughed as they walked into the house.

Blaine set Aiden's carrier on the floor in the living room, Aiden stirred in his sleep and snored a little.

"He's just to die for!" Carole gushed. She had Blaine sit on the couch. "Are you hungy? Thirsty?"

Blaine's stomach grumbled and he laughed, "Excuse me! Yes please."

Carole stood up as Burt brought a plate of spaghetti to Blaine. "Here kid. I know it's not fancy New York food but there's nothing like a home cooked meal."

Carole shook her head, "Leave them alone honey."

Kurt walked in the room with a plate himself, "No he's right Carole. I can NEVER get my spaghetti as good as yours. I'm taking the recipe before we go."

After talking and eating, Kurt mamanged to stifle a yawn. "Sorry!" He said as Blaine nudged his shoulder.

Carole blushed, "No! No! Of course, we're so rude you guys must be exhausted from the drive. Aiden's been asleep the whole time too."

"It's okay Carole." Blaine said collecting everyones plates. "I'll wash."

"Now Blaine…" Burt protested.

"Burt it's the least I could do. Besides I'm pretty sure you guys want to see your grandson live and in action." He glanced at his watch. "It's about four, so it's time for the little guy to wake up."

Kurt unbuckled him from his carrier lifting him onto his lap. "Can you bring his bottle when you come back Blaine?" He called to him. "I set it all up by the sink when we first got in."

"Sure thing." Blaine called from the kitchen."

Aiden stirred against Kurt's chest, nestling himself against his father.

"No, no…" Kurt cooed softly. "Time to wake up. Don't you want to see your grandpa and grandma?"

Burt scoffed, "I'm far too young to be called grandpa. Call me Pop!"

Kurt laughed, "Well that works, he calls me Poppa, well sort of."

Aiden rubbed his eyes and looked around the room. He fussed with his ear. Kurt gently pulled his hand away from it. "He has an ear infection, that's why we drove instead of flew." He explained to Burt and Carole.

Carole nudged Burt, "Oh look Burt! Isn't he precious!?"

Burt smiled, "You guys had better be careful, he's gonna be a looker. Takes after his Pop I suppose." Burt boasted his chest out a little.

Blaine walked into the room with a bottle, "That's what I told Kurt. He's a charmer too." He handed Aiden the bottle, "Here bud."

Kurt set him down on the floor, "He can't walk yet."

"He just crawls and gets into everything! He can pull himself up now too." Blaine took a seat on the arm of the chair.

Aiden set his bottle next to him, he looked up at Carole and smiled.

"Oh! Burt! Let's have another baby!"

Burt choked on his drink, "Whaa…?"

Blaine and Kurt laughed. "Feel free to take him off our hands anytime." Blaine said patting Burt's shoulder.

"How about tonight!?" Carole piped.

Aiden, feeling more comforabtle took off crawling around the room.

"Carole…" Burt said. "They're exhausted, the last thing they want to do is go out."

Kurt looked at Blaine, "Should we? I mean just for a bit."

Blaine smiled, "Only if you guys don't mind…"

"Of course we don't mind!" Burt said standing. "We got the kid."

Aiden was now at the fence separating the living room from the kitchen, where Jake was behind. He hoisted himself up and put his hand on the dog's nose.

"Aiden!" Kurt stood up.

"He's fine!" Burt said walking towards the fence. "Watch this." He picked up Aiden, who cheered at the sudden feeling.

He set Aiden on the other side of the gate with Jake.

"Dad!" Kurt protested. "He's just a baby!"

"Quiet Kurt! I did this to you all the time as a kid."

"We never had a dog!"

"Well…uh…look they like each other."

Aiden had pulled himself up again and placed his small hand on the dog's nose. Jake licked the baby's hand and Aiden squealed and giggled. "Nice doggie! Dadda, doggie!" Aiden looked at Blaine.

"I see. Be nice to the dog okay Aidey."

"You guys are in trouble now." Carole said laughing. "Soon he's going to want a dog of his own."

"Oh god!" Kurt's hand rushed to his mouth. "My clothes!"

"Okay, let's go." Blaine stood up and gave Carole a hug. "We won't be gone long. Thank you guys so much."

Kurt hugged her too, "Yes thank you! If he gives you any trouble, you can call…"

"Nonsense! By the time you guys get back he'll be walking, talking and changing a tire on a car." Burt said.

Kurt shook his head, he picked up Aiden who protested, "No, want doggie."

"Oh! Well sorry then." Kurt laughed as he gave his son a kiss on the cheek.

Blaine kissed the top of his head.

Kurt set him back on the side with the dog. Aiden looked up at Kurt. "Poppa bye bye?"

Kurt nodded, "Daddy and I will be back soon okay?"

Aiden looked up at them a moment longer and went back to Jake laughing and screaming.

"My son has replaced me with a dog." Kurt shook his head.

He and Blaine headed out the door. "I'll drive." Kurt said opening Blaine's door. "You drove a lot of the way here."

"Where to?" Blaine asked as they started the car.

"Lima Bean?" Kurt smiled.

"It's a date." Blaine kissed the back of his hand.

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