Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 7

"It's not that bad so far." Kurt said as he put their wet towels in the laundry hamper.

"I guess." Blaine shut the door and laid on the bed turning on the TV to the baseball game.

"He didn't cry with your parents, which is good. I think he really likes them. I'm just glad Cooper and Julia volunteered to watch Aiden until dinner though. It gives us a chance to talk." Kurt sat next to him. "Is this basketball season?"

"Baseball." Blaine tried to catch up on the game.

"Why are they wearing pinstripes!? Don't they know the season?"

"Kurt. I really want to watch this game."

"Why? Someone wins and someone loses. Who cares?"

"I do."

Kurt sighed. "I hope Aiden doesn't take to sports like you." He mumbled and then sighed. "Blaine we have a whole hour until dinner. Don't you want to TALK?"

"Uhhh not really. I want to rest up before this dinner but if you REALLY want to talk..." Blaine said still into the game.

"I mean why watch a little baseball game when..."

"It's playoffs."

"Whatever but why watch that when you can talk to me." Kurt stood next to the TV hands on his hips. "Besides this house is SO huge and our son is sleeping in another room and there's an empty bedroom to ourselves..."

Blaine tried to look around Kurt at the game. "Uh huh babe…"

"Blaine!" Kurt said annoyed.

"What!? I mean yes Kurt?"

"I am offering you…Blaine!"

Blaine blinked as he looked partially at Kurt and partially at the TV. "I'm listening to you." He added quickly.

Kurt stood with his hands on his hips. "Then what did I just say?"

Blaine looked at Kurt trying to read his face, he had either two choices of what Kurt had just said. "Um…you…said…"

"I'm waiting!"

"You said…" Blaine tugged Kurt closer to him by his hips. "You were saying that you thought just how incredibly hot I looked in the pool today and…"

He hugged Kurt around his waist. "And you said…you said…HELL YEAH! THAT A BOY! WAY TO GET EM AT HOME!"

Kurt pushed Blaine away, "Seriously!?" He heard Cooper yelp down the hall from his room and Julia shush him.

"It's the playoffs Kurt." Blaine whined as they showed a replay. "I never bother you when you watch like What Not to Wear."

"Ha!" Kurt grabbed his laptop and lay on the other side of the bed. "That's because you secretly are watching it too."

After a few moments a commercial came on and Blaine moved closer to Kurt. "What are you doing?" He asked playfully.

"Watching porn."

"Kurt!" Blaine's eyebrows shot up.

"Okay I'm not but I might as well be since YOU'RE so into this game."

"It's a commercial, so that leaves us a three minute break."

"Oh no! Now you want to fool around. Well I'm busy." Kurt said adjusting his laptop screen.

"You're on Pinterest."

Kurt ignored him and Blaine kissed his cheek and then his neck. "But I'm sorry Kurt, you have my full attention."

"Until they start giving penalties and fouls balls!" Kurt said waving his hand toward the screen.

Blaine pulled back surprised, "Hey! You got it right."

"I know what penalties are in baseball Blaine."

"And there we go." Blaine shook his head.

Kurt pretended to stretch exposing his neck, "Hmm I think I have a crick in my neck."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, all this baseball talk stresses me out."

"Would you like me to kiss it and make it better?"

"I mean if you think that's best" Kurt said as Blaine kissed his neck. "It…that feels better."

"Mhmm." Blaine said as he turned Kurt's face and gave him a passionate kiss. "Been too long…" He whispered.

"Way too long…"

Just when things were starting to pick up, Cooper burst in the door caring Aiden over his shoulder.

"Cooper!" Blaine sat up. "Can you knock? We're all adults in this house!"

Kurt turned red, "Exactly and give me my son. You're going to make him sick like that."

"He likes it." Copper tossed Aiden in the air. "I didn't mean to interrupt. Julia fell asleep and we were making too much noise. We came to watch the game." Copper sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed the remote turning the volume way up.

"Can't you just watch it downstairs?" Blaine hissed. "We were watching it…privately."

Cooper didn't turn away from the TV as he bounced Aiden on one knee, "Why should I? I already know what you guys are going to do when we leave and it sure ain't napping. Besides we all know that the laptop is hiding a major Kurt boner."

Kurt flushed scarlet and stood up, "I'm going to shower."

"A cold one?" Cooper asked innocently.

"Hmph!" Kurt left and shut the door.

"Why do you do that? You know he get embarrassed when you talk like that." Blaine kicked Cooper in the back lightly.

Cooper put Aiden on the bed as he crawled up to Blaine, "Because I KNOW it makes him embarrassed." He laughed.

Blaine held Aiden over him as he laid flat across the bed. "Did Dad talk to you when you first got here?"

"No why?" Cooper said still watching the game.

Blaine raised Aiden above his head again. "He made mom come get me earlier and wanted me to talk to him in his office."

"What did he say?"

"Nothing. Well not until we got in the hallway. He told me I had no idea what being a father is and all this crap. You know, just stuff to piss me off as usual."

What an asshole." Cooper said turning his attention to Blaine. "Maybe he wanted to apologize for being a dick growing up, but in his own asshole way."

"Uggh yeah maybe. I hate when he talks about Kurt or Aiden though. Like their my family, and that's the most important thing to me." He had laid Aiden down on his chest and Aiden rubbed his eyes and nuzzled himself on Blaine.

Cooper turned back to the game, "Look I'm older so I mean obviously you should listen to me. Ignore Dad and just let yourself go. I tell you all the time little bro, you're wound up so tight all the time."

"Someone has to be the responsible one Cooper."

"Okay well do that when you're like forty five or something. Right now you're young and have most of your good looks still in you. I mean I aged gracefully, look at this face." Cooper winked at himself in the mirror. "Have FUN little bro, enjoy mom's company while you guys are here. She really misses you. I come home a lot more now that I'm in between projects and…"

"In between?" Blaine raised his eyebrows.

"Okay you know what? I have acting gigs lined up and you know I started that acting school in California so you know I'm doing well!"

Blaine raised his arms careful not to wake up the now sleeping Aiden. "Okay okay, sorry you're right. The acting school thing IS doing well. Aren't you getting ready to open one in New York soon?"

"And in Lima too, which I was going to tell you about before I was so RUDELY interrupted. I was saying that yeah business and work and all that adult stuff is fine but let loose, come HOME every once and a while. Mom's your family too."

"Fine, point taken." Blaine grumbled knowing Cooper was right. "So…" He looked down to Aiden as Cooper turned back to the game.

"Are you ready for fatherhood?"

Cooper turned back to him with a serious face, "I'm terrified man. Julia is so prepared and reading all these books on what we should do and not do. I mean I thought all kids did were piss, pooped and cried until they saw a tit."

Blaine cringed at Cooper's lack of word choice.

"I mean, I see you with Aiden and you're so GOOD with him. You're better at a lot of thing than me little bro. Acting's not really one of them, or looks, or even getting ladies because of the whole gay thing but you make it look so easy."

"You want to know my secret? He pointed to the suitcases on the floor.

"Oh my god," A look of horror flashed on Cooper's face as he dropped his voice to a low whisper. "You…put...him…in…the...suitcases?"

"What? No! Cooper…I mean Kurt. Kurt was the one who packed the suitcases, he was the one who got together and emailed Mom into us coming. He works his ass off to make this family run as smoothly as possible. So having that someone there with you through the good, bad and scary is what keeps me going. That and lots of wine."

"Ha! I knew it! I always knew you would be the alcoholic one. All those gay bars…I heard stories."

"It was a joke and first of all it was ONE gay bar that Kurt will apparently never let me live down and second of all," He pretended to cover Aiden's ears. "Not in front of my son. I don't want him to know about my days of drunken messiness and get any ideas."

"Hmm son. I like the sound of that. James Bond Anderson, son of Cooper Anderson."

"You're planning on naming your kid James Bond?"

"Julia's not so hot to the idea but I feel with time…"

"No." Blaine interrupted.

"If I let it settle…"

"Not going to happen."

Kurt came in the room dressed to find the two brothers laughing. "I hope you two are having fun because I overhead from downstairs your little baseball team just lost."

"What!" Both boys said at the same time staring at the screen. Kurt lifted Aiden off Blaine's chest and set him on the pillow at the top of the bed.

"You two had better get dressed, your mom wants us to go out for dinner and we're leaving in half an hour."

Cooper stood up with a depressed face, obviously affected by his team's loss, "Yes mom." He said in Kurt's direction.

He shut the door and Kurt turned the TV to cartoons in case Aiden woke up.

"So we're going out now for dinner." Blaine said standing up and gathering his clothes.

"Yes! I convinced your mom that we would pay for her excellent hospitality and…I figured your dad would be less likely to act out of hand in public."

Blaine smiled, "Thank you…and thank you for always packing the suitcases."

Kurt looked at him puzzled, "Um okay?"

"I'm going to go shower." Blaine headed to the bathroom when Kurt stood up suddenly,

"Wait!" He gasped.

Blaine turned around.

"Shut the door."

"What's going on?" Blaine said.

Kurt sat back on the bed and blushed. "I…I have a confession before you go shower."


"I did something bad." Kurt looked down tracing an invisible pattern in the carpet.

"Are you going to tell me what it is?"

"Don't be mad."

"I can't promise…"

"Well I was in the shower and what Cooper said earlier had some point to it."

Blaine stood there with his mouth open not getting it.

Kurt sighed, "The cold shower reference."

The corners of Blaine's mouth turned up only slightly as he fought the urge to laugh or smile because Kurt was dead serious.

"Well…you were in here with the baby and Cooper and I knew you weren't going to follow me…so I…I…I may have you know…in the shower."


"Blaine!" Not so loud." Kurt flushed red. "Yes…that word."

"Kurt we're kind of adults now. It's MORE than okay if we masturbate, although I personally prefer it when you touch me instead."

Kurt bit his lip, "But in your parent's house! When their home and downstairs too!"

Blaine had to laugh, "Kurt weren't we just about to have sex before Cooper busted in?

Kurt cringed.

"Okay that was a bad choice of words, but you were teasing me when the game was on. I don't believe you're neck got stiff all of a sudden…maybe another part…"

"Shh!" Kurt's eyes widened. "It just feels different okay."

"How? We had sex in this house all the time growing up."

"They were never home except that one time but we didn't know...but that's beside the point. I just kept thinking your mom would walk in and I was BY MYSELF Blaine." He shuddered. "You guys have GLASS doors. I couldn't exactly say I was cleaning. At least if we were together she could have brushed it off. Me alone…touching myself at five in the afternoon…she'd think her grandson was being raised by a pack of savages."

That's when Blaine lost it and started uncontrollably laughing, "Oh Kurt. Would it make you feel better to say that my mom has caught me doing that before?"


"Well she has and every time I was thinking of you."

Kurt blushed. "Go shower." He said as he couldn't help but smile.

"Fine." Blaine kissed Kurt before leaving. He turned around, "So wait that wasn't the cat we heard earlier?"

Horror framed Kurt's face as his hand flew to his mouth.

"I'm joking!" Blaine held his hands up.

"Well just for that I'll let YOU have the sex talk with Aiden when he asks!"

Blaine expression immediately dropped, "Hey that's not fair. He's too young…"

"Go shower." Kurt said and he shut the door on Blaine.

"Hurry we're going to be late for dinner." Blaine heard his mom from downstairs. "Cooper you take the longest so you had better be in the shower."

"Mom! I am and Blaine takes way longer. His hair thingy is weird. It's just so much gel…so much gel." Cooper shuddered at the thought.

"I say the same thing." Kurt popped his head out of Blaine's room.

"Kurt is that a cat I hear?" Blaine smirked.

Kurt's eyes widened.

"I didn't hear anything." Cooper said. "Mom is the cat down there?"

Kurt flushed a deep red and hissed at Blaine, "Mention anything and you will pay." He shut the door.

"Cooper! Blaine! Get dressed. I'll be up in fifteen minutes to make sure you guys are done." Mrs. Anderson called. "You both come home and it's like you guys are kids again." His mother yelled but Blaine could tell from her voice she was enjoying it.

Cooper slid into the bathroom past Blaine, "I got dibs." He slammed the door.

Blaine banged on the door. "I was here first! Cooper! Cooper!" He banged on the door. "Mom!"

"Blaine stop telling. You're an adult."

"But Cooper…"

"No more." His mother called.

Blaine heard Cooper sing louder than before clearly acknowledging he had won.

Blaine sat in the hallway waiting and remembering how this is exactly how showering went between the Anderson brothers when they were younger. He coulfnt help but smile, it did feel good to be home.

Now if he could just get through this dinner.

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