Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 3

"Well I see the Lima Bean hasn't changed much." Kurt said walking towards the counter. The familiar coffee shop looked just as they had left it in high school.

"You're right." Blaine said taking their place in line.

"But oh god, the uniforms have gone downhill." Kurt put his hand in front of his mouth and whispered to Blaine, "I mean blue polyester? Is that a joke?"

Blaine shook his head and smiled at the cashier, "Can I get a grande nonfat mocha and a medium drip." Their coffee came out a few minutes later. "Well look at that, our usual table is still open." Blaine nodded to the table. "It's fate."

They sat down and looked around. After a few minutes Kurt spoke, "Lets bring Aiden here before we go home. Show him how he got here."

"The surrogate's showing up?" Blaine smirked as he sipped his coffee.

"Ha ha. You know what I mean." Kurt sipped his coffee too, "I wonder if he's okay..."

"Don't!" Blaine said narrowing his eyes at Kurt.

"What?" Kurt asked innocently.

"We're not going to be THOSE kinds of parents. "

"I'm just saying, we should SEE if they're okay with him. My dad's heart's not in great shape and Aiden can get wild when he's comfortable. He takes after you."

"His heart's fine and Aiden's fine. Between your dad and the dog, I bet he's forgotten all about us."

Kurt tightened his grip on his cup, "Okay that doesn't help at all. What if...what if he eats dog food or something, or gets hurt by that stupid dog. It's bigger than him."

Blaine chocked out a laugh. "He's not in a thunder dome Kurt. He's at your parents' house and besides I'm pretty sure your dad has a handle on raising kids, you turned out perfect."

Kurt blushed, "Okay fine. Sorry we just never leave him like that. It's usually at night when he's already asleep or with the nanny for a few hours in the day. We've never missed actually putting him to bed."

Blaine reached over and stilled his boyfriends tapping hand, "He's fine. Breathe." Kurt smiled, he squeezed Blaine's hand. "Sorry, sorry. Change subject. Have you talked to your parents?"

Blaine sat back and sighed, "On second thought, let's go back to talking about the safety of our son."

Kurt raised his eyebrows.

"I called them before we left Pittsburg, they want to see Aiden."Blaine rolled his eyes.

"So..." Kurt coaxed.

"I want him to KNOW them at least, I guess. Coopers' there now with his fiancé and I know he's been dying to see him too."

Kurt laughed, "Cooper is always in New York visiting. The other day while I was changing Aiden he kept asking for uncle "ooper."

Blaine smiled, "Yeah I texted him when we got here. He said that he's been at the house for a day or so, letting mom and dad meet Julia."

"So when are we going to see them?"

"We can always see them on the next trip."

Kurt frowned, "They're his grandparents too Blaine. I want them to know him."

"Well with all the traveling they do, they could have come out to New York anytime."

"Stop." Kurt said lightly as he put his hand on Blaine's. "I don't want him to not know his own grandparents. I never met my mom's parents and I always felt like something was missing."

"If he treats Aiden like he ever treated me..."

"Give him a chance."

Blaine looked around, "How about we catch a movie. I haven't been in ages. It's still early…about six."

Kurt smiled, "Sure, but we should ask my dad and Carole if it's okay. They're going to think we just left Aiden and headed back to New York."

"Want to?"

"Ha ha. You're just so funny today mister, so many jokes." Kurt pulled out his phone and called the house. A few minutes later he hung up the phone with Carole. "She said there all fine and to stay out as long as we'd like."

"The movies it is." Blaine stood up and made his way to the door.

When they got to the movies, they bought tickets to the next showing of, much to Blaine's persistance, the newest action movie.

The settled down with popcorn and took seats in the dark theater.The movie started out fast paced and lasted about two hours.

It wasn't before long that, Blaine blinked in the well-lit theater. "What happened?" He sat up and looked over at Kurt who was sleeping in the seat next to him.

"Kurt wake up." He nudged him.


"We fell asleep, the movies over."


They stood up and stretched. They made their way to the parking lot.

"Let's get home, it's nearly nine. Aiden probably doesn't know what to do with himself. He's supposed to be in bed by eight," Blaine said as he started the car.

"You know we're truly parents." Kurt said as he sent a quick work email.

"What do you mean?" Blaine said yawning.

"We went on a "date" and all we talked about was our son over coffee and then fell asleep in the biggest action movie of the year."

Blaine laughed, "I have a confession."

Kurt turned up the heater and rubbed his hands together,blowing on them, "What?"

"I texted Carole about twelve times to check on Aiden."

Kurt snorted and laughed, "And YOU told me I worry too much."

They pulled into the driveway of the Hummel house. Blaine set the car in park and turned off the lights.

"Let's go spring them." Kurt said as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

"Wait!" Blaine said as he locked the doors.

"You know if you wanted to really kill me, my driveway isn't exactly then ideal place to get away with it."

"They'd never catch me." Blaine teased.

"No motif?"

"Oh I have a motif. I know all about your affair."

Kurt snapped his fingers, "Damn, Taylor Lautner and I thought we got away with it too." He smiled.

"Well the real reason I'm keeping you hostage is... does this remind you of anything?"

"Uhh, it's my driveway Blaine."

"We'll it reminds ME about dropping you off back in high school after our dates."

Kurt laughed, "Oh god I remember us making out praying my dad didn't come out and kill us!"

Blaine turned to him, "Well technically this is a date, so technically..."

He turned to Kurt placing his hand on his check pulling him closer.

"Technically..." Kurt leaned in and ignited a kiss between them.

They spent about fifteen minutes making out before Kurt pulled away suddenly. "Did you hear that?"

"You moaning?" Blaine said as he leaned to kiss Kurt's neck, sucking on it gently.

"No. No. Listen. "Kurt pushed him away lightly. "I can't see, the windows are all fogged up."

He took his hand and wiped away the front glass.

Blaine turned on the lights and Kurt screamed. Blaine's eyes adjusted to the dark.

"Dad what the hell!" Kurt got out of the car. "You scared us!"

"Well you're going at it like feral cats in my driveway. I thought somebody was dying out here."

"Oh we weren't even being that loud." Kurt huffed.

"I can't help it if while I'm taking out the trash I see your car fogged up!"

Kurt turned to Blaine who got out of the car smiling, "We spent nearly two years in this driveway never getting caught and as soon as we have a kid my dad catches us."

"I hope he didn't give you too much trouble Burt." Blaine said as he saw Aiden lying faced own on the couch snoring softly.

Kurt rubbed his back lightly while he slept.

"No! Poor kid, I think I ran him down. He just started to get fussy around eight. Carole gave him a bottle and we watched the game until he fell asleep."

"Thanks Dad." Kurt said still rubbing Aiden's back. "I'm going to go put him in his crib. Blaine, shoot can you come build it? I forgot to earlier."

"Already been taken care of." Carole said coming out of the kitchen. "Burt and Aiden did it earlier."

"You gave my son power tools?" Kurt picked up the sleeping baby.

"Relax, it was pop up." Burt said

"He did bring all his toys to bed with him, said he was scared." Carole sat next to her husband.

"Oh! We never gave him a bath." Kurt said suddenly. "He's been in the car all day and the dog..."

"Anyone ever said you worry too much." Burt said frowning at his son.

"Blaine. All the time."

"He'll be fine Kurt." Carole said softly.

Kurt bit his lip in obvious defeat. "If he gets hay fever, it's on all of you!"

As he started up the stairs Jake tore out of Burt and Carole's bedroom barking up a storm at the top. Aiden stirred while Kurt held his breath.

"Dad!" Kurt whispered harshly.

"Jake!" Burt called as Jake came down the stairs and laid his head near Burt's feet.

"Goodnight everyone." Kurt waved as he cut eyes at the dog. He made his way up to his old bedroom and quietly shut the door.

"You should sleep too Blaine." Carole stood up. "I can't even imagine the trip you guys have had."

"Kurt and I fell asleep in the movie actually." He laughed. "But I am tired. I think I'll help Kurt put him down. Thank you guys."

He made his way upstairs and opened the door. Aiden was standing in his crib.

"Dadda!" He squealed when he saw Blaine. Blaine picked him up and turned to Kurt who was exfoliating his face.

"I thought he was asleep."

"He was! As soon as I sat him down he was wide awake. I swear my dad wired..."

Just then Burt opened the door. "Just wanted to make sure...hey! There's my bud! What are you doing up?" Burt made a silly face at him.

Aiden struggled in Blaine's arms. "Down! Down! Pop! Pop!" He started fussing and whining.

"Dad." Kurt groaned. "He's awake now! Don't wild him up anymore."

"So what, the night is young!" Burt reached for Aiden.

Aiden struggled in Blaine's arms. "Fine, fine." Blaine handed Aiden over to his grandfather.

"Blaine!" Kurt protested. "Don't give in to either of them."

"It's hard not to Kurt." Blaine smiled. "Look at those faces."

Kurt mumbled, "He's going to fuss in the morning. You can deal with that." He went down the hall to the other bathroom to finish his nightly routine.

"Your Poppa is such a worry wart, isn't he?" Burt tossed Aiden up in the air.

"Burt!" Carole came to the door hands on her hips. "Kurt came in saying you're keeping the baby up? I sent you in here to check on them not throw his sleeping schedule off."

"But I…" Burt started.

"No. Get to bed, you have all day tomorrow to hang with your grandson."

Aiden nestled in Burt's arms, laying his head on his shoulder. He yawned and whined at his ear.

"Fine." Burt grumbled. "Here." He handed Blaine the baby. "See you in the morning kiddo." He rustled Aiden's hair, who yawned again.

Carole and Burt left the room closing the door. "Time for bed, Aidey." Blaine leaned to set him in the crib.

Aiden protested and started crying. "Shh, shh. It's okay." He rocked Aiden gently back and forth. He dimmed the lights and hummed softly to him.

He sat on the bed using the backboard to support his back. A few minutes later he felt a gentle kiss on his cheek.

"Hey, you." Kurt whispered. "Bedtime for both of you?"

"I fell asleep again." Blaine said shifting lightly as to not wake up the sleeping baby. "Take him?"

Kurt nodded and gently took the baby from Blaine's arms. He set Aiden in the crib.

"Go shower, you'll feel better." He turned to Blaine.

Blaine nodded and gathered his things. After about twenty minutes he returned back to the room. Kurt was checking his phone sitting up in the bed.

"Do you EVER get off that thing?" Blaine teased sliding in the bed next to him.

"It's work! I can't let my costumes designs be haywire while I'm not there." Kurt worked and basically owned one of the off Broadway shows. He designed costumes and wrote the scripts as well as the music. Every once and awhile he would even perform.

"Mhmm." Blaine snuggled up next to him wrapping his arm around his waist. "Well come to bed. Our son is sleeping, hopefully through the night and we're on a mini vacation."

Kurt took off his glasses and turned off the light. "Thank you. Thank you for being an amazing boyfriend and an amazing father."

Blaine kissed his nose. "You're far too sweet."

Kurt cleared his throat. "Don't you have something to add!"

Blaine laughed, "I love you and I love you even more as a father. You're so good to Aiden and patient with him, which is crazy because your not patient with anyone. I love you Kurt Hummel."

Kurt laid his hand on his chest and was quiet for a moment, "What time are we visiting your parents tomorrow?"

"Do we have to?"

"Blaine," Kurt sat up. "This is important. I want them to…"

"I know, I know. It's just you don't know my dad the way I do. I know you've met him and you know how he acts around us. It kills me that he treats you like that, makes little comments. I can't bear to let him act like that with Aiden too."

"We have to try Blaine."

Blaine rubbed his temples. "Kurt…"

"Tomorrow we see your parents." Kurt kissed him on the forehead and turned over.

Blaine sighed and listened to the sound of Kurt and Aiden's breathing mix together. Their sleep patterns were the same, every so often they would turn over within seconds of each other. Blaine closed his eyes let the sounds of his family put him to sleep.

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