Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 4

Kurt woke up at nine, which was late for his own liking. Even without opening his eyes he knew Aiden was awake in his crib. He could hear his more active breathing and the sound of his toy cars smashing together.

He got up, careful not to wake Blaine, and went down to the foot of the bed where Aiden was playing in his crib. Aiden was sporting and big smile and a royal crown that Kurt bought for him for his birthday last year.

"Well good morning, Sir Aiden." He smiled at him and lifted him out of his crib, squeezing him lightly. "You know you never sleep." He added and Aiden clapped his hands.

"Big kiss?" Kurt asked him.

"Big kiss!" Aiden put his small hands on either side of Kurt's face and gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

"Oh! Ew! Silly Aiden." Kurt tickled him and Aiden shrieked.

Kurt laughed, "Okay, okay. We have to be quiet." He put his finger to his lips, "Daddy's sleeping." Aiden nodded and Kurt gave him a kiss on the forehead. "You want to be a big boy and watch Daddy while I get ready?"

Aiden nodded while Kurt set him on the bed. "Toys!" Aiden protested.

"Okay. Which ones?"


Kurt laughed. "All of them it is." He put about ten toys in the bed next to Aiden.

"I'm going to get dressed, be good." He gathered some of his things and left the door open as he went to the bathroom. He came back as if he forgot something. "Hey Aiden?"

Aiden, who was in the process of lining all his toys up on Blaine's sleeping body, looked up.

"Wake up Daddy okay?"

Aiden clapped his hands as Kurt retreated to the bathroom. Blaine felt a hand along his chest. "Mhmm." He stirred lightly. "Mhmm. Not now Kurt." The hand made its way up towards his neck. "Kurt…stop…" He mumbled.

Suddenly he felt wheels run along his shirtless chest. "Vroom!" Blaine opened his eyes to see his son and his son's toys surrounding him on the bed. Once Aiden realized Blaine was awake, he clapped his hands, "Dadda wake up! Dadda wake up!"

Blaine closed his eyes again from the sun streaming in the room. "No Dadda! Poppa say wake up!" Aiden put his hands over Blaine's eyes. "Play." Blaine couldn't help but smile. "Okay, okay I'm awake. Dadda is awake."

He sat up on the elbows. "I see you brought all your toys with you." He picked up one of the trucks and ran it down Aiden's stomach.

Aiden shrieked. "Shh! Okay." Blaine laughed. "You don't want to wake up Nana and Pop." He played with Aiden a few more minutes before Kurt came in.

"You're awake." Kurt said to Blaine as he winked at Aiden.

"Aiden did the honors. Besides you he's the best alarm clock." Kurt smiled and leaned to give Blaine a kiss. He pulled away, "Get dressed, we can eat at Breadstix before we go with your parents. I emailed your mom last night, she said come by after 12."

Blaine sighed, "Breadstix this early?"

"Yeah, they have a breakfast now, go figure. Snap snap get up both of you!" He nodded to Aiden who yawned and was rubbing his eyes. Blaine kissed Aiden's head and headed to the bathroom. Thirty minutes later he came back into the room fully dressed.

Kurt was still getting ready in the vanity mirror. "I hope Aiden doesn't take after you when he's older and takes forever to dress himself." Blaine teased.

"Ha ha."

Aiden started pulling at his ear on the bed and whined. "We need to take him to the doctor when we get back." Blaine said.

"Why?" Kurt turned around. "What's wrong?"

"No, no it's just his ear."

"Okay…You know how I get when he's sick. It scares me. Shoot! He never took a bath."

"Bath!" Aiden perked up.

"I think he'll be fine…"

Kurt turned around horrified, "Blaine Anderson! I don't believe I just heard you say it was okay for our son to lie in his own filth for another day."


Kurt's eyes widened. "My point taken."

Blaine shook his head, "Okay Aiden. Time for a bath. Poppa is…" He did a crazy sign with his fingers.

"I saw that!" Kurt said as he rubbed moisturizer on his face.

Blaine took Aiden in the bathroom and started the tub. He got on his knees and mixed bubbles in. He was putting some of the toys in the bath listening behind him, Aiden crawled around opening and closing cabinets.

"Aiden don't open…" He turned to his son and froze. The Hummel bathroom wasn't huge but it was big enough to walk around in, and that's just what his son was doing. Walking.

"Kurt!" He called trying not to startle Aiden. "Kurt! Get in here. Get in here now!"

"Blaine, my parents are sleeping! What?" Kurt came into the bathroom.

"He's walking!"

Kurt put his hand to his mouth. "Oh my god! He's walking!" He burst into tears. "He's really walking!" Aiden looked up at him, "Poppa cry?"

"Yes, yes Poppa cry." Kurt laughed.

Blaine smiled. His son was actually walking. "I love you." He said to Kurt. "So much."

Kurt looked at his son and his boyfriend. "I love you too."

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