Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 5

After his bath, Blaine carried the very naked Aiden back to his bedroom. He set him on the floor and almost immediately Aiden took off crawling for his toys on the other side of the room.

"Well so much for him walking." Blaine said as Kurt walked in behind him.

"Soon he'll be potty trained, talking and..." Kurt choked out.

"Hey…" Blaine wrapped his arms around him, "I know they grow up fast but I mean we can always have another baby."

Kurt laughed as he wiped tears from his face, "I already have two." He teased. "That's good for now. C'mon let's get him dressed so we can eat and he can meet your parents. "

Blaine made a face but Kurt missed it as he strolled across the room to Aiden's suitcase. "Okay son, what are we going to wear today?"

Blaine sat on the edge of the bed grabbing his laptop. "I say let him dress himself today. He's basically an adult now that he's walking."

Kurt turned to him in horror, "Blaine, you know I'm all for creativity but I can't have him dressing himself at this age! What if he wears his clothes inside out or worse...corduroy and denim."

Blaine smiled as he checked his email.

"Okay!" Kurt clapped his hands. "It's time to put on clothes Aiden. No more going around naked. I know that it's fun and all…"

"Yeah me and Poppa used to do it all the time before you were born." Blaine added without looking up.

"Blaine!" Kurt turned scarlet red.

Blaine just smiled behind his computer.

Ten minutes later they were all fully dressed and ready to go. They headed downstairs and saw Carole in the kitchen cooking while Burt read the paper at the table.

"Dad, shouldn't you be at the shop?" Kurt placed a kiss on Carole's cheek.

"I took the day off." Burt took a bite out of toast.

"Hope that's wheat." Kurt raised his eyebrows and clicked his tongue.

Burt shot him a look, "Between you and Carole I might as well be eating grass out the front yard."

"Stop fussing." Carole poured him another cup of coffee. "What do you guys have planned today?" She picked up Aiden, balancing him on her hip.

"We're going to see my parents." Blaine poured himself coffee before Kurt a cup as well.

"Oh that's good!" Carole tickled Aiden at the same time. "It's good for him to know both his grandparents.

"See!" Kurt packed a bag of bottles and baby food into the diaper bag before sealing it up and tossing it over his shoulder.

"Aiden walked this morning." Blaine said obviously changing the subject.

Burt nearly choked on his coffee. "What! He's so young!"

"He's a almost a year Dad."

"Well damn, kids' growing up so fast."

"Language Dad."

"Damn isn't curse word." Burt mumbled.

"We should go Blaine." Kurt turned to him. "We're going to Breadstix for breakfast. Would you guys like to join?"

"Nope. We're cleaning today!" Carole handed the baby to Blaine.

"Maybe I should have went to work." Burt mumbled this time enough for Carole to send him a look.

"Let's go." Kurt put on his shades, he reached for Aiden, "Say goodbye to Nana and Pop."

Aiden fussed and protested, reaching for Burt. "You'll be back buddy!" Burt called. He swallowed loudly and wiped his eyes with his sleeve. "Damn allergies." He mumbled.

"Oh, Dad," Kurt sighed. "See you guys later." He called over his shoulder as he went out to the car.

"Wish us luck. " Blaine took one last swig from his coffee. "We'll be back tonight."

He met Kurt at the car, who was strapping Aiden in his seat.

"Aiden! Stop!" Kurt said as Aiden was trying and struggling to get out of his seat.

"No! Out!" Aiden bawled his fists.

"He knows we're going to see Satan." Blaine mumbled putting the diaper bag in the backseat.

"It's...attitude...like that..." Kurt struggled. "...that makes him act like this!"

Blaine slid in the drivers seat, "He's just a smart kid."

"There!" Kurt said as he finally got his son in.

As soon as Aiden realized he lost his battle he started screaming. He wasn't crying, he just started screaming on the top of his lungs.

"Oh my..." Kurt said with hands on his hips. "When the hell did he start this!?"

"Language Kurt."

"This is ridiculous!" Kurt got into the passenger seat. "Aiden knock it off."

Aiden screamed louder and Kurt's lips drew a thin line. His forehead drew together. "Drive." He gritted through his teeth. Blaine reversed and made their way to Breadstix. Aiden screamed the whole way and Kurt only managed to curse twice.

Once they got into the parking lot, Blaine rubbed his fingers in between the bridge of his nose.

"You...get...him. Kurt said, clearly frustrated. "I'm sending a very angry yet professional email to our nanny. He has never acted like this before!"

Blaine sighed and got out of the car to Aiden's side. He made sure to check to make sure nothing was pinching him or hurting him, which was hard to do with the constant screaming in his ear.

"I already checked." Kurt said as he turned around in the seat. "Nothing hurting him. He just doesn't want to be in the seat."

"Out! Out!" Aiden screamed and kicked. "OUT!"

"Mother of god." Kurt massaged his temples.

"Hey Aiden! Enough!" Blaine said.

Aiden kept screaming and flailing around.

Blaine looked at Kurt with wary eyes. "I don't know what to do. "

"Me either."

Blaine took him out of the car seat and as if Blaine snapped his fingers Aiden stopped.

"Angry...email...number two." Kurt said turning back to his phone.

"Let's go in." Blaine shook his head.

He put Aiden in a high chair as soon as they sat. The server laid crayons in front of Aiden and smiled, "He's so cute!"

Aiden smiled up at her.

"When he's not screaming." Kurt said rolling his eyes. As soon as she left Aiden started drawing on the table.

"No bud." Blaine said softly as he moved his son's hand.

He went back to his menu and a few seconds later Aiden went back to drawing on the table.

"Aiden!" Blaine said again moving his hands.

Kurt peered over his menu. "I have no idea what's going on with him today."

Aiden went to draw on the table again. "Aiden." Blaine said firmer. Aiden looked at him with a huff and slammed his hands loudly on the table.

Kurt rubbed his forehead, "I need a Tylenol." He snapped his fingers at a passing waiter.

"Kurt. Stop." Blaine hissed at him while he wrestled butter packets from Aiden.

"Sorry, I forgot where I was."

Their waitress came by taking their orders.

"What are we going to do with our son?" Kurt said after they ordered. "He can't be in terrible two's already."

"I don't know. Maybe we should take him home."

"Home as in New York? He had a hissy fit Blaine, he didn't murder someone."

"I mean back to your dads."

"And get out of seeing your parents? I think not."

"Well I don't want him to freak out there too."

"He's fine now."

The waitress brought their food, a waffle breakfast for Blaine, eggs Benedict for Kurt and pancakes with a small oatmeal on the side for Aiden.

Kurt reached over to cut Aiden's pancakes, "I have to ask you a serious question."

Blaine looked up.

Still cutting the pancakes Kurt continued, "So I was in a meeting with Liz last week before we left and against my will she sent some of my designs to a friend of hers."

Blaine cut into his waffle, "Okay..."

"Well, her friend emailed me back and they loved them." Kurt smiled too widely at Blaine. "By the way, have you been working out? Your arms just look so good today."

"Why do I feel like your avoiding something?" Blaine raised his eyebrows.

"Well her friend lives in California..." Kurt set the knife down and pushed the plate closer to Aiden who was more interested in his oatmeal than the food Kurt put in front of him.

"It would be just be three months. That's it. They want me to meet with executives of this clothing line and work with clients. After that, I can work from home."

"Kurt, we're not in our early twenties anymore. We can't just pick up and MOVE to California. We have a son, I have a career."

"What if I just went?"

Blaine swallowed loudly," By yourself, for three months?

"I haven't told them anything. I said I'd talk to you first."

"Kurt. I don't want to be selfish but I need you here. Okay a week, maybe even two. But I have work, who will watch Aiden."

"What if I took him with me?"

Blaine nearly chocked.

"Okay that sounded better in my head. But seriously Blaine, this is a huge career move for me."

"I know that...but you know we don't need the money Kurt. We're good."

"I know, I know it's just... I'm twenty-seven Blaine. This is my last big chance. Once I hit thirty it's all downhill from there. Oh god...wrinkles."

Blaine couldn't help but chuckle, "Thirty isn't that bad Kurt."

Kurt snorted and took a bite from his food.

Blaine reached across the table for Kurt's hand, "Look, I'm not saying no…I'm just saying this is something I can't…we can't decide over breakfast one day."

Kurt squezzed his hand, "I know…I know. I just thought telling you now rather than after us meeting with your parents would be best."

"I promise I will think about it." Blaine admitted squezzing Kurt's hand. " I promise."

"That's all I…"

Suddenly oatmeal flew across the table between the two, splattering all over the table and wall.

"Oh my…!" Kurt's hand flew to his mouth. He looked at Aiden who was now fingerpainting on his clothes with oatmeal.

"Aiden!" Blaine said in a firm whisper.

"There…is...oatmeal...on…my...shoes…" Kurt said through gritted teeth.

"Forget the shoes. Help me clean him and the wall."

Blaine took napkins from the other tables and wiped at the wall. Kurt picked Aiden up from his high chair and grabbed the diaper bag. He held his son at arms distance. "I'm changing him. Let's get our food to go."

"What's left of it…" Blaine said wiping the table down and his oatmeal covered hand.

Kurt excused himself to the bathroom and Blaine waved down the waitress.

He sat in the car playing a superhero game on his phone when Kurt knocked on the window. He got out taking the bag from Kurt. Aiden was sniffling and looking like he was just ending a crying session.

"What happened?"

"He pooped, so I was changing his diaper and I turned for one second to grab his clothes and he THREW his poop diaper at the wall. I lightly pinched him and he freaked out."

Blaine shook his head. "I have no idea what's gotten into him lately."

"I know." Kurt turned to Aiden and said in a firm voice, "Aiden, we are going to go visit your other grandma and grandpa. You're sitting in your car seat and I don't want to hear otherwise. Do you understand?"

Aiden looked from father and father and sighed. Kurt narrowed his eyes and looked at Blaine across the car. "Too easy…" He whispered.

"Maybe he's testing us?

Kurt hesitated before lowering him into the car seat. "So…"

Aiden just looked up at him, eyes wide. A smile across his face.

"I don't…he's not…" Kurt said as he buckeld him in.

"He's fine. Look at that." Blaine slid into the driver's seat.

Kurt shut Aiden's door and hesitantly slid in the front. "Okay that was…"

As soon as the car rolled into reverse, Aiden took off at the top of his lungs again.

"It was too good to be true." Blaine finished. He pulled back into the parking lot. "I say you sit in the back with him, just in case."


Kurt got out and slid into the seat behind Blaine. "Shh." He jingled a toy in front of Aiden who ripped it from his hand and threw it across the backseat.

The back was quiet for a moment besides Aiden's persistant screaming. Blaine looked at Kurt in the rearview mirror. He saw tears streaming down his face.

"Hey! Don't cry Kurt!"

"What am I doing WRONG? He's freaking out and we can't figure out what's going on. I don't know what to do Blaine."

"You're not doing anything wrong. He's just…he's just being a toddler. He's almost two, this is a phase."

Aiden, who had quieted down, leaned over and fussed for a toy out of the bag placed between him and Kurt.

Kurt handed him the toy and Aiden played with it in his hands. Kurt threw his hand up in the air, "Now he's fine. Whoever said parenting was easy…"

"They didn't.."

"Well whoever did is lying."

"On the bright side, he took his first officially steps today." Blaine turned into his parents driveway.

"Now he thinks he rules the world." Kurt couldn't help but place a kiss on Aiden's cheek.

"Cooper's still here." Blaine nodded towards the silver Lexus in the driveway.

"And doing well I see." Kurt rubbed Aiden's cheek slightly, "He's falling asleep."

"Good. If he sleeps through this, we can go home faster." Blaine chuckled and parked the car before getting out. He walked around to the trunk, "Should I grab the stroller?" He called. "Kurt why did you pack his crib and our suitcases?"

Kurt got out of the car carrying the carseat and looked at Blaine with wide eyes, "I love you…"

"Kurt, please don't tell me you told my parents we were staying?" Blaine frowned.

"It's just for one night."


"Come on! It's one night and you're mom said it was okay."

"My mom is trying to make up for all the years she ignored…"

The front door opened as Blaine's mother smiled at them. "Hi!" She said enthsiatically.

"Hey!" Kurt said with equal volume. Blaine knew Kurt, and Kurt was a very good actor.

"Blaine say hi to your mother." He said through his teeth as he walked up the steps into the house.

"This can't be him! Is this Aiden?" His mother cooed. "Kurt you said he was a baby. This is a handsome young man."

Kurt beamed, "He started walking today."

"Oh!" Blaine's mother smiled.

"More like a few steps." Blaine said.

His mother's face fell, "Oh."

"It was basically walking." Kurt said trying to lighten the mood. "The house looks wonderful Diane. Doesn't it Blaine?" Kurt shot eyes at him.

"Yeah Mom, it looks great." He hugged her.

"It's so good to see you home." His mom whispered into his shoulder.

She pulled away with tears in her eyes. She wiped her eyes quickly. "Um your brothers' in the back with dad. A few of dad's work friends came by to talk about a new deal. They're out playing tennis and your brothers' swimming."

"He couldn't clear his schedule for a day?" Blaine said.

"Um! Well, Diane, how about I drop Aiden's stuff off. Which room are we in?" Kurt interrupted.

"We thought to put you in Blaine's room."

"Of course. " Kurt said following her up the stairs.

She showed them to Blaine's room, which looked just the way he had left it.

"I hope this is okay." His mom said from the doorframe.

"No! It's wonderful. Thank you." Kurt gushed as he sat the car seat on the bed.

"Well I'll leave you guys to freshen up. See you downstairs in a bit."

Kurt smiled widely as she shut the door.

As soon as the door was closed he turned to Blaine, "Can you? For just a day? Please be nice!"

Blaine sat on the edge of the bed getting Aiden out of his car seat. "You were the one who wanted to come."

"Well at least try!" Kurt huffed. He handed Blaine a bottle from the bag to give to Aiden.

"Now let's change into swim clothes and relax with your family."

Blaine sighed as he looked at Aiden, his eyes were heavy but he wasn't fully asleep.

"He looks tired. I should stay up here with him so that he can rest."

"He'll be fine as soon as he sees that pool. Change him and stop making excuses." He handed Blaine the diaper bag for Aiden and went to the bathroom to change. Blaine looked at Aiden who was looking up at him with wide eyes.

"I'm just tryng to protect you and Poppa." Blaine said to his son. "I don't want you guys to feel the way I did when I grew up. I love you both too much for that. I will never treat you the way he did to me. No matter what happens in your life, you can talk to me about anything."

Aiden looked up at him, blinking his eyes. Blaine took the bottle from him and laid him on his back on the bed. He started changing him into the swim diaper and swim trunks Kurt had packed.

"So, I'll tell you what. Let's make a deal, I'll try not to get into any argurments with my dad if you promise not to scream like earlier."

Aiden clapped his hands and laughed. "Okay bud. I take that as a promise." Blaine laughed as he set Aiden on the floor.

Aiden hoisted himself up with the help of the bed and teetered towards Blaine's bookshelf.

Kurt walked in the room at that moment, "He's walking again!" Tears whelled in his eyes.

"Kurt you cant cry everytime he walks."

"Shut up! Yes I can!." Kurt said. "Where's my phone? This is our new holiday Christmas card."

"It's August!" Blaine said as he changed into his own swim outfit. He took one look in the mirror and took a deep breath, "Okay let's do this."

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