Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 6

"Okay wait." Blaine stopped Kurt before he slid open the door to the patio. "We can still turn around and go back to your parents. We can still get out."

"Honestly Blaine!" Kurt he pushed past him. He strolled out with Aiden on his hip.

"Boys, we thought you got lost." Blaine's mom said as she handed Kurt a lemonade. "It's non alcoholic of course. Unless that's what you guys wanted…I mean I just thought…"

"It's fine Diane." Kurt assured her. "Would you like to hold Aiden?"

Blaine's mom blushed, "I mean if it's okay." She seemed to look at Blaine for reassurance, but he pretended not to notice and waved to Cooper and Julia by the pool.

He walked over to them ignoring the stare Kurt had aimed in his direction.

"Little bro! What's going on?!" Cooper said from the pool. He motioned for Blaine to grab a beer and get in the water. "C'mon in! You were taking forever upstairs, I thought you guys were in it for a quckie." He laughed.

Blaine hugged Julia who was lounging on a chair. "Nice to see you Julia and once again thank you for dealing with my brother."

"You always say that Blaine." She laughed.

Blaine took a step back, "Okay! Wow! How are you this far a long already? This kid's going to be way taller than me and Coop."

Julia blused, "You last saw us I was only four months pregnant, I'm seven months now."

"Yeah she's getting huge." Cooper said from the pool. "I'm just praying its not a girl. God." He shuddered at the idea and took a swig of beer. "Are you getting in or what? Are we getting wasted tonight?"

"Honey…" Julia peered over her sunglasses.

"Okay okay. Last beer before dinner." Cooper grumbled. "We're doing this couple empathy thing. Basically I'm not supposed to drink since she can't but I'm too stressed out with wedding talk from Mom and Dad, so I get a pass."

Blaine laughed and sat on the edge of Julia's chair. "So when's the wedding?"

"After the baby. So we're thinking soon." Copper floated on his back.

"Bet dad's thrilled."

"Ha! Mom's actually excited and Dad's well…he disapproves of the whole baby before marriage." Cooper sighed.

"Yeah well Dad's not exactly the most approving type." Blaine muttered.

Blaine felt a pull on his shorts leg and Aiden shrieked as he looked at the water.

"Buddy!" Coopper shot up, spraying everyone in the area with droplets.

"Gee thanks Cooper. This bathing suit meant to be seen not wet." Kurt strolled over.

"What's the point then?" Cooper splashed water at Kurt. Aiden clapped his hands and laughed.

Cooper swam to the edge of the pool and lifted himself halfway out, "Can he come in?"

"His lifejacket is on so I guess. Just be careful." Kurt warned.

"You worry too much!" Cooper said as he surprised Aiden and pulled him in the water.

"Careful!" Kurt and Blaine said at the same time.

Julia laughed, "I hope we're as good parents as you guys are. You make it look easy."

"Easy! Ha! Let me tell you about this morning." Kurt said lying on the chair next to her. He paused in his story, "Um okay! When did all this happen?" He motioned his hands along the length of Julia's body. "You so weren't this pregnant the last time I saw you!"

Blaine sat and listened to his boyfriend catch up with Julia and Aiden laughing with Cooper in the pool. It was always moments like this he wished had growing up.

"Blaine," His mother placed her hand on his shoulder as she whispered. "Your dad is in his office, he wants to see you." Blaine hesitated but stood up.

"Mom, I know you have a two piece somewhere in that house. Come get in and show dad what he's missing." Cooper called.

Mrs. Anderson shot Cooper a stern look, "Cooper watch your mouth. I'm just fine sitting with your fiancé and Kurt gossiping."

Blaine left the group and made his way into the quiet house. Even when he was younger and they would all be home, the house still had this quietness to it.

He walked up the stairs to his father's office and stood in front of the door. He had always hated coming in here to talk to his Dad. The office was huge with a desk in the middle; it resembled some sort off principal's office. It was never inviting in Blaine's opinion. Blaine knocked on the door. "Dad?"

"Come in."

Blaine sighed and pushed open the large oak doors, his father sat at the desk on the phone. He motioned for Blaine to sit across from him. Blaine ignored the gesture and walked around the large room. All of the walls were surrounded with books like a library. His father didn't read much but his mother loved books. He traced the titles of some of the books while he listened to his father's conversation.

"Yes Drew…I have the paperwork for the deals but I told you that my sons' are in town this week. If anything, I'm working from home. Yes it's my oldest son and his fiancé and my youngest son and his…friend and son."

Blaine felt himself tense up, he balled his fist against his sides. His father knew damn well that Kurt was more than a friend. Even when they were actually just friends as teenagers, they were never JUST friends.

Cooper's sharp tongue came from their mother and he had his father's charisma. Blaine on the other hand, got his anger from his father and his mother's patience. Well to an extent, he could be patient for a long time but if he got mad, it was over.

Blaine remembered as a child his father's very stern non approachable personality. But Blaine knew he couldn't lie and say he had necessarily a horrible father. Carter Anderson wasn't a HORRIBLE man, but his views and manners were very vocal. He was an ex-military Sargent and now the CEO of a huge company. He had to always be in control, and he expected his family to act the same way. In Carter Anderson's opinion, his family was strong and had no room for weakness. In his father's eyes, Blaine was weak. The night he came home from the Sadie Hawkins dance, the day he announced he was gay, the day he said Kurt was more than a friend, he saw the look in his father's eyes. It told him he was weak.

After five more minutes Blaine was fed up with just standing and listening to deals. His own job in New York resembled his father's. No matter how much he hated to think it, he was truly his father's son when it came to work ethic. At times he had to step back and actually talk to his clients and colleagues instead of order them as his father did. He would never become his dad, but in so many ways he already had.

He walked out of the door, listening to any indication of his father noticing his leave. His dad noticed. Blaine could tell only slightly by his voice but he kept talking on the phone. Blaine walked down the long hallway looking at the pictures of the family. On his mother's instance there were awards, pictures and trophies filtered down the hallway. She always told them, "I will never be ashamed of my sons' accomplishments. Being gay's not an accomplishment in this family Blaine always thought. It wasn't until Aiden's birth that pictures of Kurt and Blaine together could be seen, and even so it was only one.

Blaine did smile looking at the wall because it was now almost a third taken up with pictures of Aiden. Blaine had always hinted at Kurt sending pictures of their son to his parents. There was Aiden's first bath, Aiden on Halloween and many others Blaine recognized from his own house in New York.

"Is he here?" His father said taking his place beside Blaine.

Blaine hadn't even heard him approach. "Yes. He's out in the back with everyone playing in the pool."

"Isn't he young to be swimming?"

"He's fine." Blaine placed a picture back on the wall. "He's fearless."

"Just like an Anderson." His dad boasted. "How was the flight?"

"We drove."

"From New York?"

"Yep." Blaine

"Waste of money don't you think? Your mother and I used to fly you around all the time. If you teach them right, they won't fuss on a plane."

"He had an ear infection." Blaine gritted though his teeth

"Is that all? You should have just given him some medicine and went on."

"Don't tell me how to raise my son." Blaine turned to his father.

"You were handed a baby a year ago…I highly doubt that qualifies you…"

"You have no right to tell me what qualifies as a father, we've had Aiden since the day he was born and I'll be damn sure he's not raised anything like how I was." Blaine said his words full of anger.

"Blaine?" He heard Kurt call from downstairs. "Blaine, are you up here?"

Blaine glared at his father.

Kurt came up the stairs and stopped once he saw Blaine's stance towards his father. He felt the tension in the air. "Oh, I didn't…I don't want to interrupt."

"You're not interrupting anything Kurt." Blaine's father said watching Blaine. "How are you?" He walked passed Blaine and patted Kurt on the back. Kurt's eyes widened and he shook Mr. Anderson's hand. "Um...I'm fine. I was just letting Blaine know Aiden was asking for him."

"Oh! I want to meet the infamous Aiden I hear so much of." Mr. Anderson smiled. He squeezed Kurt's shoulder and walked towards his room. "Let me go change and I'll meet you guys out there." He shut the door firmly.

"What was that about?" Kurt said walking towards Blaine. "Honey you're shaking." Kurt placed his hand on Blaine's forearm. "What happened?"

"Nothing." Blaine murmured. "I'm fine. Let's just go outside."

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